Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a quick trip

this past weekend i was in albuquerque. i arrived saturday morning at 10:30am, and left sunday afternoon at 5pm. it was a quick trip, and the real reason for this trip will be reviled in a future post.
saturday night my parents took me to one of my favorite new mexican restaurants for dinner. papa felipe's. i got me some red chile and sopapilla's with honey. it truly is "new mexican comfort food at its best"!
elliptical 5min
zumba 60min


Wonderer said...

Mmmm, sopapillas! I want one, or twelve, right now!

Nikki said...

Yes, I'll have some sopapillas please! I like your picture. I miss New Mexican food. Texmex just doesn't cut it.

f said...


Anonymous said...

We so loved having you, more than you know. I was thinking you should do a quicky weekend every other month or so.
What an emotional fun weekend we had and I look forward to your post.

Love and Miss you,