Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows Eve

We're handing out candy in the Sweat household tonight.  Having fun seeing all the cute kiddos!  I was actually pretty on top of it this year and put up decorations at the beginning of the month!

The "Happy Halloween" sign below is probably about 25+ years old, and stolen from my parents house.  It's a classic and I love it.
Our pumpkins: photo-bombed by Chris

Chris' pumpkin

my pumpkin

the front door
Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

An update on Me

My friend Sarah posted this back in August, and it's really stuck with me, and for this post, it'll be used as a segway into me, and where I am in my healthiness journey.  Here's the whole caption:
"Whether you power walk, dance Zumba, ride a bike, do Crossfit, follow Insanity, downward dog at sunrise or just made it from your couch to the front door of the gym, you're already doing great. Keep moving, keep going. Recovering from a second c-section has changed my perspective on what it means to be fit and what it is to have a strong body. I have a lot of work to do, this for sure. I have weight to lose. You, newbie, back there in the corner of the group fitness room hoping you don't get busted out in class, I get it. I'm there with you. Let's work together, let's keep moving. Don't stop coming to class. You, super fit person, who has no time to wait for the newbie, I know you. I've been there too. I remember what it feels like so I'll catch up to you soon. Everyone come together and find out what awesome things your body can do for you! Let's be thankful we all keep moving every damn day."
Granted I've never had a c-section, but I can truly relate to being across the board with my fit-self.  I started and stopped so many times prior to ballooning up to 265 in the summer of 2008, and ever since I started (again) in the fall of 2008 I honestly don't feel like I've ever stopped.  I have definitely had some draw backs, and I think it's safe to say that the last year I've gone backwards, but I've never, ever stopped.  And for that I'm proud.  I've slowed down.  And I predict sometime in the future I'll go full steam ahead like I once did in 2009 and 2010.  Since I've returned to blogging I haven't really discussed my weight, but I feel like my readers are probably wondering where I'm at.  So I figured an update was due, along with some other thoughts on the subject.  My update is:  I'm still trying.  I am definitely not down any weight, in fact I've gained more weight since last I spoke on the subject.  No need to beat me up about it, I've done that enough.  I know I may sound like a broken record, but there you have it.  I'm uncomfortable, disappointed, and disgusted with myself.  Not all of my hard work of losing 90 pounds is out the door (thank goodness) but once I get at it full steam ahead, it's discouraging to know that a lot the pounds I'll be losing, I'll be losing for the second time around.  It's interesting, because I know I've thought I would never be one of those to regain lost weight.  Especially in the matter of 12 months, but that is obviously not the case.  I wish I had a turning point, or a event that caused it all, but I don't.  I got lazy.  Sure I could blame getting married, adjusting to married life, such big transitions, but that's no excuse.  If I really wanted to maintain I could have. 
I think one of the biggest changes are in the way I'm treated.  I definitely noticed changes in the way people treated me as I was going through the actual weight loss, and all of it being very positive.  But now that I'm going the opposite direction, it's different.  I was trying to think of a way to word it because it's not obvious.  People aren't out right mean or rude, people are plenty nice.  They just aren't as warm.  Not as sincere, it's something in there demure.  Body language and attitude.  I think it's because people are trying so hard to act normal, like nothing has changed.  Do I want people to acknowledge it, and come right out at ask: "Have you gained weight?"  No, I don't want that.  It's obvious.  But just because people don't ask, doesn't mean I can't tell.  It's a weird experience going from one extreme to the other.  I notice it everywhere.  At work, at the gym, and with strangers.  Strangers ignore fat people.  Rarely make eye contact, and just try to act as if they don't see you.  Its unfortunate but true.  People gravitate toward attractive people, and when you aren't attractive, you don't get noticed. 
So I'm currently back at the back of the group fitness classes (being shy and unfamiliar with my surroundings), and usually when I do go to the gym it's either on the treadmill or the elliptical which has always been my "easy" go-to workout.  And my normal workout time is around 35-45 minutes.  One day I'll be back at the front in class (executing all of the moves with sharpness and knowing what I'm doing) showing the goods, and working out 60+ minutes.  I remember when I was there, I used to think a 35 minute was just a warm up, and I used to think it was funny that once upon a time I actually thought working out for 35 minutes was a work out.  And well now, I'm super proud of myself for getting to the front door of the gym, walking inside, and actually doing something.  This is all part of my journey, and just a piece of where I'm going.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

~all kinds of crazy~

 I got a "Manning"-cure last week.
Not to say that I'm not a fan of Peyton Manning, because I am.
But Eric Decker, he's much easier on the eyes.
Too bad my fancy nails didn't win the game.
Now that I'm blogging again,
I find I have nothing to write about.

 On Friday Chris and I did our first social church outing.
We met a couple of groups at Anderson Farms, and got our own private fire pit to make s'mores!
It was a lot of fun, and a lot of cold!
I have this crazy addiction to
Candy Crush.
I don't know what it is, but I.Can't.Stop.
Chris made me breakfast both
Saturday and Sunday.
I love it, and I love him!
I applied for a new position with CTL,
back on 8/5.
I really, really, really, hope to find out about it this week.
My bus yesterday tried to do a U-turn.
It was unsuccessful, and made me 20 minutes late to work.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Catch Up: September 2013

September was a pretty low key month.  Started out the month with Labor day weekend, which was nice to have that extra day off after my parents left at the end of August. 

In mid-September my friend Kim was in town.  Kim is someone that I categorize as one of my good Facebook friends.  Which might seem weird to say, but if it weren’t for this crazy social media site we wouldn’t really be “friends”.  I met Kim in the summer of 2009, when my HS friend Vanessa and her came up to Denver for a concert at Red Rocks.  They had a little BBQ get together that I was invited to, mainly to catch up with Vanessa, as she was the only one I knew.  And there I was introduced to her friend Kim.  When trying to think of a word that describes my friend Kim, the main word that pops out is: friendly.  She’s just so nice, and social, and beautiful.  Very warming.  From there we became Facebook friends.  Over the past few years she’s moved from Albuquerque, to Portland, gotten married, and had a baby.  I saw most of this unfold during my not so hot single years, and often I would email her with congratulations and advice.  I remember one time specifically asking her: “You’re always going out, what do you?  How do you meet people?”  Knowing that we were in the same age group, and also knowing that as you get older it’s harder to meet friends, but she was always posting pictures out and about having a good time, and I wanted to know what her secret was.  Simply, she stated: I don’t say no.  If someone asks me to do something, I say yes.  Seems simple, and ever since then that always stuck with me.  And why I clung onto my gym friends once I finally got out of my “funk”.  When she moved to Portland I inquired about the move, and she told me of her love story with her now husband.  That left me hopeful that I too possibly one day would find my prince.  Then shortly after she got married, she emailed me announcing that she was “with child” a through in through honeymoon baby!!!  I was immediately excited for her, and knew she would make a great mom.  Then I met Chris.  I remember emailing her my special news, and she was so happy for me!  I felt so lucky to have this friend to share my “happily ever after with”.  Anyways, the internet is just great for keeping in touch, and I’m happy to have this unique friendship with Kim.  We’ve definitely shared our growing up stories (over the past few years anyways).  So at the beginning of September when she messaged me and all of her Denver based friends that she was coming into town, and was planning a get together I was super excited.  Not only to see her face to face again, but to have her meet Chris.  It was great to connect with her again, and although the group was big, she made time to talk with Chris and I which I truly appreciated.  Another thing that Kim is great at is taking pictures.  She makes it easy for you to keep up with her life, because she always posts these outrageous status updates on her FB and always updates the latest happenings and events with current pictures.  That’s another reason I was so excited when she told me she was pregnant, because I knew she would take us on her journey of motherhood with pictures!  And I always appreciate pictures!  She’s witty and funny, and she REALLY needs to start a blog!  Anyways, it was just great to see her, and I always love reading what she posts, or our own private emails.  She’s someone I’m glad I met.
the beautiful Kim and I

Chris bonding with Denali
 A big event occurred on September 26th: Chris’ 34th Birthday!  The day itself was pretty low key, but we did got to breakfast together in the morning, then celebrated the following Friday night with a dinner downtown at Vesta Dipping Grill.  This is actually one of my favorite restaurants, but we had a gift card to use, so that’s where we went.  As usual we had a great meal celebrating my husband!
the super hot birthday boy

Denver's Race for the Cure
The last Sunday of the month was Denver’s Race for the Cure 5k.  As always I as super excited for this race, and for Chris to experience it with me.  The morning was magical, and emotional.  I just love this race for so many reasons.  We mostly walked with a few jogging spots.  Afterwards we walked around all the vendors and enjoyed the atmosphere.

September was also the month when I decided to start blogging again.  I’m so glad that I did.  I’ve definitely missed it, and it feels great to be back.  To document and remember the important things going on, regardless if they are good or bad.  Overall I feel great, and am in a happy place! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Year Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday Chris and celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.  I realize we have a lifetime to go, but this was a big deal for me.  Mainly because I never thought I would get married.  The idea is still strange to me that I’m a married woman!  And now I’m a married woman, who has been married for a year!  Ha!
I feel truly blessed to be married to Chris.  He's the perfect man for me.  Sometimes I can be too serious and a little bit too crazy, and he's always there to remind me to laugh.  He helps me relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride.  For that I'm grateful!
 Anyways, Chris and I celebrated with a little mountain getaway to Steamboat Springs, CO.  Just like last year, the Denver area got its first dusting of snow on the first Friday of October.  Along with some major snow in the mountains.  Thankfully we didn’t leave for Steamboat until Saturday morning, when it was done snowing.  Once we got West of the Eisenhower tunnel though the roads were definitely snowy and icy in spots.  So getting there took a little bit longer than anticipated.  It was the perfect retreat as Chris and I had never been there.  The tree’s were changing, and we saw beautiful golds and reds, with a dusting of white!  It was truly gorgeous.  We stayed at the Victorian Bed and Breakfast.  It was fantastic.  Super cute bed and breakfast.  We got settled in, then headed off to dinner at CafĂ© Diva.  Yummy dinner!  My favorite part was the kale salad.  Super delish!  The dinner was super nice, as we shared memories of our wedding day, and milestones of our first year of marriage
 Sunday morning we had breakfast with the other three couples that stayed the night at the bed and breakfast.  I think that is always fun, chit chatting with other couples, getting to know part of their story.  After breakfast we got ready for the day, then headed into town.  Steamboat is a lot more spread out compared to other mountain towns in my opinion.  They have one main street with all the shops and everything, and one main street on the river!  The morning was definitely chilly, but we bundled up and enjoyed browsing in all the shops.  We stopped at Sunpie's Bistro, a total dive bar with excellent Cajun food!  Chris and I shared a fantastic shrimp po’boy sandwich!  Delish.  After our lunch we went back to the empty bed and breakfast.  All the other couples left on Sunday, and we were the only occupants on Sunday night.  So we decided to watch the Bronco game in the theater room, with a huge projector screen TV!  We ended the day at a local Italian restaurant.

Monday morning we slept in, leisurely got ready, and had breakfast staring out into the beautiful mountain valley!  We then started the drive back to Denver.
It was a wonderful and relaxing trip.  Steamboat was great, as it was too early for ski season, so I felt like we had the whole town to ourselves!  I love going new places, and experiences someplace new with my husband was perfect.  It was great to be together, reminisce, and plan for the future. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Catch Up: August 2013

We were back up and running in August!  The beginning of the month started with a visit from my mom and my Aunt Deanna.  My cousin Cheryl had stayed with us back in June for a week in the hopes of finding a job in the Denver or Fort Collins area, and she found a job in Fort Collins.  So her mom and my mom helped move her stuff from Albuquerque to her new place in Colorado!  It’s great having my cousin so close!  So the first weekend of the month we traveled up to Fort Collins and helped unload.  We also spent that first weekend celebrating my friend Andrea’s birthday!  Overall so much fun!
The following weekend we went to Balistreri Winery.  A local winery that we got a gift card to as part of our wedding gift.  We had a great time tasting wines, and having great conversation.

We have wine in our wine rack!

 In the middle of the month Chris and I were somewhat irresponsible adults and traveled to Las Vegas for a night.  As you know  I love to travel, and I usually plan my year of trips before the new year even starts.  Married life is obviously different.  Not too say that I don’t love being married I do, but my singleton of just jetting off to see my friends and family (think my yearly trips to RI and FL) have come to a screeching halt since I met Chris.  I had voiced to him since the beginning of the year my want to plan a trip.  To go somewhere, see something.  This was many a conversation during my therapy sessions from the beginning of the year.  And then Chris lost his job.  So I just dealt with the fact that traveling was going to happen in 2013 (and a trip to NM doesn’t count).  Then Chris planned this trip to Vegas.  I was thrilled.  We were only there for a night, but we made the most of it!  We stayed at Nobu (a hotel inside Caesar’s Palace, a hotel I’ve always wanted to stay at), had some delicious food, hung out at the pool, and went to go see Penn and Teller!  It was a super fun trip, and it was really special since Chris and I were able to make our own memories of being in the city together. 

 At the end of the month, my parents were back up for another visit!  This was HUGE!  In the past my dad has only visited Denver every summer (excluding the summer of 2011, when he had his hip  replaced).  Then last year he was only here for a day: the day I got married, even after asking him multiple times to come out two days before the wedding to get to know my in-laws.  So the fact that it was my Dad’s idea to come up to Denver for a second time in a 2 month period was pretty impressive.  I give all credit to Chris.  Chris and my dad have the best son/father-in-law relationship I could ever ask for.  I’ll also give some credit to baseball, because like the trip in July this trip was also centered around a Colorado Rockies baseball game.  We also squeezed in a pre-season Bronco game!  It was great to have some more time with my parents, and to see the growing relationship they have with Chris.  Plus my dad gets my butt back in the gym, since this is pretty much his only daily activity, he plans his whole day around the gym.  So we went to the gym pretty much every day when they visited in July and August.

Otis checking out the new front storm door
When they were here in July I had mentioned things I wanted to get done around the house.  One project was getting a screen door for the sliding back door, and a screen storm door for the front door.  I love the fresh air (in the fall and spring), and without those doors we would have to leave the doors shut all the time.  Chris and I had originally planned to budget for this project in July, but that obviously didn’t happen.  So when my parents came up in August and we didn’t have the doors, my dad surprised me by taking Chris to Lowe’s to purchase a screen door and storm door for our house!  We now have the doors installed and I love them!  Denali also specifically loves them because of the extra sunlight the open doors create!  This time of year it has been perfect to leave the doors open and let the fresh air in!     

I have some highlights from September and then we’ll be all caught up!