Thursday, February 18, 2010

tattoo of dreams

so the other night i had this super crazy dream where i decided i wanted to get another tattoo. this is weird because i'm doing getting tattoo's, and i've known this for a long time. but in this dream i decided to go get another. what's weird is while going to get this tattoo i had forgotten about the tattoo's i already have. i get to the tattoo parlor and i start telling the tattoo artist (who happened to be this very kick butt type of chick ...that was my impression of her anyways) what it is that i want. i tell her i want the flower bird of paradise. that i want it really colorful and elegant. she starts drawing it up and it's gorgeous. somewhere during this conversation with her i realize that i already have a tattoo of the bird of paradise. she's about to ask me where it is that i want this tattoo. and again i realize i went to this tattoo place wanting this tattoo on my ankle, which in reality where this tattoo really is. so i think, i can't take off my shoe and sock, and show her where i want this tattoo of the tattoo i already have. so i tell her i want it on my arm, like my upper arm. but in reality i don't. i don't want a tattoo on my arm!! i don't want a tattoo at all. in my dream i start to panic, and i try to think of ways i can get out of this. i see that this woman has drawn a beautiful flower, and that we've spent all of this time together, and all i can think about is leaving. that i have to leave. that i don't want another tattoo, that i have this tattoo already. all of this is going on in my head, and the tattoo artist is talking about how cool it is going to look, and how she can do all of this cool stuff with it. and all of a sudden she's talking about doing a 1/2 sleeve on my arm. and it's just spinning out of control. at some point in time while i'm trying to figure out how to escape this, the dream ends, or i wake up. who knows. that's my crazy dream.
STRIKE! 60min


Nikki said...

whoa. That's wild. Do you watch LA or Miami Ink? I just started watching it. If you watch that show, maybe that has something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you woke up!!
Love Mom