Saturday, February 27, 2010

retail therapy

as stated yesterday, i got a bonus yesterday at work. and what's a super fun thing to do with some extra money? some retail therapy of course!
what's even better, is i went out of my comfort zone and invited a co-worker from work to join me. katherine and i are slowly becoming friends, and i was glad that she agreed to come along for this outing. we had a delicious breakfast at snooze, then headed to cherry creek mall. it was very nice to have someone to walk with, and talk to while walking around the mall.
a few of these tops will be worn soon...for a fun last minute trip! the others unfortunately will have to wait until probably may to be worn, but i love them all. they were all on sale, or i had a coupon for discounts. their is definitely no other way to shop! courtesy of the gap, learner ny, and macy's.
i recently ran out of perfume, and decided to go with something different. while shopping in anthropologie i smelt this and i really liked it. it's called "wish".
hydro 60min


the emily said...

oooh, nothing better than when you go shopping and actually have money to spend!

sarahlove said...

I was just in Anthro last night- why do they have to be so expensive!? I always leave empty handed! :o(

LOVE your new clothing selection, especially the gray one- it looks so soft!

Anonymous said...

good for you! very cute tops. On another note, I saw that you are reading The Wedding. I read that a few years ago and LOVED IT!


Nikki said...

Fun, and I love your choices. I am glad you asked your co-worker to join you.

I will have to take a whif of your new scent. Looks like it is a winner from the picture.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. You'll feel pretty and smell pretty too!!!
A great combination and a one pound loss. You must be wearing smile to go with everything!!

Love you, proud MOM