Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life Goes On

Mr. & Mrs. Chris and April Sweat
 I'm officially a married woman!  Things have been crazy, and I have so much to cover.  But I have the basics that I want to cover, just so that I can go back and remember.
Last week was mostly full of anxious feelings and praying for nice weather. 
Monday and Tuesday I felt so anxious about the week, my mom arriving, everyone arriving, I didn't want to be at work, and just wanted to start the wedding celebration.  Mom arrived Tuesday evening.  We stopped by the house and packed up on the wedding stuff.  Wednesday we delivered the Welcome Bags to beautiful 80* weather, got a manicure and pedicure, then met up with Chris' family.  His parents, sister, and grandma met my mom and we went to dinner.  By Wednesday evening you could feel the cold air come in, and I started mentally preparing that my wedding was going to be more like a Colorado winter wedding, rather than a fall one. 
Thursday morning the families and a couple of the bridal party families met for breakfast.  After breakfast we drove back to the house, then to pick up my dress, then to the hotel, then back to the house (I kept forgetting stuff), then back to the hotel.  Just with enough time to get ready and changed to head to the church for rehearsal.  I was quickly learning with the activities of Wednesday and Thursday how fast Friday would go. 
After the rehearsal at the church we went downtown for our fun, laid back, but nice rehearsal dinner.  The atmosphere was exactly what I wanted, and everyone had a great time and enjoyed the food.
Friday for the most part started out calm.  The hair/makeup lady showed up right at 8:30am and went to 2:30pm.  She was a rock start and was right on time throughout the whole day!  I was able to enjoy some breakfast, but the timing of the lunch wasn't good for me.  Lunch came just as I was placed in the hair/makeup chair, and needless to say I didn't get a single bite of my lunch.  The photographer, videographer, and florist, were all right on time.  I soon realized that all of these elements were about to collide, and I was just hoping everything would go as planned.  I was soon in my dress, and frantically going over details while my bridesmaids were getting dressed.
I had a special moment with my parents, before we (my parents and bridesmaids) headed outdoors for pictures, before heading to the church. 
I knew all along that planning a October wedding in Colorado the weather could be anywhere from 40 degrees to 80 degrees, and I was hopeful for the seasonal average of 65 and clear.  Unfortunately a super duper cold front hit, and we were in the 30's.  To say it was freezing in a strapless wedding gown, is a understatement.  However, I do think the weather will create for some beautiful and dramatic wedding pictures!  Let's hope they are awesome! 
There were a few things that went wrong throughout the day, but the one major wrong was definitely the weather, and I feel ok about that, just because there's nothing I could do about it.
After some pictures we got in the limo and headed to the church.  We started about 15 minutes late, and with all things considered, not bad at all. 
Walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Chris was like a dream.  I was overwhelmed when everyone stood up for us to walk down the aisle, so I stayed focused on Chris, and I knew he would calm my nerves. 
I tried to stay focused during the ceremony and listen to Pastor Ken, and look at Chris.  All in all I kept it together, I did cry during my  vows, but there was lots of emotion there. 
After the ceremony we got some family pictures inside the church, then we left with the bridal party for more freezing pictures outside.  We got to the reception and did the grand walk down the staircase, followed by dinner, toasts, first dance, and cake cutting.  Then the party got started!  There were some fun surprises along the way that I'll share later.
The Sweat's
Overall the night was a blast.  I've gotten lots of compliments on the food, the music, our pastor, my dress, the venue, and the ceremony.  Overall it was truly a blessed day with Chris and I walking away as husband and wife!
Now that it is said and done, all families have traveled back to where they came from, and life will continue just as it should.  My second day as Mrs. Sweat has been grand, as Chris and I go back to normal life.
Tell me, if you were there, what was your favorite part?


Summer said...

congrats! I hope you loved every minute. It sounds like all your planning paid off.

Emily Foley said...

My favorite part was EVeRYThInG. You looked so beautiful, The harp music was gorgeous--such a nice touch--and the hors d'ouevres were so delish, I was dying! I loved the pastor, he was really great. Your limo was pretty awesome too. Our welcome bag with the sweet note almost made me cry, can't believe you did that! Both Peggy and I thought your seating chart was genius too. Loved your friend from the gym and her boyfriend and sitting by Sarah and her kids was super fun, she is gorgeous and so are her kids. It was a terrific day and I was so happy to be there with you.

Peg said...

I agree with Emily. Everything was awesome. I am so happy I got to share your day!

Anonymous said...

Of course, as I said watching my "BabY walking down the isle with her father"!!! And your first dance as Mr-Mrs and the father daughter dance and the dance I requested "Endless Love" for we are ALL endlessly in Love ...

Love the proud MOT-B (happy to move on), MOM

Tammy said...

I'm glad that you're so happy & that everything went great!:) Yep, Colorado weather is definitely crazy & unpredictable! The pictures are beautiful..can't wait to see more! Congratulations!!

Summer said...

April. I am DYING for pictures.
Just so you know.

sarahlove said...

Don't hate me but, if anything were to go wrong, I secretly wished for it to be the weather. Something totally out of 'your control' therefore easier to just accept. ;) Hugs.