Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Places I've Been ~ MD

 I have a motivated husband.  It's one of the many things that I love about him.  He's been persistent about providing for himself and our new family for a long time.  He wants to be challenged.  In order for this to take place a move will most likely be involved.  Or it may not.  Things change and at this point in time who knows what will happen. 
Let me give a little back story.  Back at the end of August/beginning of September Chris called me at work and said "I have a question for you.  Their is no right or wrong answer." I tentatively responded, "Ok..." He asks in one word: "Baltimore?" My gut immediately said: "Heck ya." 
I knew what he was asking.  He was asking if he could apply for a director position within his company in Baltimore, Maryland.  Obviously timing was kinda crazy, but I wanted to be supportive, and gave him my enthusiastic blessing.
Right away I was excited.  I had never been to Baltimore, but knew of people who had and enjoyed the area, and I've been to the East coast many times, just not that part of the East coast.
In mid-September Chris flew to Baltimore for a day.  He arrived around 12noon and left the same day back to Denver around 7pm.  He met and interviewed with who would be his boss, and got a tour of the hospital where he was applying.
All went well, and before any other plans were made they wanted to make sure I was on board.
So on Monday October 8th we flew back to Baltimore has a newly married couple to check out the area to possibly live.  Things were crazy as I had just taken time off of work the week before to get married, and had scheduled time off the following week for our honeymoon, and in the middle of all this I needed to make time to go to Baltimore, along with a company that's Union Contract expired and no time off is allowed.  (I was lucky to get approved time off for the wedding and honeymoon.)  Luckily we're currently working day to day without a contract so although stressful flying to Baltimore for 3 days wasn't that bad.
We enjoyed what we called our mini-honeymoon.  We stayed in the Inner-Harbor of downtown Baltimore, drove around a LOT to all the different areas and suburbs.  Enjoyed some fresh seafood.  And then we were back in Denver to work for two days before leaving again for a week on our real honeymoon.
When everything was said and done I definitely think Baltimore could be a place to live, and to call home.  But now that some time has passed, Chris has learned that they'll most likely go with another candidate internal to the hospital.  Which is why I feel comfortable writing about it now.
We're a little bit disappointed, but we know all things happen for a reason, and the right opportunity will come along.
As you know, I truly enjoy going places I've never been, and seeing new things.  And if anything, this was an opportunity for that. 


Anonymous said...

Life is fun! Taking the adventure to Baltimore was not only a mini honeymoon but living life to the fullest and keeping your options open. So happy you and Chris had a great time!

sarahlove said...

Very neat and glad that you toured around before making decisions. Way to go with the flow! :)

Emily Foley said...

I LOVE Baltimore. I lived in Gaithersburg for 2 years and just loved my time there. We had never really vacationed as a family but during the two years we lived there we went to New York 3 times, Florida for Daytona Beach and Disney World, and lots of day trips all over the coast. I would die to live on the East coast. My husband would die before he lived there. :) Sad. Good luck with the job search!

Summer said...

I'd love to go visit someday. What a fun trip! At least you've still got potential to go plenty of places.