Monday, February 22, 2010

The Places I've Been: NV

my postcard picture of the valcano at the mirage
pretty flower balls at the wynn
mom, me, jason, tina, jace, and petra in line at Pure nightclub
to help celebrate tina's 30th bday!
the last time i was in vegas, this was where i stayed: MGM Grand
rina, ginny, denise, gina, and i getting ready to see
the thunder from down under!

Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas for me is the easiest vacation. for the most part it's pretty cheap to get there, most things are within walking distance, and it's always entertaining. of course depending on when you go it could be pretty miserable because of the heat, but thankfully the indoors are always nice and cool with the casino's wanting you to spend your money.

the first time i traveled to las vegas i was in middle school i believe. i went there to attend my aunt kathleen's wedding. it definitely wasn't your typical vegas wedding, in fact it was very nice. my mom and i stayed at the excalibur. my second trip was a year later, and my mom and i went to a bunch of shows! the shows there are amazing. my all time favorite is the blue man group, which i've seen 3 times.

my years in college i went to vegas every fall break. it sort of became a tradition for my mom and i to go for her birthday which always falls around fall break. one year we went to go see the backstreet boys, another year we went to see celine dion.

i've been getting the itch to go back to vegas lately. it's been 3 years since i've been there, and it was a much needed break. i was in vegas in may 2007 for tina's 30th birthday, then again in july 2007 on a girls trip. being to las vegas twice in a 3 month period is a lot. after that trip i was over las vegas. but like i said, that was 3 years ago, and i think it would be fun to go back again, sometime soon.

it's fun to stay at different hotels, try different food, walk around, and of course play a little blackjack and roulette!

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the emily said...

I've been there a bunch too. It's only about a 5-hour drive from Provo so I went a lot in college. I had a friend from Vegas so we stayed at his house and spent a day on the strip and then went boating on Lake Mead--SO fun. Then I went again with my sister Ellen and her then-boyfriend (now-husband) and a few more times, then Dave and I went there on our honeymoon. In AUGUST. It was so hot! We actually got in a car accident just as we were driving off the freeway, it was a major bummer. But Vegas is fun and since I don't gamble, usually pretty cheap. We saw Lord of the Dance which was awesome and rode rides at the Stratosphere and NY NY. It can be a really fun place.

fotobug said...

I will be there in about 9 days! If you're itching that bad and you wanna meet me there let me know. I can always book a room with two beds instead of one!

Wonderer said...

vegas is such a fun place! Andy proposed to me there (I might blog that story, it's pretty funny), and then we honeymooned there. I want to go back sometime soon. :-)

Nikki said...

I like Vegas too, I'll have to go back sometime as well! Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

So when are you going?

Love, MOM