Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ favors & men's attire

I realize I haven’t really done a Wedding Wednesday update for a few weeks.  To be honest I was questioning about what to share and what not to share?  Lots of things have gotten taken care of, and I didn’t know if I wanted to put it out there.  I think it is a small number of people who actually read this blog and who will be at the wedding.  I would say that the majority of the people who do read these updates know what’s the latest to be accomplished when it comes to the wedding and the details involved.  My guess is that the majority are either random people who won’t be at the wedding, the remaining few are people who read this, don’t know the details as they happen, and will be at the wedding.  My fear is that for those people what’s going to be left come the day of the wedding?  I would like to leave some things to the element of surprise, but then I thought that all of this is pretty random.  And nobody really is going to know what it will look like until the day of.  So everybody (including me) really won’t know what it’ll all look like together until that day.  So I figure, why not?  Why not just put it all out there.  Detail by detail…  Ideally I think getting a little blog book done about this whole wedding thing when we are said and done is a great idea, and having all of the details out there is the only way a cool blog book can be done.
Things are slowly coming together.  I’ve hired someone to come and do my hair and makeup, and am working on getting someone for my bridal party.  
 Chris and I have also started working on the wedding favors.  The inspiration for these are from this blog.  My mom and I went out the day after Christmas to buy the ornaments and ribbon.  We have a total of 127 of them, and Chris and I have completed 40.   My goal is to get the rest done within the month of June.
At the beginning of the month Chris and I went to Men’s Warehouse to select the men’s attire.  I’m super excited about this!  The men (especially the groom) are gonna look hot!  We have Chris is silver, the groomsmen in blue, and our ring bearer in coral.  I’m also looking forward to seeing my dad in a tuxedo.  I’ve never seen this before, and I’m betting he’ll look very nice.

The other big thing crossed off of our list was selecting the song for our first dance.  This detail I’ll keep to myself, but I have to say it’s a huge relief!  Chris picked it out all by himself and I think it’ll work perfectly for what we have in mind.  I had my first wedding nightmare about this…we arrived at the reception place and NOTHING was done, all of the tables were jumbled together, no centerpieces on the tables, our DJ was this chick that arrived with a big plastic tub of CD’s and a laptop, my dad was drunk singing “Hosanna in the Highest”, and Chris and I had not selected our song!  Not good.
Right now music is a pretty big thought in my head.  Mentally taking notes of the songs I want played and knowing that I need to start writing them down!
I find myself going through waves.  There are times when I’m just done with this planning thing and I don’t want to do anything wedding related, other times I’m super excited and motivated.  Today is one of those days.  I’m super excited and I just can’t wait to see everything come together! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a walk on the beach

When Chris and I first started dated I had mentioned to him that I’ve always wanted to go on a romantic walk on the beach.  At the time this was something I had never done, but always wanted to do.  When our 1 year dating anniversary was approaching Chris thought of going on a little weekend trip.  I mentioned Las Vegas, he mentioned San Diego.  When I asked him why his response was so that he could take me on a romantic walk on the beach!  I was super happy and impressed that he remembered me mentioning wanting to experience such a thing a good 10 months ago.  And before I knew it we were set to go on our first real official vacation together to San Diego over our anniversary weekend!
So that’s where we were over last weekend.  We flew in Friday afternoon and got back into Denver Sunday afternoon.  Obviously a super short trip, but we did a lot without being crazy overwhelmed, and we can’t wait to go back!
Although Chris is originally from Nebraska, he moved here to Colorado, from living in Southern (inland) California for four years.  Chris really loves California, and ideally he would like to live there again one day. 
Our motel was right near the water and very nice.  Once we arrived and got checked in we drove to La Jolla for a nice seafood dinner.  The restaurant was a bit stuffy, but it was right on the water overlooking a cove, and Chris gave the most heart-felt cheers!  Unfortunately after dinner it was dark, so we couldn’t go down to the water because there was no light and it was just too dark, so we went back to drop off the car at the motel.  We walked to nearby bar called the Duck Dive!, you could tell it was a newer trendier place…super loud and crowded.  While walking around trying to find a place to sit, we had perfect timing as a nice round booth opened up just for us!  We had a few drinks and just enjoyed each other’s company.  On the way back we found a pathway to the beach where I was able to experience my first romantic walk on the beach.  It was perfect. 

 Saturday morning we got up and headed to Coronado Island.  We found a cute place for breakfast and just walked around the shops and eventually made our way back to the beach!  We got some cute pictures and had lots of good conversation.  One thing I loved is the bird of paradise flowers that were everywhere!  So exotic and beautiful!  My favorite flower, and I can’t wait to see it again highlighted at the wedding! 
 We had some more romantic strolls up and down the beach.  It was beautiful and the weather was perfect.
 Saturday afternoon we met up with my friend Angel at Balboa Park.  A huge park right next to the San Diego Zoo.  Lots to see and the perfect atmosphere to go for a walk, see some beautiful sights, and catch up with a friend.

 Angel and I
 After our tour of the park, we headed downtown to the Gaslamp District.  Very nice area of San Diego, lots of shops, food, and home of Petco Park and the San Diego Padres. 
 I got us tickets to the baseball game! I a good fiance, or what?!  We got awesome seats, and enjoyed the game. 
 the winning team!
Sunday morning we just had time to go to breakfast before we were off to the airport.  The trip was perfect.  I wish it was longer, but hopefully we'll be back one day.  It was a great way to celebrate our first year together and start off the summer!

Monday, May 21, 2012

366 days ago

our first picture together ~ camping June 2011
366 days ago it was Saturday May 21, 2011. (remember we had Leap Day back in February.) I’m pretty sure I started out the day at the gym, followed by a Baby Shower for my friend Sarah. While on the drive home that afternoon I called my current fiancĂ© for the first time. He didn’t answer the phone, so I left a message. He shortly called me back and I remember sitting on my couch having our first phone conversation. I was anxious about officially meeting him, but didn’t want to seem too pushy, so when he said he had plans to meet up with a friend to go watch some basketball play-off game I didn’t get my hopes up. After we got off the phone a few text messages were exchanged, and before I knew it he had canceled his plans to meet me downtown.

We went to the Blake Street Vault and had dinner. For the most part conversation was easy, although I think I thought he wasn’t all that interested because I was the one asking most of the questions. No major sparks flew, but now I know it was the start of something beyond my wildest dreams. The next day was date number two. We met downtown again. This time with a trip to Starbucks, followed by sitting on the grass by the clock tower. I think we were there for 2 or 3 hours, just talking. Getting to know one another and telling stories. I knew my feelings were intensifying when I wanted him to kiss me. Later when he walked me to my car to say good-bye we shared that first kiss. Little did I know that would be my last first kiss, or that you would be proposing at the clock tower in six months!

Later that week you texted me, asking me if you could take me out again. We met after work, downtown for some sushi. I was a little bit nervous for this date. My feelings were growing, and so was my fear. I remember telling you about my weight loss and my blog on this date. It was a big moment for me. Although small, a huge part of me and my life are those two things. I was slowly letting you in.

That weekend you left for Nebraska to see your family over Memorial Day. We touched base a couple of times, and then rather than driving home, you drove to my house. I think I cooked you dinner, and we cuddled on the couch a little.

Later that week was our date to Wine and Cheese. The highlight being when you spilled some red wine on me! I could tell you were nervous about how I would react. But that you were pleasantly surprised when I just laughed it off and said that it was ok.

Over the course of the following month we saw each other quite a bit. By the end of June we were “official”, you had met my group of friends, and told me you loved me.

Chris, you have changed my life. The past year has been so many things. You have given me everything that I’ve always wanted and everything I didn’t know that I needed. You told me this past weekend that you will be the man to make all of my dreams come true. You already have. The love and fun that you give me every single day makes me so lucky.

Thank you so much for showing me your love and allowing me to love you. I look forward to all of our time together (past, present and future) and all of the moments that we will have.  Thanks for being so normal.  That seems odd to say.  But you said early on that you weren't going anywhere, and I truly appreciate your consistency. 

The past year that we have shared together is just a small glimmer for what is to come, but I’ll always remember this time and cherish it. I love you.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

i need some floss.


did you know at one point in time Texas
was it's own country?!
i seriously had no clue.
and if i knew this piece of
American history, i obviously forgot.


i can't wait until tomorrow!


the bus has 73 seats on it.
you would think it would be an even number.
maybe i counted wrong.


sugar snap peas are


i've been feeling off lately.
no bueno.


the next 3 weekends are super
and i'm looking forward to all the fun
memories that will be made!


i've been craving some new mexican food.
a trip to little anita's
might be in order.


red mango
golden spoon
what do all of these things have in common?


i'm loving how the color
is popping up everywhere!


when did sonic get rid of their
cream pie shakes?
not that i need one or anything.
but those things were good!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day

 I've spent the past two Mother's Day with my Mom so to be honest it's a little bit weird not having her here to hang out with.  But this year is different, so our time together is being spread out differently.  And just because my mom isn't here doesn't mean I don't get to celebrate all the wonderful and beautiful things about her.
I pretty much think my mom is the greatest mom ever.  And I know that most people think this of their own mom, but that just because their mom isn't my mom.  One of the things I love the most about my mom is the friendship that we have.  We're extremely close and is easily one of my closest friends. 
If there is someone who is more excited about me getting married, it's my mom.  She is seriously ecstatic!  She is always offering to come up to Denver for anything wedding related.  And if I did need her, she would come at the drop of a pin. 
Back in 2010 mom and I started a tradition of doing the Mother's Day 5k at City Park.  I really enjoy this race.  We did it together last year, and I completed it again this year.  Not a lot of runners (I think registration closes at 1500) and a beautiful, easy course makes this fun race for me.  The weather this morning wasn't ideal, as it was pretty cold, but still enjoyable.  Crazy to think that the last 5k I did was this one a year ago.  My time was right on point at 40 minutes, but now I'm exhausted.  My body doesn't have the endurance that it used to.  I did 60 minutes of cardio at the gym yesterday, then the 5k today, and I'm pooped.  It's not a feeling I like, and one that I'll have to build upon by getting in some more workouts!
This afternoon I had a nice long conversation with my Mom.  About her days events, the weekend, and of course the wedding.  It was one of those nice and leisurely conversations that are always enjoyable. 
I know many Mom's out there, and I hope them all a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ being engaged

just a picture of my pretty ring
To be honest I don’t really have anything wedding related to talk about.  But my mom sent me an email yesterday telling me that she was looking forward to today’s post, and I figure I can’t disappoint mom, so here’s a little bit of a wedding update and some stories.

I’ve been thinking a lot about time.  How quickly it goes.  I’ve been engaged almost six months and I’ll be married in less than five months.  Had you asked me a year ago if I would be getting married in a year and five months I would have sarcastically said no way, but deep down I would have been hoping and dreaming and praying for a miracle.  It feels so amazing to know that all of that hoping and dreaming and praying paid off, with the mix of some divine intervention.  A year ago I was single and dating and questioning if my time would ever come?!  Can it truly be just one short year and now my life is completely different?!  Now I’m engaged and dating…I’ve decided I never want to stop dating Chris.  Whether it is a date on the couch, on a walk, or a night out on the town, I always want us to have our moment’s together.  I want to continue to get to know him and all of the ways he will change year over year. 

I was doubtful for such a long time.  I see my single friends, and I want them to find the happiness that I have in being in love.  The comfort that it brings and the feeling of everyday love.  I think of a couple of friends who are very similar to what I used to be.  Going out and dating, but nothing sticking.  My thoughts for such a long time were in thinking I would never find a guy who wants to get married.  In my opinion if a guy wants to go out and get married, it’s much easier for him than it is for a woman.  Especially being older.  Most men in their 30’s are either single or married, and are happy with that.  They want to be single, and have no desire to get married.  I dated lots of men in that category.  And I was ok with that, because I didn’t want to marry them anyways!  I used to hope that I would find a man that would see me and know that it was me that he wanted, and do the steps to make that happen.  I’m so blessed to have found that man.  And I find myself telling my single girlfriends that it is out there.  To keep searching and to not give up. 

Back in June Chris and I went to a wedding.  I’m pretty sure at this point in time we had already gone on our camping trip where we had a lot of one on one time on the 3 hour drive (to and from) and I’m so pretty sure he had already told me he loved me.  The drive (to and from)to this wedding was a good hour, maybe hour and a half.  I remember during the reception we decided to go on a walk around the area.  He told me I was easy to talk to you and that he enjoyed talking with me.  I thought “I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me before.”  It gave me so much comfort in knowing he was comfortable with me.  On the drive back home Chris asked me “So when would you want to get married?”  At the time I thought the question was totally hypothetical.  At this point in time we hadn’t even been dating a whole month.   I told him I’ve always wanted to get married in the fall, and that the beginning of October would be ideal.  Although the way I answered it was just in general conversation.  Not as though he was meaning for us to get married.  Once I finished my answer his response: “I guess I better propose in October so that way we’ll have a yearlong engagement.”  It was at that moment I knew he was serious and I knew my life would never be the same. 
July was when we started shopping for rings.  We went into various shops and the sales person would always ask “How long have you been together?  How did you two meet?”  Not to say that I was embarrassed or ashamed, but I would always let Chris answer these questions.  He always said something like “When you know, you know.”  It even took awhile for my mom to get on board.  I spoke with her one Monday in July after a weekend of ring shopping with Chris, and I told my mom about that.  I could tell something clicked in her when her response was “I’m going to have a son in law?  What will I get him for Christmas?!” 
Then October came and went without a proposal.  Chris, of course, had completely forgotten about his remark he had made back in June.  And I was focusing on being happy.  And at the same time also focusing on my naked left ring finger, and imaging what it would look like with a diamond on it! 

Now that it is here, now that it is happening and time is going so so so fast, I’m focusing on relishing in this feeling.  Remembering this time.  I’m loving being engaged.  Even though I can’t wait to be married and to call Chris my husband, I know that time will be here soon enough.  I need to focus on the now.  The love going on around us as an engaged couple.  The planning and the details of the wedding.  Knowing that before long the wedding will be said and done with and I will be a wife.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Waste and Learning

I hate wasting …anything.  Time, energy, things, materials, money.  I hate the amount of Styrofoam cups our floor goes through.  I know of people who will take one cup fill it with water drink it then throw the cup away, just to do the same thing over and over throughout the day.  Such a huge waste, and it seriously makes my skin crawl.  I hate having a conversation and getting nothing accomplished.  I hate getting lost because of the lost time on the road and the wasted gas.  What I hate the most about waste is I feel for the most part you can’t ever get it back. 
I had a moment of pure waste over the weekend, and I’m trying so hard to not beat myself up about it because now that it’s done nothing can be done except for me to get over it! 
Chris and I did wake up early Sunday morning and drove down to Cherry Creek to do our run.  To only turn around and walk back to our car.  One thing I don’t like about races is the organizational part.  Lots of people, blocked off roads, parking.  Usually they aren’t very organized.  I’ve found that if you do the same race more than once you can get a good idea of how to be prepared for the cluster of: people, roads, parking.  I think this is why I find myself doing the same races year after year. 
Anyways the 5k was set to start at 8am. We had to parked at around 7:45am and started our pretty long walk to the start line.  I could tell the race had already started when we had to wait for runners in order to cross the street.  This event has multiple races, so with that were different start times and courses.  By the time we finally made our way up to the start another race had already begun and the start of another was underway.  The next race to go was a 5 mile.  No way would I have convinced Chris to do this with me, and I definitely wasn’t mentally prepared for a 5 mile course.  So we turned around and walked back to our car.  I wasn’t happy.  I was frustrated, disappointed, pissed-off, and upset.  I kept telling myself “What a waste!  A waste of time.  A waste of money.  A waste of energy.”  I felt defeated walking back seeing huge groups of runners cross the finish line.  I was looking forward to that feeling.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve had that feeling, and I wanted it back, and I wanted to feel it with Chris.  I wanted to enjoy the block party afterwards, which I knew Chris would enjoy.  Rarely do I get to enjoy the block party because I usually do races by myself and just go straight home afterwards. 
Unfortunately my biggest lesson in this experience is to continue with what I know.  To do races by myself.  This isn’t Chris’ thing and although I would love to do these types of things with another person, I’m better off by myself.  It’s hard enough for me to get up and motivate myself let alone someone else.  One thing I was hoping to accomplish with doing this race is to get me back on track with working out, running, losing weight.  That’s another big reason about why I was so frustrated.  While walking back to the car I was telling myself “why bother?!”  “what’s the point?”
Once we got back to the car we felt breakfast was in order.  And since we were in a different neighborhood we headed to Jelly.  The restaurant had an awesome atmosphere, and I had one of the best pancakes ever: a tres leche pancake.  SO good. 

After breakfast we went home, changed real quick and headed to Boulder to walk along the Pearl Street Mall and check out the tulips.  While on the drive to Boulder I decided to take this opportunity to register myself for the Bolder Boulder.  I was proud that I quickly got over my little pity party from earlier in the day, and decided that I wasn’t going to let my non-race experience stop me from doing the other races I had said I was going to do.  So I’m officially set to do my second ever Bolder Boulder race!  I don’t feel prepared at all to do a 10k, but am going to dedicate myself this month so I feel I can complete it in the same time as last year.  Of course the goal is always to do better, but I’ll feel it to be a victory if I accomplish this race in 80 minutes like last year
So my Sunday wasn’t a complete waste.  Chris and I had a full day.  Saw some beautiful sites and had quality time. 
Then yesterday I registered myself for the Mother’s Day 5k.  This will be the 3rd time I’ve done this race.  And honestly I’m really looking forward to it.  I know exactly what to expect, where to park, and I am familiar with the course.  While we were walking back to the car on Sunday watching all of the runners, I pointed at them and told Chris that’s what I was looking forward to.  Running with people.  That’s what motivates me.  It gives a great feeling inside to know that I’ll be running with people on Mother’s Day.