Thursday, October 25, 2012

Honeymoon ~ Jamaica: Arrival and Day 1

Last Friday we got back from our fabulous week long Honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  It was a fabulous trip!  And if this is the reward for stressing, and planning a wedding for 11 months, it was well worth it!  If anyone is looking into a fabulous getaway, I would highly recommend Jamaica. 
Chris planned and booked this trip back in January, and with everything else going on, I sorta just forgot about the honeymoon.  Combine that with a last minute trip to Maryland, and this vacation was well deserved!
We arrived in Montego Bay, Sunday October 14th in the afternoon.  Jamaica itself is not a very big island, only about 150 miles across and 50 miles wide.  Montego Bay is on the Northwestern side, and Ocho Rios on the Northeastern side.  We had a layover in Dallas, which was perfect and split up the travel times nicely.  Upon boarding the flight in Dallas the flight attendant gave us US Customs Card, but they never reviewed it with us, and what needs to be filled out and what doesn't.  It's been 16 years since I've flown out of the country, so I wasn't too sure what to do.  So we just filled out what we knew.  Upon arrival in Montego Bay we had to stop with 3 different customs people.  And they weren't the nicest people.  It was a little frustrating when you've been flying for a few hours and all you want to do is get to where you are going and you can't get any good help.  We eventually figured it out, got our luggage and arrived at the Couples arrival check-in to get onto the next shuttle to our resort.  It was so nice to have a smiling face and a welcome to Jamaica.  They had a little lobby area set up for us to sit, and even Red Stripe available to drink.  I'm not a beer drinker, but Chris enjoyed it.  We then joined two other couples on the shuttle bus to Ocho Rios.  One was a couple who has been married for 19 years, the other was a couple on their honeymoon who had gotten married the night before!  It was so much fun chatting with her about her wedding and their love story...they met at the end of June via! (talk about a quick courtship!)
About an hour and forty minutes later we arrived at Couples Tower Isle Resort!   

the flight into Montego Bay
Once we stepped out of the shuttle we were immediately handed nice warm damp towels to freshen up with along with an offer for a drink.  We sat down to check-in, our drinks arrived, and everyone was so nice!  It's amazing how a different culture can be so laid back and relaxed.  How "ya mon!" and "no problem" are truly part of the everyday vocabulary.  That is pretty much how they respond to everything.   
love towels in our room
 From check-in we had a fabulous bell man walk us to our room and tell us a little bit about the layout of the resort.  While we were crossing the main pool it was raining a little bit which was to be expected as it is the rainy season in Jamaica (and the end of hurricane season). 
the view from our room
 I've never been on a vacation to an all inclusive resort, but one of the unique (in my opinion) things about Tower Isle is the little island you see in that picture up above.  This is there all inclusive nude island.  Chris and I didn't make a visit, but it was quite popular as a little boat traveled back and forth all day taking people.
the front of the resort
walking around the resort for the first time.  Notice my "Mrs. Sweat" tank top!
 Once we got settled in the room (I seriously ran (more like skipped) back and forth because I was so excited!) we got a bite to eat at the Pool side grill then we took ourselves on a little tour of the whole resort.  We found the swim up pool bar pool, the spa, hammocks to lay in, and the gift shop.  After our self-guided tour we stopped at the reservations desk in the lobby to make our dinner reservation for the week.  She immediately perked up when we gave her our last name and asked when we would be out of the room for dinner.  We had just eaten but said 7pm.
From there we did some more touring and headed back to the room to unpack.
We then went to the main buffet area for dinner.  To be honest, I wasn't really expecting much in regards to the food, but I was pleasantly surprised!  The food options and taste definitely exceeded my expectations.  Everything we had was very good.
romantic turn down service
 Once we arrived back in our room, we had beautiful music playing, candles lit, and a very romantic turn down service.  Along with a note from my parents stating we are also getting a private dinner on the beach! and a bottle of champagne.

Our first full day in Jamaica: Monday October 15th
standing on the balcony
 Our first full day in Jamaica started with breakfast in bed.  Well not really, but we did get breakfast served in our room, and we enjoyed eating out on our balcony.  After breakfast we went on a catamaran boat ride.  It was super hot, but the views of the ocean and our resort were beautiful.  We enjoyed Rum Punch while out at sea.  I had never been on a catamaran boat ride before, so I didn't really know what to expect.  I should have known when everyone else who was on the boat with us was in a bathing suit.  The boat traveled to this gorgeous little cove, with amazing crystal clear water, where everyone was able to jump off and take a swim in the ocean!  Not me.  I was greatly disappointed.  Who doesn't want to jump off a boat and swim in some beautiful water?!  I love to swim and was sad not to experience this, but we did make up for it later in our trip.
cruising around the nude island

endless beautiful blue water

the only one's on the boat :( and not wearing swimsuits!
 Once we got back from the catamaran we immediately changed into our swimsuits to enjoy the water! 
my HH! (hot husband) (in the background is a restaurant)

enjoying the water!
That night the resort had a Beach Party on the ...beach!  They served some amazing food buffet style and we got to sit with and meet some different couples.  They showed some amazing Jamaican dancers and a crazy flexible limbo dancer!


Emily Foley said...

How sweet of your parents! So nice.

The water looks amazing. And now I know if I go to Jamaica to never take off my swimsuit!

sarahlove said...

The towels, the water, the sky OH MY!!! Gorgeous! All of it.

Georgina Williams said...

This looks beautiful! I'm going there in 2014 for my honeymoon :) Who did you book yours with? I've noticed the links go to Couples Resorts which is who we're going to book ours with! Honey in Jamaica = perfection!