Thursday, June 2, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i'm slowly overcoming
my fear of
the bosu ball.


i feel like such a
when i turn
without using my
turn single.
it seriously gets my heart racing.


on monday i finally watched
"the royal wedding".
when were they announced husband and wife?
and when did he kiss the bride?


what do the new princess
my god-daughter
have in common?
they have the same name:
Katherine Elizabeth!


there is a dead
in my basement.


on tuesday
i forgot to wear a ring.
it was weird,
and uncomfortable.


i saw an old friend today.
at the gym of course.


today was stressful at work.
laying out in the sun for an hour before
strike! was heavenly.


i absolutely love
wearing socks.

strike! 60min


the emily said...

Kissing in the church they got married in isn't allowed. They kissed from the balcony of the castle later (I haven't seen it yet but Emilie told me). When Kate walked out on the balcony she went "Oh Wow!" she had no idea how many people were there to see her. So sweet.

Nikki said...

I know you hate socks. You always have.

sarahlove said...

Why do you dislike socks?!