Saturday, February 6, 2010

my Grammy re-cap

i just got done watching the 2010 t, and thought i would give my 2cents. i realize the grammy's were almost a week ago, but i just now sat down to watch the show. for the most part i really enjoyed it, but i feel like a lot of the performances in the middle of the show could have been taken out.

first is fashion.
pink wins my vote for best dressed. her dress is stunning, and her husband is some beautiful eye candy.
honorable mention to taylor swift. i love the color blue, and this dress is gorgeous. i think taylor swift is an ok singer/performer, but what i do love about her is that she does write her own stuff, and she is so humble. plus she looks like she is awesome hugger. i'm a hug type person, just as long as it is a good hug. and when she wins an award, gets up on stage and hugs whoever is presenting, you can tell that she really hugs them. that's awesome.
now onto the performances.

lets start with lady gaga. just once i would like to see this chick look normal, and do a normal performance. it probably won't happen, i'm just saying. i've actually seen lady gaga in concert. remember when i went to go see the new kids on the block way back in november 2008. lady gaga was an opener for NKOTB. at the time i had no idea who she was. i didn't even take pictures of her. crazy how she has sky rocketed into this huge star.

next beyonce. she's my pick for best performance. hers was my favorite. i love the fact that her whole band is female, and all her dancers were male.

pink's performance gets my pick for most beautiful. it was just awesome to look at. truly artistic.

the black eyed pea's performance gets my vote for best performance to get up and dance to! that song is just so much fun!

the collaboration of Micheal Jackson's "what about us" just about brought me to tears.

last but not least. the dave matthew's band. their songs gets picked for best to sing along to! i love how dave danced along to his song.
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the emily said...

I didn't watch this year but I agree, Taylor Swift's dress is very pretty.

Rachel P said...

I LOVE Taylor Swift's dress. It's absolutely gorgeous.

fotobug said...

WOW I love her dress!