Monday, December 21, 2009

daddy's little girl

i finally figured out how to use my parent's scanner. so since i am home this week and have access to it, i'm going to dedicate this week: blast from the past week, and share some of my childhood memories. enjoy!
i love my dad. we unfortunately don't have the close relationship that i have with my mom, but that definitely doesn't mean i love him any less. to treasure the relationship i do with him i thought i would share some pictures of the 2 of us.

Top: March or April 1981 - the kitchen cabinets are exactly the same!
Bottom Left: I'm guessing 1985 - my dad used to be an avid runner, and i used to help him do his stretches.
Bottom Right: August 2004 - at my cousin Nikki's Wedding in Albuquerque. I was a bridesmaid.


Nikki said...

Okay I am just going to start over. I love these pictures, April. I am glad you passed them on, so that we could see them too. Post more!!! Use that scanner!

the emily said...

those are awesome!! i LOVE the stretching one, you are ADORABLE! i love looking at old pictures when i'm home. can't wait to see more!

Sarah said...

These pictures of you and your dad are too cute! Hope you having a great time with your family!