Friday, November 22, 2013

Random Pregnancy Thoughts (thus far)

I absolutely love seeing famous people who have announced their pregnancy:

Kerry Washington
Melissa Rycroft
Kendra Wilkinson
Drew Barrymore

I think a positive pregnancy test should be able to do magic, or light up and dance, or something.
This plastic device just gave me life changing news, and it doesn’t really do anything.

During my 12 weeks when my pregnancy was secret I would think to myself “I’m growing a human.  I’m growing a human.”  It made me feel ultra cool.

My friend Andrea is pregnant too!  We’re 2 weeks 2 days apart, and our weddings were 2 weeks 1 day apart.  Yes, we are living parallel lives.  No, we didn’t plan it this way!  But I sure was thankful she was there through all the wedding planning drama, and I’m so super grateful now that we get to experience mommyhood together!

Sometimes I still can’t believe it.

I really love not having my period.

I’m already annoyed by people asking me “How are you feeling.”

Pretty soon I’ll be wearing my sweat pants to work.  Maternity clothes have zero options for us working folk.  I’m already frustrated.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Double Date Weekend

We told all of our extended family about Baby Sweat the first weekend of November.  My mom was thrilled to announce that she was going to become a grandmother!!   …a little side story, back in May when my parents came to visit I had many conversations with my mom about the fact that Chris and I were trying to get pregnant, and the whole “Trying to Conceive” community that I found.  She was beyond joyous at just the thought of us having a baby that she started chanting: “I’m gonna say it, I’m gonna say it….I’m gonna be a Grandma!”  It was so cute, but I was quick to point out that nothing was happening yet…  Like I’ve said previously, I seriously thought it was going to take a long, hard struggle to conceive.

We also saw my parents a lot over the summer, between their trips here, and our trip to NM in June, I was hoping that timing would work out to tell my parents in person.  But unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Anyways, my mom and her sisters (there are 4 local, and 1 in RI {total of 6 sisters}) plan many sisterly get togethers throughout the year, and my mom had hoped that she could plan a gathering for this special announcement.  But my Aunt Patti who is a brand new grandmother herself was in Nashville with her daughter Nikki and her grandson that was born on 9/25. 

So instead that weekend my mom just called of her sisters and told all of them the news that way.

Then the weekend after when my Aunt Patti was back in town, all the local sisters got together for my mom to celebrate and my Aunt Patti to share stories of baby Luke. 

From there my Aunt Michelle asked if my mom would like to travel up to Denver the following weekend for a last minute trip.  My mom of course, jumped at the chance.

So this past Thursday evening my mom and Aunt Michelle arrived.  They both got the special treat to come with us Friday morning to a last minute ultrasound appointment.  The week prior I had off/on light spotting.  I was concerned, called the nurse and we got a ultrasound scheduled! 

Baby is fine, and was confidentially told that some bleeding is completely normal.  Thankfully all as been good since Sunday!

I was so happy that my mom and Aunt Michelle got to see the baby move around and wave!

After the doctor we had a nice breakfast, followed by lots of baby shopping.  My mom – love her! is ready to fill the baby room with all of its furniture.  She’s ready to spoil this little grand baby of hers.  But I’m just not ready for that.  I would prefer to wait until March before we-or my mom rather, start going crazy with big purchase items.

But we had fun shopping around, looking at all of the stuff.  There is so much stuff!

For dinner that night we took my Aunt Michelle out to Colt and Gray.  It was a special dinner to celebrate my Aunt Michelle’s birthday! 

On Saturday morning we headed downtown to participate in the lottery for “The Book ofMormon”.  Chris and I had purchased tickets many many months ago, but were hoping we could get my mom and aunt in for the show.  Aunt Michelle was a lucky winner (out of 12)!!!  She was able to buy two FRONT Row seats for $50!  She graciously traded our tickets, so we got to seat front and center!  The show was amazing!  Soooo funny!  It’s of course, about Mormon’s.  The story is of two Missionaries sent on their two year mission to Africa.  The scary, poor, portion of Africa.  One Elder is the perfect Mormon who dreamed and prayed of being sent to Orlando on his mission.  Another Elder is the goofy, relaxed Mormon who goes along very happy go lucky.  Needless to say, perfect Mormon is a bit annoyed with happy go lucky Mormon.  After seeing someone get shot perfect Mormon gives up and leaves the Missionary.  Happy go lucky Mormon finds a group of Africans that will listen to him and about The Book of Mormon.  But Happy go lucky Mormon didn’t really pay attention during his training, so he basically tells these hilarious stories to keep the Africans engaged in his story telling.  Which results in all of the Africans wanting to be baptized.  This is a huge accomplishment, and a head Mormon guy comes to Africa to congratulate the Missionaries.  Meanwhile Perfect Mormon has “the horrible hell dream” and decides to come back.  Once the head Mormon guy is there, the Africans decide to put on a play of what they’ve been taught.  Which is very funny, and super inappropriate, and probably nothing like what really is in The Book of Mormon.  Needless to say, head Mormon guy is appalled and leaves disgusted. 

In a word=Hilarious! 

After the show we headed to Tag for another fabulous dinner.  I chose Tag because I got a Living Social deal, and it was so much fun to include my mom and aunt.

Sunday was another super busy day.  We started at church, then to breakfast.  Followed by another trip downtown for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  These were last minute tickets that I got from work!  I’ve always wanted to see TSO, and it was a great show!  After the show we hurried home to watch the Bronco game!

Overall jam-packed but we all had a great time! 

I’m beyond thankful for my mom and Aunt, as they treated us most of the time, and it was great to get in some quality time with family.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An update on Me Part II

Since writing this post, things have obviously changed.  I of course, knew I was pregnant when I wrote that post, but felt I needed to address the issue, since that issue in general has been a big focus of my blog.  Things have gone from weight loss, to getting married, weight gain, and now I’m having a baby!  Such is the flow of my life.
So now what?
Honestly getting pregnant was truly a pleasant surprise.  When we first started trying at the beginning of the year I was overwhelmed.  I wasn’t ready to get pregnant, but knew that time was of the essence.  I joked with Chris that it would be just like us to get pregnant right away, especially since we’ve met things have gone full speed ahead without moments to truly reflect.  Meet.Date.Engaged.Married.House.  The next logical thing = baby. 
I remember similar conversations with Chris throughout the beginning of the year each month when I would find out I wasn’t pregnant, about wondering if I could even get pregnant.  I mean I had never tried to get pregnant before.  What if I couldn’t?!  Chris was of course the cool calm collected man that he is, and he knew it would happen.  He just knew, that having a baby was a for sure thing.  I put pressure on myself, I mean this was a man who wanted to get me pregnant before we were even engaged.  He’s wanted to be a dad for so long.  Each time I would take my birth control, he would always pester me and ask “Why do you keep taking that?!”  I of course, told him about my need to be married.  How everything with us was already so fast, let’s just be us for awhile.  In my mind I always wanted to be married for at least year before trying for a baby.  But also in my mind, I was married in my 20’s so my age wouldn’t really be a factor.  Well I got married at 32, and I knew my child-bearing years were pretty much coming to a close.  After we got married we compromised and agreed to start trying after 6 months of marriage.  That would have put us in April.  But then I ran out of birth control in January, and I figured what’s a few months?  And of course everything worked out exactly as it should.  We conceived in August, and now baby Sweat is due mid-May 2014. 
In my opinion it happened so easy, even though we had been trying for 8 months.  But I truly pictured myself going to the doctor in January and having the whole “Ok, so I’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year.  And it hasn’t happened yet, what’s next?” conversation.  I pictured drugs, and tests, and many more months of trying.
But now here I am almost 15 weeks along.
I have spoken to my doctor about my weight, and how I am concerned being overweight and pregnant.  My goal is to gain no more than 15 pounds, but hope to gain hardly any.  And as of right now, I’ve actually lost a pound. 
I have found out that I’m pre-diabetic.  Something I’ve been in denial about.  This wouldn’t be an issue if I wasn’t pregnant but I am.  Basically I have to watch my diet, and cut back on carbs.  I’ll also have to log my blood sugars, which I am really not looking forward to.  We’ve been sent to Obstetrix, a specialists that specifically focuses on all and any pregnancy complication you can imagine.  The big fear in being pre-diabetic is having a super big baby.  So I’ll do what I’m told, and pray and hope that baby is healthy.  We go back to Obstetrix for our 20 week appointment and ultrasound on 12/30, and then a few more times throughout the pregnancy to make sure baby isn’t getting too big.  I really like it there, and their ultrasound rooms are much nicer than the regular doctor. 
Once baby makes his/her appearance, the main focus after getting a grip on the whole mommy thing will be to lose weight.  I know that none of this will be easy, but I also know it’s for the best. 
I’m so disappointed in myself for gaining the weight that I have, that I know I’m probably never going to look pregnant.  In fact, I’ll probably just look even bigger.  So you won’t be seeing any cute baby bump pictures.  And that just takes away from my pregnancy experience, which just sucks.  We gotta get through this baby first, but hopefully in a few years we’ll get to do this all over again, and baby number 2 will be on his/her way and my goal is to be much healthier than what I am now for that experience.  Not only for myself, but for the baby too! 
Overall I’m trying to put myself in a happy place.  Becoming a parent is a big deal, and my life as I know it is about to drastically change.  I need to focus on being positive, and know that everything will work out.  There are so many things I am super scared about, but try not to think about.  I’m trying to go with the flow, and not plan out every single moment like I usually do.  I’m working on putting my trust in God and know that He will take care of all of us.  I have countless blessings to be thankful for, and giving God the weight of my worry is just one of them.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pregnancy week 4 - 12

Just some notes about these first weeks of pregnancy.
Baby Sweat at 8weeks 5days*

Baby Sweat at 9 weeks 6 days*

Baby Sweat at 12 weeks 6 days*
Week 4: 9/7 – 9/13 (poppyseed)
This week I have felt exhausted and hungry.  I come home and all I want to do is eat and sleep.  Nothing too exciting.  I’m waking up twice a night to use the restroom, that’s not fun, but makes sense as I’m drinking more water, and my body is getting prepared for a growing visitor.  I’m fascinated by your growth, and learning about you growing inside.  The fact that right now you are just millions of cells, and one tiny miracle!

Week 5: 9/14 – 9/20 (appleseed)
I feel less pregnant this week.  Just because I’m not as tired, and am eating more normal, if that makes sense.  Chris and I have been going on walks which have been really nice.  I’m wanting to try and be active.  Every moment seems to go towards you being ok and healthy.  My constant mantra is “Please dear Lord let this baby be ok.”  “Please dear Lord let this baby be healthy.”  It’s a very overwhelming feeling.  It’s incredibility difficult not telling everyone I’m pregnant.  And I’m growing more and more anxious for our first prenatal appointment in 3 weeks! 

Week 6: 9/21 – 9/27 (sweet pea)
Ugh, I’m sick this week, and little sweet pea isn’t helping.  I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat, and that has progressed to a running nose, sneezing, and coughing.  I really hope to feel better soon.  I feel like I have zero appetite.  Who knows if it is because I’m sick or because I’m pregnant, but nothing seems appealing.  Wednesday morning the idea of some wheat toast sounded fantastic, which I was thankful for. 

Week 7: 9/28 – 10/5 (blueberry)
Still not feeling so hot this week.  I’m tired all the time, and am easily sleeping 8+ hours each night.  Along with the twice trips nightly to use the restroom.  No real morning sickness, although I have had a couple cases of nausea where something just sounds disgusting, and smells...I feel like my senses are in overdrive.  If I crave anything it is either carbs or something fresh like a salad or fruit.  My uterus has doubled in size, and you are also doubling in size week to week! 

Week 8: 10/6 – 10/12 (raspberry)
This week it became real!  We had our first OB appointment on 10/10.  As predicted you are exactly 8w5d, with a EDD of 5/17/14.  We got to see your super strong heart!  Your heart rate is 168!  I feel so relieved.  All of my prayers of “Please let this baby be ok” have been answered!  Seeing you was a beautiful moment.  I cried, and we were so happy to spread the news that you are growing exactly as you should!

Week 9: 10/13 – 10/19 (green olive)
Got the results from all the blood the doctor took from me last week.  All is good except for my blood sugar.  This isn’t too big a surprise as majority of my mom’s side (including my mom) is diabetic.  Got the official news that I’m pre-diabetic.  My levels are just slightly above the norm, and puts me in the category of “High Risk Pregnancy”.  Although scary sounding, it could be so much worse.  I have to pay special attention to my diet, and stay away from carbs.  Hopefully doing that will prevent me from having to take any medication.  Although my levels are elevated, I’m still in the “normal” category of having this cause risk to baby.  So that’s good news!  Another perk to be categorized as “high risk” is more ultrasounds=more times to see baby!  We meet with the nurse on 10/16 to go over EVERYTHING: from all the diabetes stuff, to the hospital stay.  We talked with her for more than 2 hours.  Phew!  On 10/18 we went to a specialists that deals with every type of pregnancy complication you can imagine.  Got to see Baby S again!, and it was amazing the difference from last week to this week.  The details were amazing.  We go to see baby move, see the heartbeat again, along with hearing the heartbeat!  I’m still measuring right on point, and am getting super excited as we near the 12 week mark!

Week 10: 10/20 – 10/26 (prune)
I’m just so exhausted.  I don’t really know what else to say.  I have no energy, and truly hope that I go back to normal in a few weeks.  I’m getting more and more anxious as week 12 gets closer.  Lots is up in the air right now, as I’m waiting to hear if I got a new job or not, and I truly hope that the timing will just be perfect. 

Week 11: 10/27 – 11/2 (lime)
Still tired.  I did have my first real craving, and sent Chris to the store for some cinnamon toaster strudels.  Obviously not fruit or salad like I have been wanting.  But absolutely nothing else sounded good.  Who knows how many years it had been since I’ve had a toaster strudel.  But that toaster strudel was G double O D…good!  Another first this week: I got sick.  True “morning sickness” as it was in the morning.  I’ve been waking up super flemy (if that’s even a word).  Needless to say I got rid of a bunch of phlegm.  It was gross.

Week 12: 11/3 – 11/9 (plum)
Cat’s outta the bag this week.  I’ve told my work, and pretty much everybody!  I’ve really enjoyed telling people in person, since majority of the family I’ve told was via phone.  Got to hear the heartbeat again, and see you!  You were sound asleep when the tech first put the “camera” on you.  After a couple of jabs you moved, kicked and waved!  You have a strong heart rate of 164!  I had some light spotting later in the week that scared the crap out of me, since up until now everything’s been “normal” down there.  But thankfully you’re ok, and still growing exactly as you should.

*One of the coolest things I think about getting a ultrasound is seeing your name and date of birth on the screen with your baby.  For me, it makes it that much more official! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Poppy Seed!

Obviously lots to catch up on!.  I'll start with a little letter I wrote describing this journey, once we found out we were expecting. 
Friday September 6, 2013
Dear little poppy seed,
It’s crazy to think that’s how big you are right now (or rather how little!), just millions of little cells forming into a little life.  Our life!  We found out we were expecting you just 3 days ago on Tuesday September 3rd.  You’ve made your dad and I so incredibly happy.  Although I gotta be honest, you are a pleasant surprise.  I thought it was going to take a lot longer for you to make your arrival.  I know some Mom’s out there who are a lot healthier than I am and a lot younger than I am, who took a lot longer to get their little poppy seed.  I think it goes to show that sometimes it just isn’t up to us.  I feel so happy and so blessed that you have found your home with us after trying for you since January 2013. 
At the beginning of the summer we bought our first home pregnancy test, that just stayed put for awhile.  Over the past 8 months I’ve gotten to know my body pretty well, and knew what symptoms to expect before my period, and so whenever those symptoms would start, I knew better than to take a pregnancy test just see a negative result, when I knew I would start my period.  But the beginning of this week was different.  My parents (your Grandpa and Grandma Madrid) were in town at the end of last week, and left Saturday afternoon which was a good distraction from the dreaded two week wait!  Saturday 8/31 night I slept about 13 hours, I was exhausted.  Who knows if it was because of your presence or it was from lack of sleep from when my parents were here, but that could have been my first indication of your arrival. 
 On Sunday 9/1 I was expecting my first signs of PMS symptoms, to get ready for my period that was due at the end of the week.  But nothing happened.  For the first time I had a true conversation with myself that resulted in the fact that I could indeed be pregnant.  All months in the past when I would even question if I were pregnant or not, I immediately told myself I wasn’t.  But this month was different.  This month I felt there was a chance.  I struggled back and forth all day Sunday if I should take a pregnancy test Monday morning.  Come Sunday night I knew I wouldn’t be able to shut my brain down and decided to just do it.   On Monday 9/2 I took my first ever pregnancy test.  And there was the faintest of lines.  But convinced myself I was seeing things, but also knew that in the back of my head a line is a line.  From the research I had done on home pregnancy tests, I knew that regardless of how faint the line was, if there was a line the test was positive.  I showed it to your dad, and I could tell he saw something too, but that he didn’t want to get my hopes up.  I left for the gym that morning to privately celebrate my news in Dance Jam, but still feeling so unsure.  I felt great.  Most of Monday I had convinced myself to hold off a couple of days before testing again to confirm what I felt was a sure thing, but by Monday night I knew I was going to test again Tuesday morning. 
The same thing happened on Tuesday 9/3 morning.  A faint line, but a line.  I showed your dad again, and got the same response.  He was convinced that we couldn’t “call it” until my period was officially late/missed, which was in 5 days!  …do you know how long that is?!  I knew there was no way I could wait 5 days.  For a couple of reasons.  One, I knew I was pregnant, I just needed to get your dad on board, and two my parents are leaving tomorrow 9/7 for a week long Alaskan cruise and I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait until my parents returned to tell them about your arrival! 
So, Tuesday afternoon after work I bought a digital pregnancy test, that tells you loud and clear either: “Not Pregnant” or “Pregnant”, plus how many weeks you are!  I was steadfast on getting your dad on board!  Once I got home I took the test and while explaining to him all these crazy things about the female body what popped up on the test?  Yup, you guessed it: “PREGNANT: 1-2 weeks”!!!  We talked, laughed, and cried about your life changing presence in our lives and expressed our love for one another as we feel so blessed to make our family bigger! 
After we let it sink in we called your Grandpa and Grandma Madrid to share the news.  We got them both on the phone and I asked my parents: “What are you guys doing in May?”  My dad’s response was: “Who knows?!”  And I advised them: “Well I was thinking you guys would become grandparents!”  To say there were elated is an understatement.  I know they are going to spoil you rotten! 
Next up was your Aunt Alice.  Her response was: “About time!”  Plus she was so excited!  Last up was getting your Grandpa and Grandma Sweat together.  This was a little tricky.  Grandma Sweat was at a HS baseball game selling tickets, and Grandpa Sweat was at home sleeping.  Your dad called his mom to see when she would be home and that he had something to discuss with both his mom and dad.  He made up an excuse in regards to his health.  Your grandma effortlessly tried to get Chris to say something, but didn’t.  Once he got off the phone, he felt so bad!  He didn’t mean to cause his mom undue stress with worrying her that something was wrong with him, but I confidently told him it would be worth it.  Once we were able to get them on the phone at the same time Chris immediately started apologizing to his mom reassuring him that nothing was wrong, and while Chris was explaining himself, your Grandma Sweat interjected and spilled the beans by shouting: “Are you guys pregnant?!”  They were over the moon ecstatic!  There was so much energy on the phone with them, you could literally feel the excitement!
You are already so loved!  You’re the first grandchild for all of your grandparents, and I know they have waited for you just as long as your dad and I have, if not longer!  In fact I’m pretty sure you’ve already been in contact with your Irish Great-Grandpa Egan, and that the two of you had a say as when you would appear on this earth.  The birthstone for May is Emerald which is green and represents the Irish in your Great-Grandpa Egan very well.  In fact I had a green stone in my wedding day jewelry for the sole propose of representing your Great-Grandpa Egan and the close relationship we had.  I truly believe he is up watching over you and will make sure you stay put for the next 8 months, and come out happy and healthy next May! 
It’s so hard keeping your presence a secret!  I have my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound on October 10th, and I’ll be almost 9 weeks at that time.  I’ll reach that crucial 12 week mark on 11/2, and can’t wait to tell everyone about you!  It’s so crazy to think about how much my body is changing at this moment in time, but that none of the changes are really outward physical changes.  They are all internal changes happening on the inside.  So even though I’m changing, nobody can tell.  I just want to go yell it from the roof tops: “I’m PREGNANT!!!” 
I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be pregnant, and now that I am, I just want you to be ok.  I obviously can’t feel you, but I do know that you are there.  For the most part I feel pretty normal.  I haven’t been overly exhausted even though sometimes at night I lay awake being anxious about your arrival.  I know change will come soon enough and I’m here for you and to enjoy this new experience, and make your home as safe and healthy as I can between now and May!     
Oh little poppy seed, I’m so excited for the next 8 months.  To hope you grow and become exactly who you are meant to be!   I can’t wait to meet you and hold you sometime next Spring, and love you and kiss you! 
Thank you for making me a Mom!

I love you,

Sunday, November 10, 2013


The cat is finally out of the bag!
I'm so thrilled, happy, and blessed to announce that we are expecting!!! 
Our little Bronco fan is due mid May 2014!!!

Be prepared for pregnancy/baby blog overload!

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Experiences

10/5/12 Getting married in the Chapel

This may seem weird, but I'm really enjoying growing with Chris as husband and wife.  After 13 months of marriage I'm finally getting comfortable, and used to my "wife" role.  After being single for so long, and accepting I would happily live my life as a single person, this whole "couple-dom" has been a concept I've been trying to get used to over the past 13 months.

Chris and I are growing in our church family, and it is such a warm and welcome change.  Recently we were even in the "We Care We Give" campaign video for the church that was shown at all 5 Sunday services.  Over the past few months we've spent more time with Pastor Ken, and the musical director Joe.  We've gone to our first church outing, and soon we hope to join our first small group.  It's been such a blessing. 
Last night we went to our second church "thing", at a group dinner (at Buca di Beppo - YUM!).  This coming Sunday is Consecration Sunday, where the church will ask about ways you can give.  We were invited to come and pray to help the church in the numerous ways you can give.  And to pray that other members will give whatever they can as well.
It was a big group, and a lot of fun.  We were asked to sit by someone we didn't know, and to get to know them and learn about their faith journey over the past year.  I sat next to Elaine who has been a member of the church for 18 years.  It was such a fun opportunity to get to know so many members of the church, and to hear part of there stories.  At one point everyone was able to introduce who it is that they got to know, so you truly got to meet everyone in the room.

On the drive home after dinner, Chris and I were talking about the night, and I voiced my excitement, that this is the first big thing that we are doing as a married couple.  Growing within our church, and creating this church family.  He too was so excited, and was able to see that even though we were there as a couple, we were still individuals having separate conversations away from just each other.  Bev, who introduced Chris acknowledged Chris' faith journey, and how it's been full speed ahead.  She pointed out that he didn't really grow up in religious family or household, and prior to belonging to Broomfield United Methodist Church he had never officially belonged to any church.  Chris pointed out he had never it looked at it that way before, but realized how true a statement that was.  Then I told him how I was concerned way back after he proposed that he wouldn't want to get married in a church, but how after proposing and talking about our wedding, it was his idea to get married in a church.  And how that offering, was just another one of the many reasons I knew he was the man I was meant to be with.  (I had seriously thought I would have to do some major convincing on my end to get to him to want to get married in a church.) 
It's crazy how planning our wedding, and getting married in a church, as blessed us with so much more.  Who knew that when we found this church to get married in, we would be blessed with a growing relationship with God, create a stronger married foundation, meet and connect with so many nice people...this list goes on and on...?!  We truly feel so blesses, and excited to continue our faith journey and grow as a married couple.

I love new experiences, and last night was a special highlight for me.  As it was a great experience to feel a special growing bond with my husband.