Friday, February 5, 2010

a thing of beauty

so i've mentioned in the past 2 blogs this spring fling cake. the question: what is spring fling cake?
well as of thursday i had spent 30 years of my life deprived of this fabulous cake.
my boss recently started doing a monthly celebration of her teams birthdays and service anniversaries. thursday was one of our managers 30th service anniversary! (crazy to think that i was just 2 weeks old when he started working for what was Mountain Bell at the time.) jerri (my boss) wanted to do something special to congratulate alan on his accomplishment. she mentioned this spring fling cake. i had never even heard of it before.
lets just say that it is good enough to be worthy of its very own blog post.
this cake comes from the market at larimer square in downtown denver. i had heard about the market a few years after moving here, saying i had to go there if i ever wanted a really good dessert. i think i've been there once, and i honestly couldn't tell you why or what i had.
back to this cake.
its a white cake (my favorite) and jerri says it has zucchini in it. with a whole bunch of layered fresh fruits in and on top of it! it was so good, and so moist. to die for. i'm pretty sure the market is my new best friend. the market's website doesn't have any information as to what exactly is in this cake, so i really can't tell you anything except for that.
if you want a reason to visit denver, let this be it. i'll even come share a piece with you!
elliptical 25min
dance jam 60min


Anonymous said...

Yyyyyuuuuuummmmm!!!!! I want a piece please! ~ b

Nikki said...

WE.HAVE.TO.GET.ONE!!!!! Holy moley

the emily said...

SHARE a piece? Get your own, dude. I'm not sharing.

Peg said...

that looks amazing! I am so going there and soon.
Thanks for the picture

April said...

LOL emily. you do seriously have me laughing out loud.

Wonderer said...

Mmm, that looks amazing!

fotobug said...

I have also spent 30 years.... (and counting) being deprived of this cake you write of.... wozers!