Sunday, May 31, 2015

parent's visit

I feel like I'm constantly behind on my blogging.  But here's a recap of my parents visit when they were out for Helena's Birthday weekend/Mother's Day!
hanging with Grandpa: it's her favorite thing to do

We had a great visit with my parents over Helena’s birthday weekend.  My parents arrived on Thursday and we had a good time staying in and my mom and I doing errands in preparation for the birthday party.  Friday morning my dad and I went to the gym, we had plans to go to the aquarium that afternoon, but Helena slept.  So we just went out to dinner.  We told the waiter it was Helena’s birthday and he brought her out a dessert!  It was pretty funny! 
Saturday was party day.  We got everything prepared, cleaned and ready.  My dad and Chris went to go pick up the balloons and cupcakes and while my mom entertained Helena I vacuumed.  After the party my parents went to church while Chris and I cleaned up.  I did a quick run to the store to make dinner. 
Sunday was church and a super nice Mother’s Day brunch.  It was that afternoon while my dad and Chris were watching a basketball playoff game and Helena took her first step.  When I shouted “she took a step” they were too entertained at the game that when Helena took another step I had to hit Chris to get his attention.  They finally stopped watching the game saw her third step!  It was such a sight to see.  To see her little body move is amazing.  Sunday evening we went out to dinner and ate too much!
Monday morning was her 1 year check up followed by a nap and a departure for my parents. 
We’re already looking forward to their next visit in July!

she was mesmerized with the candle

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Year Stats

A classic Helena face

We have a happy and healthy baby on our hands! 
18 pounds 14 ounces (36th percentile)
30 inches (80th percentile)
44.6 cm head circumference (41st percentile)
5 teeth (we had no clue that 5th tooth was in there! {top left})

It seems to me that since turning one Helena has taken a huge leap in what she picks up on and her personality.  I look at her now and she’s no longer a baby.  It’s a true miracle to see her grow but also puts a huge need of baby fever!  I’m somewhat depressed right now with things going on in my family and the fact that this time last year I wasn’t at work, I was on maternity leave spending the days caring for my newborn.  Having last summer off was so wonderful, I just wish I could have this summer off too.  Simply put: I yearn to be home.  Leaving for work is so hard.  I’ve thought a lot about how I can put it into words.  Helena is such a huge part of who I am.  She came from me, she is one of my main priorities in life, my love for her grows daily.  And to leave that part of me (such a huge part) behind daily to go to work is hard.  It’s like I’m leaving a part of me behind.  A big part.  I’m sad because she’s not near me and because someone else is part of her day, and that someone isn’t me.  It should be me.  It’s hard to breath when your heart isn’t with you.  And to me my daughter is my heart.  Hopefully those words can do some justice to what I’m feeling when I’m not taking care of my daughter while I’m at work. 
In addition to missing her I’m pretty sure we have a genius child on our hands.  I know every parent thinks their child is smart, but Helena is learning so much!  She can point to her socks/feet, and belly. She just recently started giving kisses (I seriously fell in love all over again)!  We got balloons for her birthday and a couple are still floating around the house and we’ll ask her to go get her balloon, and she’ll go get it!  Keep in mind, that prior to her birthday she had never played with a balloon before.  The other night I went to check in on her bath time and asked her if she brushed her teeth, and she immediately found her toothbrush and started brushing her teeth.  We’ll ask if she wants to sing the “A, B, C’s” and she’ll start with the “Aaa” sound.  And sorta sing along while we sing.  When her food is too hot at meal time I’ll blow on it, and she started mimicking blowing and it’s super cute.  She’ll make a “click click” noise with her tongue in her mouth and “kiss” noise with her lips.  She’s also tried to make a “fish face”.   She’ll drop her sippy cup/spoon/food onto the floor and say “uh oh”.  When she sneezes and we say “bless you” she’ll say “thank you”.  Or when we sneeze she’ll say “bless you”. 
She has started cow’s milk and the transition is going great.  She still gets some formula at night, and we’re really only giving it to her because we have it left to use.  We’ve also changed her nighttime routine and eliminated the bottle except for the formula she gets at night. 
I’m hoping she’ll start picking up signs soon.  I think she knows “all done” and “milk”.  We’re working on “food/eat” and “more”. 
She’s taking more and more steps daily.  She can’t stand up by herself (only when pulling herself up on something) but I think she’ll be there soon.  It’ll be crazy once her preferred method is walking over crawling. 
She’s still a super loud eater and a good eater in general.  It crazy the noises she makes.  And she’s still a great sleeper.  She’s comfortably in size 12 clothes and still in size 3 diapers.  She’s grown attached to “Mr. Owl” which is super cute and she’s officially in a convertible car seat.  
Each day is such a blessing and her laugh is still one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

a first birthday

He's such a great grandpa

the spread, can you see the owl veggie tray?

Lilly with mom Erin (Lilly was born end of April), Helena and I, and Grayson with mom Andrea (Grayson was born on 5/5)

a trio of one year olds

i love that i photo-bombed this picture!

Happy Birthday time!

LOVE her outfit!

nice family photo
I can’t believe my baby girl is one.  I also can’t believe that I haven’t cried because my baby girl is one.  Granted I’ve gotten teary eyed, and singing “happy birthday” was tough, but I pictured having an all out melt down that my baby is no longer a “baby”.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, but as of right now I’ve stayed rather drama free in regards to my daughter turning one. 
to THIS!  she's over it!
Her birthday weekend was a lot of fun and a lot of work.  My parents were in town (more on that, hopefully), and they definitely helped.  It is so nice to have extra eyes and hands to help watch Helena!  It’s so amazing how one little person requires so much attention!
Chris and I did all we could with the prep work and thankfully all the little details turned out how I envisioned.  The one big crappy part was the rainy cold weather.  I had hoped to bring the party outdoors, but mother nature had another agenda.  Her theme was a continuation of Halloween, as we went with an “Owl” theme.  It was super cute.  My mother-in-law made an amazing onsie outfit that I will treasure for years and years! 
I made an Owl veggie tray, fruit kabobs, and queso dip.  I printed out a Happy Birthday Helena banner, and got balloons for all the kiddos.  It was a great time.  Sounds simple, but it was a lot of work. 
The cake smash was exactly that, a SMASH!  We put her down in only a diaper on the plastic mat her highchair is on.  At first she was super skeptical.  She would touch the icing and jerk her hand back like it pinched her!  Everyone laughed, and the loud noise and all the attention scared her, so Chris picked her up and put her in his lap.  Once she finally broke off a piece of the cake she was much more comfortable, and ended up with the frosting everywhere, plus I think she actually ate some.  It was a lot of fun, and a great memory. 
After cake we opened presents and got so many fun toys! 
All in all she did really well considering we woke her up from her nap for the party.  Once everyone left she had a little meltdown, but that was to be expected. 
Her actual birthday was Mother’s Day too.  We got up and went to church, then to brunch.  The big milestone of late of course has been walking.  I know everyone says once she walks “it’s over”, and as true as I know that, lately it has been the anticipation of it happening, because I could tell it was going to happen soon.  And well she took her first independent step on her birthday! It was an amazing site.  To see her body move!  And how amazing it is to see this accomplishment happen on her birthday.  To think of her being born exactly one year prior, to be this itty bitty newborn, to a walking baby in exactly one year!  Time is truly an amazing thing.
Now she’s getting better and better, and can take about 4 or 5 steps, and I know it won’t be long before she is literally off and running!
This year has been amazing.  I absolutely love being a mom to Helena.  She is such a happy and healthy baby, and that alone makes me feel so blessed.  But in addition to being happy and healthy, she’s such a good baby.  She’s started “singing” the ABC’s, and recently found the function of a door, and now swings the doors, which is extremely nerve-racking since I don’t want her to smash her fingers.  Mother’s Day was spent celebrating my daughter, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.