Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Year Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday Chris and celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.  I realize we have a lifetime to go, but this was a big deal for me.  Mainly because I never thought I would get married.  The idea is still strange to me that I’m a married woman!  And now I’m a married woman, who has been married for a year!  Ha!
I feel truly blessed to be married to Chris.  He's the perfect man for me.  Sometimes I can be too serious and a little bit too crazy, and he's always there to remind me to laugh.  He helps me relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride.  For that I'm grateful!
 Anyways, Chris and I celebrated with a little mountain getaway to Steamboat Springs, CO.  Just like last year, the Denver area got its first dusting of snow on the first Friday of October.  Along with some major snow in the mountains.  Thankfully we didn’t leave for Steamboat until Saturday morning, when it was done snowing.  Once we got West of the Eisenhower tunnel though the roads were definitely snowy and icy in spots.  So getting there took a little bit longer than anticipated.  It was the perfect retreat as Chris and I had never been there.  The tree’s were changing, and we saw beautiful golds and reds, with a dusting of white!  It was truly gorgeous.  We stayed at the Victorian Bed and Breakfast.  It was fantastic.  Super cute bed and breakfast.  We got settled in, then headed off to dinner at Café Diva.  Yummy dinner!  My favorite part was the kale salad.  Super delish!  The dinner was super nice, as we shared memories of our wedding day, and milestones of our first year of marriage
 Sunday morning we had breakfast with the other three couples that stayed the night at the bed and breakfast.  I think that is always fun, chit chatting with other couples, getting to know part of their story.  After breakfast we got ready for the day, then headed into town.  Steamboat is a lot more spread out compared to other mountain towns in my opinion.  They have one main street with all the shops and everything, and one main street on the river!  The morning was definitely chilly, but we bundled up and enjoyed browsing in all the shops.  We stopped at Sunpie's Bistro, a total dive bar with excellent Cajun food!  Chris and I shared a fantastic shrimp po’boy sandwich!  Delish.  After our lunch we went back to the empty bed and breakfast.  All the other couples left on Sunday, and we were the only occupants on Sunday night.  So we decided to watch the Bronco game in the theater room, with a huge projector screen TV!  We ended the day at a local Italian restaurant.

Monday morning we slept in, leisurely got ready, and had breakfast staring out into the beautiful mountain valley!  We then started the drive back to Denver.
It was a wonderful and relaxing trip.  Steamboat was great, as it was too early for ski season, so I felt like we had the whole town to ourselves!  I love going new places, and experiences someplace new with my husband was perfect.  It was great to be together, reminisce, and plan for the future. 


Summer said...

Cute! I love the mountain getaway thing. The B&B looks beautiful. It's fun that you had it all to yourself on Sunday, too!

Emily Foley said...

That looks so nice. Happy Anniversary!