Friday, October 26, 2012

Jamaica ~ Day 2 & Day 3

Jamaica Day 2 ~ Tuesday October 16
Tuesday morning was spent being relaxed.  Chris and I went to the spa and enjoyed a 30 minute couple's massage.  It was heavenly.  I'm not too sure how we got it, but I'm thinking it was compliments of the hotel, and we greatly enjoyed it.
We had lunch sent to our room, and we just relaxed before heading to the lobby in the afternoon to leave our resort for some shopping.

outside near the lobby

a gecko
 We headed out in a shuttle to three different places.  The first place was a rather large gift shop where we purchased majority of our items.  The second place was sorta like an outdoor mall/marketplace.  Lots of different souvenir shops, jewelry shops etc...  Two levels, with all shops pretty much having the same selection.  We walked around, but we were there for an hour and half, and Chris and I are pretty no-nonsense shoppers.  We like to get what we want and continue on.  We aren't much of "window shoppers" if you will.  So there we definitely times that we were bored.  The last place was like a horrible flea market.  All of these people let up in little shacks, with absolutely nothing you want to purchase.  It was uncomfortable because people haggle you, pester you to stop by and look at their items, when it is truly all the same.  You feel bad, because you know this is how these people create their lively hood.  But we didn't want to buy something just for the sake of buying it. 
after dinner at Bayside
 That night we went to dinner at the Bayside Restaurant.  These one is right on the water. So pretty and romantic.  And it's so nice that it doesn't get cold!  I brought a couple of cardigan's for when the sun went down, thinking it would be chilly.  But it's not.  So perfect.  The restaurant serves Asian cuisine, and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.  Talk about being spoiled.  You get a 4 course meal at every restaurant, all you want to drink, you don't have to pay for anything, and don't even have to leave gratuity!  Plus you get good service!

Jamaica Day 3 ~ Wednesday October 17
Our 3rd day was spent relaxing by the pool.  We signed up to go snorkeling at 11am, and had a little lesson at 10am.  We went out on the boat, and enjoyed the crystal clear waters once more.  This time I was prepared with my swimsuit on!  Who knows how much time we actually spent out in the water, but this was by far my most favorite part of the trip.  I felt like I was on my very own episode of "The Bachelor" except I knew I would get the guy and end up happily ever after.  We held hands, swimming around, looking at all of the sea life, fish, and coral, and even though we couldn't really talk to each other and the water was super duper salty, it was so romantic.  We had about 6 or 7 other couples swimming around as well, but the ocean is so large we felt like we were all alone.  You feel so secluded swimming around this great big ocean you feel so small.  I don't really know how to describe it, but I loved it.  Most of all, just holding Chris' hand swimming around.  It was my idea of perfect. 
hanging out by the pool
 Once we got back to the resort from our snorkeling excursion we spent the rest of the time lounging around and in the pool with the swim up bar.  It was great socializing with various couples and at the same time spending time by ourselves.
hanging out in the pool

the bar
 Once we had enough sun, we went back up to our room to get ready for a private beach dinner.
outside on the balcony in my "BRIDE" robe.
 Talk about romantic!  We were escorted to the beach with a candlelit runway to our table for our very own private beach dinner.  I wished we could have done this at sunset, but the reservation was for 7:15pm, and it was already dark. So all we had was the candlelight. 
We were served surf 'n turf!  I was super excited for the lobster tail.  The resort has a lobster tail night every Friday, but we left on Friday.  So I was so happy we got to try it.  And it was so good!
surf 'n turf dinner

our very own private beach dinner, compliments of my parents!

the main pool at night


Summer said...

that dinner looks AMAZING! And how fun to have your own beach for a romantic dinner?
One of my biggest regrets about our honeymoon was not going on a snorkling trip. After all, it will be a while before we make it back to the tropics.
Couples massage sounds awesome! You really know how to plan a trip. ;)

Emily Foley said...

This is my favorite day. The food looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

And so your journey continues . . .

Just love your details in your blog.

I am not an author with eligant words as you but know my Heart is Big with wishes, hopes and dreams.

Looking forward to sharing more of your Life with the Man of your Dreams!!!

MOM with all my Love

sarahlove said...

The thought of being so small while swimming in the ocean is by far one of my favorite feelings in the world. I know exactly what you are trying to convey. You look SO happy!!!