Friday, February 26, 2010

advice needed

i'm seeking advisement. today at work we got a bonus. majority of which will go to savings. but of course i do have a few items i want to splurge on. one of which is something that will speed up my weight loss. because i'm quickly becoming very discouraged at my lack of results. i have a couple of options, and i don't know what to do.
last january a friend of mine did the weight loss program slim4life, now called slimgenics. she lost 70 pounds in 6 months. all with 1 on 1 support 3 days a week, an exact eating plan, and some walking. i had myself convinced that this was what i was going to do. i've seen it work, and my friend has very positive things to say.
i know that my problem is in my eating. it has to be. and having a stable support system, and someone telling me exactly what to eat, just might be exactly what i need. i feel that this program will teach me how to eat, and that when it is done i can mold it into what i need it to be for me, and my workout program.
my other option is to do what my gym calls the calorie point and cardio point, and get a heart rate monitor. tonight after dance jam i talked with sarah (who also teaches STRIKE!) and my struggles. i trust her opinion and wanted her advice. she sees how hard i workout and i feel she can relate with what it is i'm going through, but on a much smaller scale. she recommended doing the calorie point and cardio point, and purchasing a heart rate monitor. we talked about how many calories i burn throughout the day, how many calories i burn during a workout, and how many calories i consume. she said all of these things would tell me exactly how many calories i'm burning and at what zone my heart is working in. she said she would help me with a meal plan etc...
in my gut i feel that i'll do the slimgenics program, because it is more food based help, and that is what i need help in. i feel that 5 or 6 months on a strict diet will be worth it, and get me the results i want. i also feel that it is working out that will maintain my weight when i do get to my goal weight. and i feel very confident i can do that, because i already have a working out program.
i think what i'm going to do is check out the free consultation at slimgenics, ask the questions that i need to ask. do some more research etc..., have a few more conversations with people at the gym, then make a decision.
i'm lucky because i have some good relationships with people at the gym, and can talk to people like sarah about my goals, and what i'm looking to accomplish. and not be pressured into doing something i don't want to do.
i suppose maybe i don't need any advice, because as i've typed this i've come to the realization that i have my mind made up. but any advice or kind words you give i truly appreciate.
this is the plan b i talked about at the beginning of the year. because i'm not getting the results i want. we'll see what happens when i weigh in tomorrow, and i just hope and pray that i have lost at least 2 pounds.
elliptical 30min
dance jam 60min


sarahlove said...

I researched the slimgenics and it looks like the one to one support and attention you will get is just what will keep you focused! Combined with your awesome self-motivation on exercise - you will be unstoppable!

Do it.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie . . . Just Do IT!!!

Move forward and you will be rewarded and then ask yourself Why didn't I do this sooner?

Love and Prayers,

the emily said...

Cool! it'll be interesting to see what you decide and how it goes for you. good luck!

Nikki said...

I don't know what would be the best for you. I suppose either way, you are working on being healthy and that's the most important thing. Good luck. Love you!