Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 recap

  • started attending group classes at the gym
  • 1/15 Katherine, my God daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday
  • spent my 29th birthday all by myself
  • worked out 20 times
  • did my 2nd 5k
  • went to florida to visit Tina
  • worked out 24 times
  • saw a tornado
  • Ilianna was born
  • went to rhode island with my parents to visit my aunt, uncle, cousin and her family, including my God daughter Katherine
  • worked out 20 times
  • started dating P
  • cousin cheryl came to visit
  • worked out 19 times
  • went to visit Brisa in charlotte, nc
  • ended things with P
  • worked out 12 times
  • went to white sands national monument
  • went to Cheryl's graduation from NMSU in las cruces, nm
  • spent the week of Christmas in albuquerque
  • spent new year's eve all by myself
  • worked out 18 times
i honestly don't know how to feel about this year. i suppose it was an ok year. although it depresses me to see that i spent two pretty big holiday's by myself. when i think about that, i can't help but ask myself "what is wrong with me?". but i feel so loved when i look back and see all of the friends and family members that traveled to come see me, when they didn't have to. i can definitely see why this time of year depresses some people, because it forces you to look at what you've done, and think about what you want to do in the future. i hope that this time next year i can celebrate 2010 with someone special, and start 2011 with a kiss.
Happy New Year, 2010!!!


the emily said...

That sounds like a GREAT year to me. and while spending holidays alone isn't the greatest, it probably makes for interesting memories for the future!

Anonymous said...

I hear you and feel for you more than you know.

My prayers 24/7 throughout 2010 for your desire to be fulfilled.