Monday, February 15, 2010

silpada party!

ladies! just for you i'm throwing a silpada jewelery party! well technically two parties. one which is a virtual party that is going on right now! welcome, stay awhile, enjoy the sights! the second is at my mom's house this saturday! if you are in the albuquerque area please find me, and come enjoy all these beauties!
my friend tina is a silpada representative, and i'm proud and happy to be hosting these parties. if you would like to shop along in her catalogue, please do so here! while i was visiting her last month i got to see all of this gorgeous jewelry, and go to a silpada party to boot! all i can say is that these pictures do not do them justice!
below are just a handful of my favorites!
this necklace, which would go
with absolutely everything!
this pearl necklace, which i think would go
beautifully with my pearl bracelet.
love this amethyst ring!
because i can't wait for the warmer months,
this ankle bracelet.
all of this jewelry is hand made all around the world and comes with a lifetime warranty! if you would like to place an order this party goes until friday 2/19, so you have until then to decide what you can't live without and email me your item numbers!!! if not, it sure is fun to look at!
45min elliptical


the emily said...

I hadn't ever heard of silpada until i got your invite. pretty!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it.
Seeing you and Tina. What fun we will have.

Love Mom

Rachel P said...

Thanks for the invite! I'm not sure yet if I can make it. I may have to watch my niece this Saturday, so I will let you know!

fotobug said...

I am going!!! And we are on for Sunday too! :o)

fotobug said...

It was FUN!!!! :o)

Thanks for the invite and I can't wait to get my pearl necklace!

Tina was fantastic and so was the rest of your family and friends.