Sunday, February 28, 2010

vancouver 2010

it is such an amazing sight to see the world come together. literally. it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. in all honesty i didn't watch a lot of the olympics. a lot of times they were on in the background during my blogging times, and because they were on so late, they were left on when i put my TV on sleep. i did record the men's short program figure skating event, and watched it this afternoon. and my my, us american's, we are super good looking!
a great recap of the olympic events was shown prior to the closing ceremonies. i'm pretty sure all the major wins and upsets were highlighted in about a 90 minute period.
i loved the medals. i thought they were beautiful. some of the medals in years past to me were disappointing, but these ones ...gorgeous. i love the wave effect, and the 2tone color effect.
the flowers i thought were disappointing. just green? i thought they were boring, and not very pretty. a little bit of color i think would have gone a long way.
just my opinion anyways.
STRIKE! 60min

Saturday, February 27, 2010

retail therapy

as stated yesterday, i got a bonus yesterday at work. and what's a super fun thing to do with some extra money? some retail therapy of course!
what's even better, is i went out of my comfort zone and invited a co-worker from work to join me. katherine and i are slowly becoming friends, and i was glad that she agreed to come along for this outing. we had a delicious breakfast at snooze, then headed to cherry creek mall. it was very nice to have someone to walk with, and talk to while walking around the mall.
a few of these tops will be worn soon...for a fun last minute trip! the others unfortunately will have to wait until probably may to be worn, but i love them all. they were all on sale, or i had a coupon for discounts. their is definitely no other way to shop! courtesy of the gap, learner ny, and macy's.
i recently ran out of perfume, and decided to go with something different. while shopping in anthropologie i smelt this and i really liked it. it's called "wish".
hydro 60min

Friday, February 26, 2010

advice needed

i'm seeking advisement. today at work we got a bonus. majority of which will go to savings. but of course i do have a few items i want to splurge on. one of which is something that will speed up my weight loss. because i'm quickly becoming very discouraged at my lack of results. i have a couple of options, and i don't know what to do.
last january a friend of mine did the weight loss program slim4life, now called slimgenics. she lost 70 pounds in 6 months. all with 1 on 1 support 3 days a week, an exact eating plan, and some walking. i had myself convinced that this was what i was going to do. i've seen it work, and my friend has very positive things to say.
i know that my problem is in my eating. it has to be. and having a stable support system, and someone telling me exactly what to eat, just might be exactly what i need. i feel that this program will teach me how to eat, and that when it is done i can mold it into what i need it to be for me, and my workout program.
my other option is to do what my gym calls the calorie point and cardio point, and get a heart rate monitor. tonight after dance jam i talked with sarah (who also teaches STRIKE!) and my struggles. i trust her opinion and wanted her advice. she sees how hard i workout and i feel she can relate with what it is i'm going through, but on a much smaller scale. she recommended doing the calorie point and cardio point, and purchasing a heart rate monitor. we talked about how many calories i burn throughout the day, how many calories i burn during a workout, and how many calories i consume. she said all of these things would tell me exactly how many calories i'm burning and at what zone my heart is working in. she said she would help me with a meal plan etc...
in my gut i feel that i'll do the slimgenics program, because it is more food based help, and that is what i need help in. i feel that 5 or 6 months on a strict diet will be worth it, and get me the results i want. i also feel that it is working out that will maintain my weight when i do get to my goal weight. and i feel very confident i can do that, because i already have a working out program.
i think what i'm going to do is check out the free consultation at slimgenics, ask the questions that i need to ask. do some more research etc..., have a few more conversations with people at the gym, then make a decision.
i'm lucky because i have some good relationships with people at the gym, and can talk to people like sarah about my goals, and what i'm looking to accomplish. and not be pressured into doing something i don't want to do.
i suppose maybe i don't need any advice, because as i've typed this i've come to the realization that i have my mind made up. but any advice or kind words you give i truly appreciate.
this is the plan b i talked about at the beginning of the year. because i'm not getting the results i want. we'll see what happens when i weigh in tomorrow, and i just hope and pray that i have lost at least 2 pounds.
elliptical 30min
dance jam 60min

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a quick trip

this past weekend i was in albuquerque. i arrived saturday morning at 10:30am, and left sunday afternoon at 5pm. it was a quick trip, and the real reason for this trip will be reviled in a future post.
saturday night my parents took me to one of my favorite new mexican restaurants for dinner. papa felipe's. i got me some red chile and sopapilla's with honey. it truly is "new mexican comfort food at its best"!
elliptical 5min
zumba 60min

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Places I've Been: NV

my postcard picture of the valcano at the mirage
pretty flower balls at the wynn
mom, me, jason, tina, jace, and petra in line at Pure nightclub
to help celebrate tina's 30th bday!
the last time i was in vegas, this was where i stayed: MGM Grand
rina, ginny, denise, gina, and i getting ready to see
the thunder from down under!

Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas for me is the easiest vacation. for the most part it's pretty cheap to get there, most things are within walking distance, and it's always entertaining. of course depending on when you go it could be pretty miserable because of the heat, but thankfully the indoors are always nice and cool with the casino's wanting you to spend your money.

the first time i traveled to las vegas i was in middle school i believe. i went there to attend my aunt kathleen's wedding. it definitely wasn't your typical vegas wedding, in fact it was very nice. my mom and i stayed at the excalibur. my second trip was a year later, and my mom and i went to a bunch of shows! the shows there are amazing. my all time favorite is the blue man group, which i've seen 3 times.

my years in college i went to vegas every fall break. it sort of became a tradition for my mom and i to go for her birthday which always falls around fall break. one year we went to go see the backstreet boys, another year we went to see celine dion.

i've been getting the itch to go back to vegas lately. it's been 3 years since i've been there, and it was a much needed break. i was in vegas in may 2007 for tina's 30th birthday, then again in july 2007 on a girls trip. being to las vegas twice in a 3 month period is a lot. after that trip i was over las vegas. but like i said, that was 3 years ago, and i think it would be fun to go back again, sometime soon.

it's fun to stay at different hotels, try different food, walk around, and of course play a little blackjack and roulette!

45min elliptical

Friday, February 19, 2010

question of the week:

stolen from emily
how do you fall asleep?

for as long as i can remember i've never been one of those people whose head hits the pillow and am in dream land right away. am i the only one like this? i seriously toss and turn quite a bit. back in high school i remember thinking about school and homework, and having distracting thoughts running around in my head. now i find myself thinking about work, life, and if i'm ever going to have the body the way that i see my body(thinner).

i know a lot of people who seem to fall asleep rather quickly. how do they do that? i wish i had that talent. i fall asleep with the TV on, the volume turned all the way down, with the sleep turned on to 60 minutes. i use this feature to calculate how quickly i fall asleep. and i'm pretty sure it takes me about 45 minutes before i truly fall asleep. during that time i start on my stomach switching sides, back and forth, and back and forth. sometimes i'll go to a side, then onto my back, then the other side. then back on to my stomach which is how i usually end up falling asleep. i know that if i'm awake when the TV turns off, that it won't be a good night. although that doesn't happen too often.

another question, do you remember the actual moment you fall asleep or wake up? me?, i never do. maybe this could be the reason why i have a hard time falling asleep, because i want to remember actually falling asleep so i can know how to do it the next night. who knows.

how do you fall asleep?

elliptical 20min
dance jam 60min

Thursday, February 18, 2010

tattoo of dreams

so the other night i had this super crazy dream where i decided i wanted to get another tattoo. this is weird because i'm doing getting tattoo's, and i've known this for a long time. but in this dream i decided to go get another. what's weird is while going to get this tattoo i had forgotten about the tattoo's i already have. i get to the tattoo parlor and i start telling the tattoo artist (who happened to be this very kick butt type of chick ...that was my impression of her anyways) what it is that i want. i tell her i want the flower bird of paradise. that i want it really colorful and elegant. she starts drawing it up and it's gorgeous. somewhere during this conversation with her i realize that i already have a tattoo of the bird of paradise. she's about to ask me where it is that i want this tattoo. and again i realize i went to this tattoo place wanting this tattoo on my ankle, which in reality where this tattoo really is. so i think, i can't take off my shoe and sock, and show her where i want this tattoo of the tattoo i already have. so i tell her i want it on my arm, like my upper arm. but in reality i don't. i don't want a tattoo on my arm!! i don't want a tattoo at all. in my dream i start to panic, and i try to think of ways i can get out of this. i see that this woman has drawn a beautiful flower, and that we've spent all of this time together, and all i can think about is leaving. that i have to leave. that i don't want another tattoo, that i have this tattoo already. all of this is going on in my head, and the tattoo artist is talking about how cool it is going to look, and how she can do all of this cool stuff with it. and all of a sudden she's talking about doing a 1/2 sleeve on my arm. and it's just spinning out of control. at some point in time while i'm trying to figure out how to escape this, the dream ends, or i wake up. who knows. that's my crazy dream.
STRIKE! 60min

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

zumba (but not really zumba)

their is new class at the gym. let me clarify their is a new dance class at the gym. zumba! but technically zumba is a copyrighted name to only be used by another gym, so at my gym they call it dance jam. but it really isn't anything like dance jam. i enjoy it so much more. it definitely has a lot more of a latin flare, and i love the set up of the class, because you don't stop moving. it is go go go. i love it. zumba replaces soul grooves, and because of that i'm a little bit sad, because i really enjoyed soul grooves. unfortunately the soul grooves instructor couldn't really keep her class consistently and would sometimes not show up to teach the class. so in comes zumba.
i spoke to emily while i was at the gym on monday about becoming a instructor. she suggested i speak with tara (who teaches zumba) about becoming certified to teach zumba. so that is my first step. i don't necessarily want to teach a zumba type class, i would much rather teach a dance jam type class. ...where you actually learn a dance.
the one thing i don't think i'll like about zumba, is that tara says she's going to teach the same class with the same moves and music for 2 months. you can get really familiar with it etc... and i like this idea for maybe 4 weeks, but definitely not 8. because by the end of it, i'll be pretty bored with doing the same exact class every single wednesday. but at this point in time it's fine because it has only been 2 weeks.
have i said how much i love my gym? if not, i do. always something different, and i appreciate that. i'm sure you, my blogger friends find it not that entertaining to read about. but really that's all going on.
zumba 60min

Monday, February 15, 2010

silpada party!

ladies! just for you i'm throwing a silpada jewelery party! well technically two parties. one which is a virtual party that is going on right now! welcome, stay awhile, enjoy the sights! the second is at my mom's house this saturday! if you are in the albuquerque area please find me, and come enjoy all these beauties!
my friend tina is a silpada representative, and i'm proud and happy to be hosting these parties. if you would like to shop along in her catalogue, please do so here! while i was visiting her last month i got to see all of this gorgeous jewelry, and go to a silpada party to boot! all i can say is that these pictures do not do them justice!
below are just a handful of my favorites!
this necklace, which would go
with absolutely everything!
this pearl necklace, which i think would go
beautifully with my pearl bracelet.
love this amethyst ring!
because i can't wait for the warmer months,
this ankle bracelet.
all of this jewelry is hand made all around the world and comes with a lifetime warranty! if you would like to place an order this party goes until friday 2/19, so you have until then to decide what you can't live without and email me your item numbers!!! if not, it sure is fun to look at!
45min elliptical

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day

love the one's you love. let them know. tell them over the phone, give them an extra squeezy hug if you can. i know i complain a lot about the lack of love in my life, but truth be told, i have a lot of love, and i know that. i'm blessed and loved probably more than i know. for that i'm celebrating this valentine's day thinking about all the one's i do love because i can't be with them. i'll think of them send them some happy thoughts. and when i do see them next, i'll make sure to give them a "valentine's day" hug and tell them that i love them.

i really really don't like the saying "love the one your with" because i'm so not that person, and i think that saying is just so lonely. but i do love the one's that i love. that is my lesson for this valentine's day.

non-update/update on M - since it is the day of love and all. i haven't seen him since 1/22. he has been out of town working. i don't really get it, so i'm not going to try and explain it. what i do know is that he's an electrician and some power lines went down in North Dakota. that's where he told me he is. we chat, but lately we've been missing each other. but he did send me a "happy valentine's day" message, which i thought was sweet because he actually remembered. and because we've only been on 3 dates.
50/50 60min

Saturday, February 13, 2010

cutest thing ever

last night at the gym they had a "father/daughter" dance. it was so cute! the studio i was in last night for dance jam was right above the gym area where they had this dance so i got an aerial view. they set up tables with center pieces, had a DJ, with lights and everything. seeing all of the dad's dancing with their little daughters was a beautiful site to see. it looked like everyone made it really special. a lot of the dad's and daughter's were all dressed up. the dad's in suits and the daughter's in dresses. it was super cute. i loved it. the girls dancing around and having so much fun. it looked like a blast. hopefully one day i'll have a daughter who will have a father to take her to the gym's father/daughter dance!
treadmill 15min
elliptical 35 min

Friday, February 12, 2010

something positive

so i do apologize for my negative rant i went on a few days ago...but if you were working as hard i me, and got the same results you would be a little pissed as well. i'm just sayin'. ok, i've made my point i'm moving on.

this week at work i had my 2009 review at work. this year at work has been crazy. of course the main change was that i got a different boss. and well she said some really nice things about me and i feel like i want to share them.

"April is organized, smart, takes on challenges, needs little direction, solves problems, is very helpful and has a great attitude. she manages several people's needs and prioritizes so we all feel like we're #1. she is very resourceful and people utilize her knowledge and help. April is a key contributor to the team because we all know we can depend on her to do a good job with her work. April needs to make sure she isn't doing other work, helping one time has turned into expected support from marketing group.
i look forward to giving her additional growth opportunities in 2010."

i really like my job. and right now i have a huge comfort in knowing that i do my job well. going into the unknown is always scary. and when i took this job i left the comfort of leaving a job i knew i did a good job at. but now that i have this routine and the same feeling for this job i feel content and satisfied.

i got some other good news today. and i have weird feelings about it because i don't really know how it makes me feel. tonight at the gym i went to dance jam, and kali wasn't there to teach it so the group fitness director person taught it, her name is emily. emily is new to lifetime but she has subbed for some classes in the past and she always compliments me. she once said to me "i wish i could bottle you up and sell you." was cute. anyways. i give her feedback now on classes because she knows that i frequent them and give good feedback and because she is the group fitness director. so tonight after today's class i talked to her and she asks me "have you ever thought about teaching? you are a good dancer etc..." and i said "well you know i have thought about it." she says back "well let this plant the seed. think about it and we'll talk. think about that you could come to the gym get your workout in, get paid, and get a free membership." that's probably one of the best compliments i have ever received! in all honesty i wanted to respond to her and say "you want some fat chick teaching a dance class?" but i didn't say that. but i think about it, and i think about what would the other members think?...seeing me teach a class? and of course that is when i started to doubt myself. but at the same time i think "wow what an opportunity!" i would make it so much fun! so i don't know. i would love to sit down with emily and have a serious conversation about it. get all of the details etc... again the unknown. so scary. not knowing.
elliptical 35min
dance jam 60min

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

keep climbing

Book Review
Keep Climbing: How I Beat Cancer and Reached the Top of the World
by Sean Swarner with Rusty Fischer

this book was amazing. i highly recommend you read it. it is a great reminder that we are so blessed with each day of our life.
last month during Q. Marketplace at work we had Sean Swarner speak. he spoke on Thursday 1/14. i only worked a half a day because thursday afternoon was my flight to tampa. i read the very short bio about sean swarner on the agenda and instantly wished i could have stayed to watch him speak. before he got up on stage their was a short little video giving a summary of his life. i was instantly brought to tears, and put a thought into the back of my head to look up this guy when i got back into town. he was ridiculously good looking. so that's what i did. i went online, found his website, and his book. i reserved the book from the library and just finished reading it.
his story is truly awe-inspiring. sean is a two time cancer survivor with only one fully functioning lung. and has climbing Everest! hello!, that's just about crazy. the book talks in detail about his own personal struggle with cancer and his battle with getting better. as his cancer becomes a thing of the past and he grows up, he then finds himself asking "what do i want to do when i grow up?". he decides he wants to be the first cancer survivor to climb Everest. he then takes the risky move from OH to CO to train for this climb. he moves to Estes Park, CO with his younger brother with just about no money and a good idea. they founded, and start making phone calls to get sponsors to make the journey to Everest a reality.
reading a true story like this, you can't help but reflect on your own life, and the decisions you make to have everyday be special. because truly, isn't it? isn't today special?, isn't this moment special? ~absolutely!, but it is up to us to make it so. i tell myself that when i'm working out. although it is a strong habit of mine, that unfortunately doesn't make it easy. and while i'm moving at the gym, i tell myself i'm doing this because i can, because i know that there are people out there who wish they could but that they can't. so i keep going because today is special!
i truly didn't want this story to end. which is the one thing i didn't like so much about this book. it ended. i wanted to continue reading his story. i wish that the ending had a little bit more of a summary, but it doesn't really. so if i could change one thing that's what it would be.

i would highly suggest you read this book. it's books like this to make you truly thankful for your life. we all have our own roads that we travel upon and i think until we go through something that is truly life threatening we can't truly live each day as if it could be your last. but what i believe i can do, is try.
Zumba 60min

Monday, February 8, 2010

love is in the air

it is that time of year again. the time of loooooooove. not much in the love department on my end. but i found this online today, and thought it was such a coincidence. over the past few years Denver has been voted the number one city for singles. i'm not too sure what qualifies a city as such a thing, but that's what Denver is.
this particular article talks specifically about the 10 best cities to find love. two of the cities on this list: Denver and Boulder. (fort collins is even on this list!) i conveniently live right in the middle of these two cities! you would think i would be able to find love. but no such luck.
i'm just pointing out a fact that maybe this would increase my chances. i'm hoping that eventually it does. no real point to any of this. i just thought it was funny. funny as in funny weird or strange. not funny haha. i'm just saying.
45min elliptical

Sunday, February 7, 2010

big fat zero

so excuse me while i vent. i feel like i'm working so hard and getting no results, and i'm so sick of it. i weighted myself today. i was expecting a loss, because i've worked hard, and well because i'm trying to loss weight. hello, this is what i'm trying to do. this is what i've been trying to do for the past year and a half!!! really hard. last week i worked out 6 times, and i'm planning on doing 6 workouts again this week. i'm not going to the gym 6 days a week to see the numbers that i'm seeing. i'm not eating like crazy. i've eaten like crazy before, and i'm not eating like crazy. i've been at this weight since november. november! since november i gained 2 pounds, and lost 2 pounds. and i can't seem to get out of this slump. i can't seem to get out of this horrible number. i want more than anything to be out of this number.
i talked to a friend at work about my struggle, and she thinks the weight isn't coming off because i'm not eating enough. i don't get that. that my body is in starvation mode. does that mean my body has been in starvation mode for the past year? now i know that doesn't mean i should go out and eat like crazy. i get that a lot of it is what you eat. i get it, i do. but why, why is all of my hard work not reflecting on the scale? it's depressing. and it got me down today. really down. it is so frustrating. to work so hard for z-e-r-o. to work for nothing. granted in two weeks when i weight in again i could have a completely different tone, and hopefully this work will eventually catch up and the number will actually show on the scale. but until then, i'm just mad.upset.frustrated. i don't get it. i just don't.
i suppose the good news, is that i won't quit. i'm pretty much addicted to the gym at this point in time. but i just wish i could see my work paying off.
STRIKE! 60min

Saturday, February 6, 2010

my Grammy re-cap

i just got done watching the 2010 t, and thought i would give my 2cents. i realize the grammy's were almost a week ago, but i just now sat down to watch the show. for the most part i really enjoyed it, but i feel like a lot of the performances in the middle of the show could have been taken out.

first is fashion.
pink wins my vote for best dressed. her dress is stunning, and her husband is some beautiful eye candy.
honorable mention to taylor swift. i love the color blue, and this dress is gorgeous. i think taylor swift is an ok singer/performer, but what i do love about her is that she does write her own stuff, and she is so humble. plus she looks like she is awesome hugger. i'm a hug type person, just as long as it is a good hug. and when she wins an award, gets up on stage and hugs whoever is presenting, you can tell that she really hugs them. that's awesome.
now onto the performances.

lets start with lady gaga. just once i would like to see this chick look normal, and do a normal performance. it probably won't happen, i'm just saying. i've actually seen lady gaga in concert. remember when i went to go see the new kids on the block way back in november 2008. lady gaga was an opener for NKOTB. at the time i had no idea who she was. i didn't even take pictures of her. crazy how she has sky rocketed into this huge star.

next beyonce. she's my pick for best performance. hers was my favorite. i love the fact that her whole band is female, and all her dancers were male.

pink's performance gets my pick for most beautiful. it was just awesome to look at. truly artistic.

the black eyed pea's performance gets my vote for best performance to get up and dance to! that song is just so much fun!

the collaboration of Micheal Jackson's "what about us" just about brought me to tears.

last but not least. the dave matthew's band. their songs gets picked for best to sing along to! i love how dave danced along to his song.
45min elliptical w/arms
11min elliptical

Friday, February 5, 2010

a thing of beauty

so i've mentioned in the past 2 blogs this spring fling cake. the question: what is spring fling cake?
well as of thursday i had spent 30 years of my life deprived of this fabulous cake.
my boss recently started doing a monthly celebration of her teams birthdays and service anniversaries. thursday was one of our managers 30th service anniversary! (crazy to think that i was just 2 weeks old when he started working for what was Mountain Bell at the time.) jerri (my boss) wanted to do something special to congratulate alan on his accomplishment. she mentioned this spring fling cake. i had never even heard of it before.
lets just say that it is good enough to be worthy of its very own blog post.
this cake comes from the market at larimer square in downtown denver. i had heard about the market a few years after moving here, saying i had to go there if i ever wanted a really good dessert. i think i've been there once, and i honestly couldn't tell you why or what i had.
back to this cake.
its a white cake (my favorite) and jerri says it has zucchini in it. with a whole bunch of layered fresh fruits in and on top of it! it was so good, and so moist. to die for. i'm pretty sure the market is my new best friend. the market's website doesn't have any information as to what exactly is in this cake, so i really can't tell you anything except for that.
if you want a reason to visit denver, let this be it. i'll even come share a piece with you!
elliptical 25min
dance jam 60min

Thursday, February 4, 2010

all kinds of crazy

i had this for breakfast!
it's not healthy, but oh so good.

saw a woman on the bus today with a
side pony tail.
seriously, it's 2010.


really wonders what goes on
in the brain of a elevator.


i'm making
chicken fajitas
to enjoy during the
super bowl.

i had no idea it was going to snow today.

is ready to take another vacation!
STRIKE! 60 min

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i've come to realize...

in all honesty i'm finding nothing to blog about as of late. so i stole this from my friend Rachel's facebook page. it's kinda random, but that's ok. if you feel like doing it, please be my guest.
1. I've come to realize that my chest-size...pretty much perfect for me.

2. I've come to realize that my something i love, even though it isn't what i envisioned. everyday is different.

3. I've come to realize that when I'm driving alone...i talk about random things to myself, and then laugh, or sing along to songs even though i really have no idea what the words are.

4. I've come to realize that I let well enough alone. it's ok.

5.I've come to realize that I have lost...who i was 2 years ago.

6. I've come to realize that I hate it when...i focus too much on the negative.

7. I've come to realize that if I'm drunk...i'm super flirty and that i can't sleep.

8. I've come to realize that something i try only to spend on the weekends.

9. I've come to realize that certain people...will change my life for the better.

10. I've come to realize that I'll thankful for my friends and family.

11. I've come to realize that my sibling(s)...(i'm changing this to cousins, because i have no siblings) are like my sisters.

12. I've come to realize that my amazing, and shows me unconditional love.

13. I've come to realize that my cell phone...isn't my be all, but that i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be able to live without it.

14. I came to realize when I woke up this morning...that all i really want to do is sleep in, and that i'm going to sleep in this weekend, but i never do, because i have morning classes at the gym on saturdays and sundays...i seriously have this conversation with myself every morning. but i can't tell you the last time i truly slept in.

15. I came to realize last night before I went to sleep...i was thinking about M and the book i'm reading.

16. I've come to realize that right now I am M going to IM me again and i need to go to bed.

17. I've come to realize that my dad...truly does love me.

18. I've come to realize that when I get on Facebook...i look at every one's pictures.

19. I've come to realize that today...was a good day.

20. I've come to realize that just about over.

21. I've come to realize that tomorrow...i will get to try spring fling cake for the first time!

22. I've come to realize that I really want...that feeling of unconditional love from a man.

23. I've come to realize that the person most likely to respond to this is...n/a.

24. I've come to realize that for the most part completely unplanned.

25. I've come to realize that this weekend...i have nothing planned.

26. I've realized the best music to listen to when I am upset...janet jackson.

27. I've come to realize that friends...are true blessings in my life.

28. I've come to realize that this just beginning.

29. I've come to realize that my ex...will always be someone special in my heart.

30. I've come to realize that maybe I should...really start watching what i eat.

31. I've come to realize that when I's good and true and wholeheartedly.

32. I've come to realize that I don't understand...why people look for parking spaces at the gym.

33. I've come to realize my a learning platform for my future.

34. I've come to realize that parties...are ok. i'm much more of a one on one type of person.

35. I've come to realize that I'm totally terrified...that i'll never be a mother.

36. I've come to realize that my about me making my life full and enjoyable with everything that i have!
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Monday, February 1, 2010

~something I love~

little anita's
new mexican foods.


here in colorado we have a pretty good choice of green chile. but me?, i'm a red chile fan. and finding good, flavorful red chile is hard to come by.

back in high school i used to work at little anita's as a hostess. it was an ok job, with great food.

when i first moved here i knew of a little anita's in denver, but it wasn't very realistic for me to drive to. then a couple of years ago a little anita's opened up just a few miles from me! heaven! even better, they have a drive thru! double heaven!!

my usual is the chicken enchilada's with both red and green chile (christmas style!) with a pint of red chile. i love to cook with red chile. infact i did tonight, with huevos rancheros!
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