Thursday, June 30, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i feel in love with this
dress last night
at Macy's.
seriously love it.


C and i
worked out together
for the first time tonight.
he survived!


this week i had both
spring fling cake
red mango.


i'm heading


the current phrase of the times:
the awkwardness was delicious.
all the cool kids are doing it.


i'm so over doing these
OOB's at work.
don't ask, i don't even know what they are.
what i do know is that
i'm responsible for processing them,
and that i have no idea
what they are.

treadmill 30min

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

staying generic

i had a blog post all written ready to go to match last night's workout, but then i got home to a big RED internet light on my modem. i called to report the problem only to be told that their is an outage in my area. boo hiss to no internet(this left me with playing solitaire last night)! which left my mind occupied by this post and what to say. my mind stays awake way too much in regards to this blog, and most times i don't mind it, but last night it was a problem. i'm torn. i have so much to say. but not quite sure how to say it. i question whether or not i am ready, if my blog is ready?! isn't that ridiculous? i write down what i feel trying to stay vague knowing that my friends who i personally know, know exactly what it is that i'm saying and what i mean. then i think i should just write something i would normally write if what was going on in my life right now, wasn't going on, which would be a book review about the past two books i've read, because i do have some worthwhile comments in regards to that. but writing about something "normal" when something so great is happening, just doesn't seem right? am i rambling?, yes. i digress.
this is what goes on in my mind when i don't get to write a post when i want to. all of this thinking...waking up at 1:30am with all of these thoughts occupying my mind, unable to shut down and go back to sleep until 3:30 this morning.
when i need(want) to express something, i have to let it out, or else it just won't go away until i get it out. which i guess is what leads me to this rambling.
my life right now is pretty freakin' great. i have new relationship that i'm working on, that is requiring a little bit of double duty. i'm working on getting to know C and i'm working on getting to know me in this role i haven't been in for quite awhile now. i'm soaking it in. letting my workouts take (somewhat) of a backseat, because i really want to get to know this guy. i wish that i could document more but at this point in time my confidence isn't there yet. and i know that the only thing that will help that is time. so until some more time passes this is all you are gonna get (for now).


barbell strength 60min

Thursday, June 23, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

have you planked lately?


am i the only one that plans out
their wardrobe when
leaving on vacation?
like actually write it out?




do you like
i was actually asked this question last week.


wanna read a funny story
about large chickens?
check it out.




last night i had dinner
outside on my patio with C.
it was nice.


i think some spring fling
is in my future.

treadmill 30min

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

remember this?

i think one of the best things about having this blog and just documenting things in general is the ability to go back. go back and remember those feelings, that time, the emotions you felt. you get to reflect and realize that somethings are bigger than other and some are not as significant as what you had hoped.
i go back and look a lot. whether it be in the blog, pictures, my journals. going back and looking at the things i've documented as given me the ability to remember things. dates and events. it's a talent that i take pride in.
a couple of months ago i bought this dress. and then i found this post talking about this dress. when i got the dress i got a size Large. it seemed a little too big, so i ordered the Medium, but kept the Large in case the Medium didn't work, and plus i felt that surely a medium sized dress from Victoria's Secret can't fit me?!

i'm sure i've mentioned this before but from may 1999 to june 2002 i worked on the phones at Victoria's Secret catalogue. for the most part i loved this job. i got paid well, and was basically paid to shop as a "fashion consultant". VS comes out with on average one new catalogue a week. i loved looking through the catalogue's. seriously, loved. it was (and still is) a habit to immediately look through the pages and find all of the items that came in a size "XL" because that was the only size that would fit. i still have this habit, but i'm slowly learning i can wear anything and everything in the catalogue now.
when this dress first made an appearance in the catalogue i was immediately excited because it came in a XL. but i knew that then even an XL wouldn't have fit me.
well here i am this past weekend with C at a wedding wearing that dress in a size medium! nope, not an eXtra-Large or even a Large...but a Medium!!! and you know what?!, i love it. it looks super cute, and is comfortable.
majority of the time when i shop i'll grab a medium and a large. and i'm always so surprised that majority of the time it is the medium that looks better, and it is the medium that fits. never did i ever think i would be a medium, and i'm not even where i want to be. i know that it feels good, but at the same time i'm still not seeing it. to me i'll always be the person looking at the back of the rack looking for the largest size. that person will always be part of me.
barbell strength 60min

Monday, June 20, 2011

swing batter swing!

friday night was another fun-filled evening with C and my friends! a group of us went to a Rockies game. for me nothing says summer like baseball! hanging out, relaxing, being outdoors, having fun.
me, C, Justine, Christina, and April

C & I
go Rockies! we won!
it was such a fun night. the weather was perfect, and my company was amazing.
i honestly feel as though i have so much to say, but no right words to use to give the experience i'm currently going through any justice. so for now i'll leave it at that and go forward to enjoying and appreciating my life as it is right now.
core 30min
elliptical 30min

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Places I've Been: WY

more catch up.
last weekend i went on a camping trip to guernsey, wy. lots of my friends were very surprised by this. apparently i don't seem to be the camping type. well surprise surprise! this chick can camp! in fact some of my most favorite childhood memories are camping with my parents and fishing with my dad.
anyways, my friend april had been planning this trip since march and goes to this lake every year. this year was no different, except she invited all her friends to take part this year in the festivities! and well, for the most part all of us showed up!
this was a great trip. guernesy is about 3 hours north of where i live in CO, and beautiful. our campsite was tucked away in a little cove and right on the water.
C even came along, met a huge group of my friends for the first time and fit in wonderfully. not only that but we spent lots of time together talking and creating great memories.
the kiddos on the toys
view of the lake
view of our campsite
yummy s'mores by ayden!
annabelle, april, brandi, kortny, justine, and i
grace and ayden
brooklyn and daisy
around the campfire
christina, annabelle, and i
doesn't it seem like my group of friends and i are always having so much fun?! going on new adventures, creating lifelong memories?! well it is true. i appreciate my time with these friends so much. you would think it would be overwhelming at times, and i'm sure to an outsider it is, but we all have so much fun, that everything just seems to flow in a stream of organized chaos!
our 2nd camping trip is already booked for the end of august!
in attendance:
nicole and damon and their 2 girls
brandi and kevin and their 3 kids
C and i
christina and her 2 kids
april and bobby and their 2 kids
chris and kara and their 3 kids
annabelle and daniel and their 2 kids
justine and charlie and their 2 kids
steven and kortny and their 2 kids
final count 37 humans plus 3 dogs!
master step 60min

an old friend

i have so much to catch up on! life is crazy, and it almost seems as though i can't workout enough.
last friday 6/10 i got together with my old HS friend rachel. she traveled here from TX to attend her sister's wedding in boulder that was yesterday. i got together with her and her 3 beautiful girls, aubrey, lauren, and sasha. we checked out the children's museum and had lots of fun!
lauren, aubrey, and rachel playing with the bubbles
aubrey, lauren, and sasha in a bubble!
aubrey and lauren more fun with bubbles
lovely ladies
lauren, rachel, sasha, and aubrey
rachel and i
their always seems to be an instant comfort when you hang out with someone with your past. and rachel is no different. we had a great time catching up about life, and hanging out with her girls was such a blast!
treadmill 40min

Thursday, June 16, 2011

two funnies

over the past couple of weeks i've seen two movies.
last week i went out with my friend jill. we had lunch together to see Bridemaids. this was sorta like a farewell get together. over the past six months jill and i have become really good friends. jill and i went to HS together and have the same mutual best friend michelle. we've always known of one another through michelle, but never were "friends". then in january jill moved from washington DC to denver to get a little closer to home. unfortunately she wasn't able to find a job in denver, and is in the process of moving back to DC. her move makes me sad, because we created a great friendship super quick when she moved here. but i know we'll keep in touch and have adventures elsewhere!
Bridesmaids was a hilarious movie. seriously so funny. perfect for two single ladies like jill and myself. so honestly that's all i can really remember about the movie. i know it isn't much a review. but i would definitely suggest that you check it out.
a couple of weeks ago C and i checked out the Hangover Part II. i had heard that this movie was a bit over the top. and well it was, and with that it was also very funny. the jokes were pretty much parallel to the original movie just more extreme. rather than a baby there was a monkey. rather in vegas they were in bangkok. etc... the most romantic part of this movie (if you can believe there was such a moment) was at the end, at the wedding where they lit and let go of flying lanterns. it was seriously like a scene out of Tangled. it was gorgeous.
out of the two if you must pick one, i would go see Bridesmaids.
treadmill 30min/elliptical 30min

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


so i realize lately that i've been missing in action. a little bit absent from my blog. the main reason of course is that i haven't been to the gym, and of course i only blog when i workout. six days of no blog post, six days of no workouts. that's the second time this year that this has happened. of course when it happened in january it was because i was sick. this go 'round? it was because i was lazy. i'm trying hard to not beat myself up about it, because i could have easily worked out thursday and friday last week, i just chose not to. a friend of mine said it was ok, that my body needs a break. well that's why i try to workout five days a week, not seven. i know that the body needs a break. the body needs a day, not six of 'em. but what is done and done. i'm not too freaked out about it. but now i'm behind in my workouts and behind in my blog posts, because boy oh boy do i have lots to write about. oh baby!

here is what is in the works:

  • book review

  • movie reviews

  • saying goodbye to a new friend

  • seeing an old friend

  • camping trip

last night's post i had written last week, and had hoped to get it posted sooner but that obviously didn't happen. so i'm definitely in catch-up mode. thankfully i did a 5:30am workout this morning so that i can now look forward to seeing C later today!

stay tuned...

barbell strength 60min

Monday, June 13, 2011

reaching in the dark

Sometimes, ok all of the time, I ask myself if I’m setting myself up for failure. Am I doing too much? But I’m a hopeful person. I believe that love is out there, more specifically my love. The love that someone has for me. My friend Sarah talks about love all the time, it is even the name of her photography company. She recently expressed about all the different kinds of love there are in the world. This often makes me question love though. You know when someone meets someone and they say “I’ve never felt this way before.” Well of course you haven’t. Your feelings are different because that person is different, the situation is different, the personality is different. So of course you’ve never felt that way before, because each one of us is different. And with each experience we feel something different. Each person brings out different things in us. So just because you haven’t felt that way before, does that mean that feeling is the feeling? I suppose this is the realist part of me. The part of me that questions everything. Analyzes every feeling and emotion, trying to figure out if the feeling that this person gives me, is the feeling of the rest of my life?

I stole the title of this blog post from this blog, and this post. My friend Sarah shared this blog with me, which makes perfect sense as I’ve stated she loves everything about love. I read this post, and thought of my own journey. Like the writer of this post, I often wonder if I’ll meet someone to love me in the full romantic type of love that I yearn for. Honestly sometimes I’ll wear the ring that my ex gave me our first Christmas together, just to remind myself that I was once loved like that. The symbol of that ring brings me hope that it might be out there for me again one day.

Part of me is scared, so very scared of finding someone, being love, then being hurt. I don’t want to go on this journey just to be heart-broken again. But of course, I know there is no guarantee and given the right opportunity that is a risk I’m willing to make. Because truly I know another heartbreak is something I could survive. I’ve been close to finding that risk worth taking. But I never fully took the jump, mainly because I was never given the time to do so. Which I guess is for the better and allows me to protect myself.

Right now it seems as though that opportunity might be presenting itself again. But I’m scared. I’m trying to be more guarded this go-round. Learn from my mistakes. But here I am writing about him. C is someone new. From e-ha. We’ve been dating almost 4 weeks. What I like about this courtship is I feel like he is courting me. The timing and the time we spend together hasn’t been this crazy intense time frame. Things are progressing naturally with this guy. It feels good. I think I had doubts at first, which are slowly going away the more time we spend together.

The first weekend we met, we did see each other Saturday and Sunday, but all other days have been separated by a day or two. Which is good. To me, that is normal, and how it should be. Every single time we see one another he makes it a point to plan out when we will see each other again. That makes me feel wanted, which is truly what we call want, right?! I know that I like this guy, and I know that he likes me. Which for the three week mark is normal. With my pattern things usually change or shift by the 6-week mark, which I guess is what I’m waiting for. I also know that I’m scared to like him. Scared to see the potential that I know is there. Which I guess is why I’m giving it time. Taking things much slower than I have in the past, in the hopes of getting a different outcome, a different experience. Hoping that it’ll be worth it.

treadmill 30min/elliptical 30min

Monday, June 6, 2011

have you seen this?

check it out!

let the countdown begin!
five months away!
i can hardly wait, i have goosebumps!!!
treadmill 45min
elliptical 20min

Sunday, June 5, 2011


i had quite the busy weekend. here are the highlights.
friday ~
  • date night with C
saturday ~
  • outdoor run! it felt great to get in an outdoor workout.
  • birthday party for the super cute Avery and Brooklyn
  • tanning
  • graduation party
  • hanging out at the parties with my friends!
sunday ~
  • master step. i'm slowly getting better.
  • more tanning spent pool side! it was SO nice.
  • date afternoon/evening with C.
the weather is getting hotter, and i love it. like seriously love it. i've learned that when the weather is hot to enjoy it, get outside and soak it up! because it can easily go away not to return!

master step 60min

Saturday, June 4, 2011

BolderBoulder Part II

here's the proof behind the race! my official pictures from the BolderBoulder 2011!
julie and i pre-race

the below images courtesy of brightroom:

since we have the official photos, here are the official stats:
bib number:
overall place:
Westminster, CO
division place:
523 out of 728
gender place:
15534 out of 26938
mile 1:
mile 2:
mile 3:
mile 4:
mile 5:
mile 6:
net time:
12:49 (based on net time)
outdoor run 50min

Thursday, June 2, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i'm slowly overcoming
my fear of
the bosu ball.


i feel like such a
when i turn
without using my
turn single.
it seriously gets my heart racing.


on monday i finally watched
"the royal wedding".
when were they announced husband and wife?
and when did he kiss the bride?


what do the new princess
my god-daughter
have in common?
they have the same name:
Katherine Elizabeth!


there is a dead
in my basement.


on tuesday
i forgot to wear a ring.
it was weird,
and uncomfortable.


i saw an old friend today.
at the gym of course.


today was stressful at work.
laying out in the sun for an hour before
strike! was heavenly.


i absolutely love
wearing socks.

strike! 60min

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

question of the week:

Awhile ago my very supportive and loving Uncle John sent me a newspaper article titled "Five common mistakes when online dating". I still have the article up on my bulletin board thinking I would reference it once I came to actually fine toning my search by going to eHarmony. One of the "mistakes" is: "You don't self-promote. Enlist a friend who knows you well to help highlight your best qualities and strengths on your profile." Original traits that make me, me. So that is my question for friends!


How should I describe myself?

I like to think that I’m different. Different good, of course. Writing that out is difficult, which is why I’m seeking your advisement. Plus, I’m curious as to how you would describe me. Of course I’m looking for the positives, but constructive criticism is always welcome. *keyword: constructive. Even if you don’t know me, and only know me through my blog please feel free to share your thoughts. My blog is pretty raw, and is a good reflection of who I am as a person, so I’m fine with getting your opinion as well. For those of you that truly do know me outside of this blogging world, help me verbalize the type of person that I am. I would love to create something witty and original and will make me stand out…more than what I already do, of course!

So tell me:

What are some things I should highlight about me?

Thanks so much in advance!

zumba 60min