Monday, February 1, 2010

~something I love~

little anita's
new mexican foods.


here in colorado we have a pretty good choice of green chile. but me?, i'm a red chile fan. and finding good, flavorful red chile is hard to come by.

back in high school i used to work at little anita's as a hostess. it was an ok job, with great food.

when i first moved here i knew of a little anita's in denver, but it wasn't very realistic for me to drive to. then a couple of years ago a little anita's opened up just a few miles from me! heaven! even better, they have a drive thru! double heaven!!

my usual is the chicken enchilada's with both red and green chile (christmas style!) with a pint of red chile. i love to cook with red chile. infact i did tonight, with huevos rancheros!
45 min elliptical
abs & legs


Wonderer said...

mmm, I love Little Anita's. :-)

the emily said...

yum! except for the red chile part. i do NOT like red chile.

Nikki said...

mmmmm.....yummy! That's cool that they have a Little Anita's in Denver.

Anonymous said...

You are making me hungry!!!

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I miss good chile... Just can't get it in Charlotte! ~ b