Thursday, June 30, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i feel in love with this
dress last night
at Macy's.
seriously love it.


C and i
worked out together
for the first time tonight.
he survived!


this week i had both
spring fling cake
red mango.


i'm heading


the current phrase of the times:
the awkwardness was delicious.
all the cool kids are doing it.


i'm so over doing these
OOB's at work.
don't ask, i don't even know what they are.
what i do know is that
i'm responsible for processing them,
and that i have no idea
what they are.

treadmill 30min


the emily said...

stupid oobs.

if you ever make your way to gallup, will you PLEASE bring me a spring fling cake? i'm sooo jealous of those, and i've never even had one.

CUTE dress, love the pleats. i bet it'll go on sale, you know how macy's is always doing those one day sales.

sarahlove said...

That dress!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!

So he did survive??? Push him harder!!! LOL