Sunday, May 31, 2015

parent's visit

I feel like I'm constantly behind on my blogging.  But here's a recap of my parents visit when they were out for Helena's Birthday weekend/Mother's Day!
hanging with Grandpa: it's her favorite thing to do

We had a great visit with my parents over Helena’s birthday weekend.  My parents arrived on Thursday and we had a good time staying in and my mom and I doing errands in preparation for the birthday party.  Friday morning my dad and I went to the gym, we had plans to go to the aquarium that afternoon, but Helena slept.  So we just went out to dinner.  We told the waiter it was Helena’s birthday and he brought her out a dessert!  It was pretty funny! 
Saturday was party day.  We got everything prepared, cleaned and ready.  My dad and Chris went to go pick up the balloons and cupcakes and while my mom entertained Helena I vacuumed.  After the party my parents went to church while Chris and I cleaned up.  I did a quick run to the store to make dinner. 
Sunday was church and a super nice Mother’s Day brunch.  It was that afternoon while my dad and Chris were watching a basketball playoff game and Helena took her first step.  When I shouted “she took a step” they were too entertained at the game that when Helena took another step I had to hit Chris to get his attention.  They finally stopped watching the game saw her third step!  It was such a sight to see.  To see her little body move is amazing.  Sunday evening we went out to dinner and ate too much!
Monday morning was her 1 year check up followed by a nap and a departure for my parents. 
We’re already looking forward to their next visit in July!

she was mesmerized with the candle

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Emily Foley said...

Oh man you're so lucky to always have so many visitors, especially for big events like these. How fun.