Wednesday, February 17, 2010

zumba (but not really zumba)

their is new class at the gym. let me clarify their is a new dance class at the gym. zumba! but technically zumba is a copyrighted name to only be used by another gym, so at my gym they call it dance jam. but it really isn't anything like dance jam. i enjoy it so much more. it definitely has a lot more of a latin flare, and i love the set up of the class, because you don't stop moving. it is go go go. i love it. zumba replaces soul grooves, and because of that i'm a little bit sad, because i really enjoyed soul grooves. unfortunately the soul grooves instructor couldn't really keep her class consistently and would sometimes not show up to teach the class. so in comes zumba.
i spoke to emily while i was at the gym on monday about becoming a instructor. she suggested i speak with tara (who teaches zumba) about becoming certified to teach zumba. so that is my first step. i don't necessarily want to teach a zumba type class, i would much rather teach a dance jam type class. ...where you actually learn a dance.
the one thing i don't think i'll like about zumba, is that tara says she's going to teach the same class with the same moves and music for 2 months. you can get really familiar with it etc... and i like this idea for maybe 4 weeks, but definitely not 8. because by the end of it, i'll be pretty bored with doing the same exact class every single wednesday. but at this point in time it's fine because it has only been 2 weeks.
have i said how much i love my gym? if not, i do. always something different, and i appreciate that. i'm sure you, my blogger friends find it not that entertaining to read about. but really that's all going on.
zumba 60min


Nikki said...

cool! I could see you teaching a dance class. you'd be great at it. AND then you'd get paid to work out, can't beat that!

the emily said...

I have several friends that do zumba and loooove it. They never miss a class. Fun!