Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day

love the one's you love. let them know. tell them over the phone, give them an extra squeezy hug if you can. i know i complain a lot about the lack of love in my life, but truth be told, i have a lot of love, and i know that. i'm blessed and loved probably more than i know. for that i'm celebrating this valentine's day thinking about all the one's i do love because i can't be with them. i'll think of them send them some happy thoughts. and when i do see them next, i'll make sure to give them a "valentine's day" hug and tell them that i love them.

i really really don't like the saying "love the one your with" because i'm so not that person, and i think that saying is just so lonely. but i do love the one's that i love. that is my lesson for this valentine's day.

non-update/update on M - since it is the day of love and all. i haven't seen him since 1/22. he has been out of town working. i don't really get it, so i'm not going to try and explain it. what i do know is that he's an electrician and some power lines went down in North Dakota. that's where he told me he is. we chat, but lately we've been missing each other. but he did send me a "happy valentine's day" message, which i thought was sweet because he actually remembered. and because we've only been on 3 dates.
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Nikki said...

You are a sweet and wonderful person, and I love you too.

That was nice of M to send you a text today. Happy Valentines!

the emily said...

happy valentine's! have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Love you too, April! Hope you enjoyed the day yesterday. Its not unusual for a lineman electrician to be out of town for weeks at a time. One of my best friend's hubby is one and he was gone for over a month, when Katrina happened and is out of town frequently. Glad he remembered you!:)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to giving/getting a 'valentine's day' hug
So proud of your lesson for this valentine's day and its true meaning. Letting your heart speak. Love it.

Love Miss You and Can hardly wait for my hug.