Monday, October 1, 2012

another wedding

the beautiful aisle
walking down the aisle
 Let's focus on another bride.  Andrea was a beautiful bride, and I was so happy and giddy when she invited Chris and I to her 9/22/12 wedding.  Andrea is my new friend whom I've gotten extremely close with over the past 6+ months, as we've been planning our wedding's essentially side by side.  She's truly been a life-saver as she knows exactly where I'm going and where I've been in the wedding planning world.  Our weddings definitely have some similarities but obviously some differences.  They are unique to us, but the time, energy, and small details are well spent.   
first kiss!
 I knew so many of the small details of her day.  From the candles, to her shoes, the hair, veil, centerpieces, table "numbers", the wishing tree....and I'm so excited that she gets to share in my day in 4 days!  She knows all of the details and all of the surprises!...she's truly the only person that knows it all.  I know she'll appreciate them, and know the work that went into everything.
beautiful couple!  congratulations Andrea & Ryan!!!
 She's fully aware of the crazy roller coaster ride that planning a wedding takes, and thank goodness she's back at work this week!, I truly missed her while she was out celebrating on her South Beach, FL honeymoon. 
at cocktail hour
 I'm so thankful that she entered my life that when she did, and I hope that we continue our friendship to be lifelong friends!
at cocktail hour
 The wedding was truly a blast!  They had a live band, and the whole atmosphere was awesome.  We had a great time dancing the night away and enjoying the whole event!
the sweetheart table, classic and beautiful!

loved her bouquet.

super yummy wedding cake!

lovely centerpieces.

Andrea & Ryan!!!

the beautiful bride and I

first dance

and dip!
Now that Andrea's wedding is done, she's given me some awesome advice to take and use for my upcoming day.  She's looking forward to having fun and relaxing at my wedding, and I know she'll take advantage and enjoy herself!

Many many CHEERS to Andrea and Ryan!!!


Nikki said...

That's a beautiful wedding. Your dress is very pretty too! Can't wait to see yours! Love you!

Emily Foley said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I'm DYING over the petal design down the aisle.

Summer said...

Love the cake! I like her colors.

sarahlove said...

Just had to look at your blog to read the bottom portion. ZERO days til your wedding!!!!!!!!! :) Love it! Have a happy fun filled day with so much LOVE!!!!