Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I often question why I live in Denver. And this week made me realize one of the reasons. Things happen here-Historical things. I love being apart of things, even though I'm not really apart of them. But the fact that I live in Denver makes me apart of SO many things, without really being apart of them. I've seen record snow storms, days of consecutive snow on the ground, days of consecutive 90 degree heat, Professional football, Professional Hockey, Professional Basketball, Professional Baseball. All of which I have seen. I have seen the World Series and now today I have seen the creation of the Democratic National Convention and the official nomination of the first ever African American Presidential nomination of Barack Obama. It is amazing. That all of this going on about 20 miles away from my house. Ben Affleck is even in town! I work downtown-where all of this is happening. But am working from home-Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, because of the events. But even going downtown on Saturday to meet a girlfriend for lunch, and going to work on Monday you could tell the sense of urgency. Police officers just about on every corner. Being apart of all of these major events makes me feels so proud to live in Denver. Even better for me because I support Barack. I think he will be a very positive change for the United States of America. It is all so excited. Seeing all eyes on Denver is amazing. Seeing the Pepsi Center on TV, thinking "I've been there!". Tomorrow night seeing Invesco Field-thinking "I've been there too!" It is great to be apart of the big picture!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crazy Dream

For the most part I have very detailed dreams. Sometimes when I wake up and the dream just happened I'll tell myself to remember it, so I can write it down. Majority of the time that doesn't happen. But this morning I woke up from a very crazy dream. And it hasn't gone away. I keep thinking about it, and thought I would share it. I'm hoping I can remember all of the details.
I was in my parents house in Albuquerque. But it was there house on Snow Heights. This is weird because I myself have never been in this house. The house on Snow Heights was there first house, before they moved into the house they live now, and the house that I grew up in. Anyways, I was driving with my friend Ginny, and we went down a wrong turn. We couldn't see very well because all around the neighborhood there were fires going on EVERYWHERE. Almost every house was on fire, but in different parts. So it wasn't like one big fire, it was a bunch of small fires. The street we went down was a cul-de-sac and I was terrified when I found out there was no exit, except for the way we came in. Well Ginny decided she wanted to go into one of the houses at the end of the street(she was the one driving.) I can't remember exactly, but I think the house she went into wasn't on fire, but I do know all the houses around that house were on fire. I went into the house with her-and the house was filled with people going along there day. There were a couple of firemen in the house, doing there "putting fires out" thing. And one of the firemen I knew. It was Matt Waltstrom who I went to HS with. This is weird because I don't keep in touch with Matt. I did see him, and talk to him and his wife at my 10 year high school reunion though. Anyways, the next thing I remember was walking to I-40 @ Juan Tabo(again everyone doing there normal daily thing, even though there are fires going on) to catch the bus, because Ginny wanted to stay in the house. Once I was at the bus stop, it was exactly like the Thornton bus stop(a stop that is on my way to work). I go to get in the bus, and I see that the bus driver has ran over this woman who is laying on the road, right behind one of the buses tires. And for some reason the bus driver was outside of the bus. When I sat down in the bus, I was telling everyone about this girl that is run over, and looks dead. And nobody cared. So I called 911. And well, 911 was like an advertisement. It had all of these weird prompts for non-emergencies. But no option for a real emergency. I personally hate dialing 911. For a couple of reasons. One if you do dial it, it is because a major emergency is going on, and that is really scary. Two, the 2 times in my life I have had to dial 911, the operator's transferred me 2 or 3 times because where I was calling from wasn't in there "jurisdiction". ...whether you are on the North side of the road or the South side of the road is a huge deal, in determining what ambulance is going to come! So I think I had this anxiety in the dream about calling 911, because I am always scared that if I ever have to dial 911 again I'll be transferred again and again, but won't be able to stay on the call, because I'm dealing with an emergency! Well I think that is all from my dream. I am welcome to any interpretations!

Book Review II

I recently finished "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" by Christopher Moore. It is a great book and I highly recommend it. I got this recommendation from my Mother. And well, my Mother and I have completely different tastes in just about everything. Mainly because I have good taste! ...Sorry Mom! (It's ok, she knows I love her.) So when my Mom was describing this book to me, I thought I'll read it just to make her happy, because I could tell she really wanted me to read this book. So on my parents annual summer trip to Denver, my mother bought me this book-the Special Edition version-with Gold trimmed pages, fancy leather cover, and with a red ribbon book mark-which is what makes this book look like a Bible. Needless to say, when I finished this book I was pleasantly surprised. It is very funny. I think regardless of what religion you belong to, practicing or not, if you Believe or not, how well you know the story of Bible or not, you'll enjoy this book. For me, it made me more curious about the Bible. The book is a fictional story of Christ during his childhood, teen, and young adult years. Up to the time he was crucified. Basically, what is in this book, is not in the Bible. The story is told by Biff-his childhood friend, his best friend. For example, you learn that what once was the "Divine Spark" is now the Holy Ghost. The book takes you on a journey of Christ meeting the Three Wise Men, and how it is that Christ learned all of the skills He has. He even has Biff do a lot of sinning for him, just so Biff can explain it to Christ. And Biff is a GREAT sinner! It is a very funny book, and has some modern twists told in today's time. Check it out, I think you will enjoy it.