Thursday, April 26, 2012

all kinds of crazy

lately i've been addicted to
i've gotten to the expert level.  but i always cheat at least once.
do you have any pointers?


this guy at work drinks a
a day.
i can't remember the last time i had a slurpee.


just when i found Cuties
at the grocery store.
they are nowhere to be found.


so excited for a
and a
haircut on saturday!


i want a job that'll support a daily Starbucks habit.
not necessarily because i want Starbucks everyday.
but because i want a job that pays me that much.


what are some of your favorite
iphone apps?


so you know how facebook came out with the whole
timeline thing?
i got the notice saying mine got changed on 4/12.
on my home computer it shows as timeline.
but on my work computer it's the original layout.


Chris and i are signed up to do a 5k on sunday.
i've wanted to do this race for awhile.  but never have.
sunday's forecast high is 60*
and rain.
so it's gonna be super cold at 8am.
Chris as already back out.
i hope to have enough motivation to do it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ the BM dress

One of the first lesson's I learned in this whole "Planning a Wedding" thing was to not get ahead of yourself.  I learned that lesson when I starting shopping for bridesmaids dresses before I had even selected my gown.  Big mistake!  But I wanted to start early and see all of my options.  And like most things with the label "wedding" on them, the options are pretty much endless, which can be extremely overwhelming.  But also like the label "wedding" I wanted the look to be perfect.  I think one of the things I am most anxious about is what we're going to look like all together on the day of the wedding.  Just another thing to wait for.
My oh so amazing Matron of Honor did some bridesmaid research and found that the bridesmaid should act as the frame while the bride is the center of the picture.  Once my dress was selected and the bridesmaid dress hunt was serious I created a collage of all the dress options.  Although I feel I could have made the final decision I definitely wanted my girls to feel included.  To feel that they could provide feedback into their look for the day.  So I picked out 6 dresses.  Different styles, different price points, different materials, different blues.  I gave the girls a month to shop...go to the different stores and try on the different styles.  Then at the end of March all of us talked on the phone together to discuss their experiences and make the final selection.  Thankfully we came to a decision pretty easy.  Classic, simple, elegant.  Supportive and flattering.  Beautiful color and not crazy expensive.  A pretty good combination, and everything that I wanted the dress to be.  The official color is "indigo".  I couldn't find a picture of the dress in that color, what's picture above is technically "cobalt".  The indigo is a deeper blue.  The sample of this dress in the stores is called "spice" which in my opinion is not a very attractive color.  I can't wait to see the dress in person in the indigo color.  The material is a nice satin and will compliment my dress beautifully.  The back is a corset back, which my dress is as well, and I think that is a perfect similarity to both dresses. 
Who knew I could write so much about one dress!  I can't wait to see it all come together.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

girls weekend with Chris

 This weekend was full one. Friday evening Chris' Mom, Mary and Grandma (Gma), Bobbie Jo arrived for a quick Denver visit. 
Yesterday morning we went to the Denver Deaf Nation Expo.  Gma has been deaf since she was little, as is majority of her siblings.  The expo was fun and interesting.  Although, not a lot for me to do.  I do know some ASL (American Sign Language) as when I was in HS a friend of mine dated a guy who was deaf.   I quickly learned the alphabet and some words and instantly became fascinated with it.  Then once in college I decided to take Sign Language, as my dream profession was to became a deaf counselor in the school system for kids.  To this day it's something I find very intriguing and interesting and it's a joy for me to (try and) communicate with my future Gma in-law in this language.
After our visit at the deaf expo we headed to a local nursery.  Chris, Mary, and Bobbie Jo all have a green thumb.  This is something I don't have.  I have had my house for six years and have treated my small backyard with absolutely no TLC.  Thankfully Chris has spent these Springtime months giving some love to the backyard, and a nursery is exactly Mary and Bobbie Jo's idea of quality shopping.  So we spent 2+ hours at this nursery looking at just about everything, and doing lots of shopping. 
 Shopping through the nursery
 It was a true joy for everyone.  Bobbie Jo literally lives in a small small town in Northeastern Kansas on a farm, and nowhere near a local green house.  So, for both Mary and Bobbie Jo going through rows and rows of plants, and flowers, and herbs, they were in heaven!
 More shopping
 After the trip to the nursery.  We headed to a fabric store.  Besides having a talent of growing just about every fruit and vegetable, Bobbie Jo is also a talented seamstress.  Bobbie Jo offered to make our pillow for the ring bearer to carry down the aisle at our wedding!  I'm just so in-love with that idea, and can't wait to see!
After the busy day we headed out to a nice dinner.  Gma had a margarita and a half, and who knows the last time this young 83 year old has had that much to drink!  Needless to say she became the entertainment!  It was such a fun dinner!
Cheers to G-Ma! (isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?!)
 This morning was more and more and more backyard clean up.  Chris and Mary spent about 4 or 5 hours in the backyard cleaning and gardening.  At some point Bobbie Jo joined in while I did  domestic chores inside.
 They worked super hard!
 The trip was very productive and short.  It was fun bonding with some of my future In-Laws and I feel so blessed to be extending my family with these wonderful people!

Mary, Marty (future Dad In-Law), and Alice (future Sister In-Law) will be visiting at the end of May over Memorial Day weekend.  We'll have more quality time and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ A Bridal Shower

This post is all about my Albuquerque Bridal Shower that my beautiful friend/cousin/Matron of Honor threw for me! Back before I was even engaged my aunt and uncle who live in RI booked a trip to NM for a visit in April. Once I became engaged and asked Kari to be my Matron of Honor she let me know that a Bridal Shower would be in the works. I thought it would be nice to include my Aunt Margaret in the festivities and set the date for the shower when she would be in town. Which was this past Sunday!
Kari had asked what I would like my shower to be like, and let her know that although I don't consider myself much of a girlie girl, that I would like a girlie girl shower. Pastels and paisley and girlie details! She incorporated a little bit of me, a little bit of myself as a couple, a little bit of the wedding, and did a ton of details!!! The colors of the shower were our wedding colors only the pastel version...pastel blue's and coral's! She hung up pictures of Chris and I everywhere! And did a beautiful brunch spread! ...quiche, shrimp cocktail, veggies, fruits, chicken salad sandwiches, and mimosa's! Dessert was just over the top!!! Kari made these amazing sugar cookies with our initials on them, and the cake! Oh my the cake! Home made by Kari herself. Was a delicious white cake with lemon's, blueberries, and raspberries! Not only was the cake super tasty, but it was beautiful!!!
Each person who attended took home a goodie bag, and got a hair-clip all the way from Hawaii (courtesy of the MOT-B!).
She made this fancy tissue balls, and had details everywhere! It was truly an amazing day! Once I arrived I immediately cried in excitement and in being so blessed.

the cake!
so many details!
yummy cookies!
One of the biggest surprises was the arrival of the L* family ...also all the way from RI! Once my wedding date was secure my cousin Charlene let me know that her and her family would be unable to attend the wedding as October is the beginning of the school year and with her work schedule and that time being one of the busiest a trip to Denver just wasn't doable. Although I'm sad they won't be there for the big day there surprise at the shower was just as special! I immediately broke down and Katherine ran into my arms with one of the best hugs I've ever gotten!!!
more details!
In attendance at my shower was my Dad's side of the family. I'm fairly certain the last big Madrid family get together I attended was my Grandma Madrid funeral back in 1996. So seeing my aunts and cousins was super special!
Aunt Ruby, my dad, Aunt Marie, and Aunt Terri
(missing is my Uncle Raymond)
finally a girl cousin pic with ALL of the girl cousins!
Nikki, Charlene, Kari, me, and Cheryl
all of the Egan clan
Katherine, Charlene, and I
all of the gifts!
My Aunt Marcie (on my dad's side) is super crafty! She whipped together my bouquet that I'll use at my rehearsal! It's perfect!
opening presents!
Another surprise was this "Recipe of Love" cookbook/scrapbook that my cousin Kari put together. With the Bridal Shower invite she included a piece of paper for people to send recipes. So for those who were unable to attend, there were still able to take part in the party by sending recipes! It included recipes from my future Mother-in-law and Grandmother-in-law!
For my bridal party I bought these awesome hangers! Each personalized with their names, and mine with my future last name! ...My mom's reads "Mother of the Bride"!
The Madrid Ladies
Aunt Marie, Aunt Ruby (who traveled from OK!), me, Aunt Marice, Aunt Terri, Tammy, Christina, Viola, and Kathleen
What better way to end the party but with Aunt Margaret taking a Harley ride!?
I'll see everyone in October!
I'm super sad I didn't get a picture with just Kari and I, but I know more opportunities will present themselves. Another surprise was my cousin Nikki! She was in ABQ the weekend prior for a wedding, and I had no idea she extended her stay to attend my bridal shower! So lots and lots of unexpected surprises!!! Who know a Bridal Shower could be filled with so much?!
Overall it was the best party!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ a new series

I have a special announcement! With the wedding a little less than six months away I’ve decided to create a new weekly update: Wedding Wednesday. I’m not too sure if I’ll do this weekly but it’s something I feel is appropriate now that the date is getting closer and closer.

For my first Wedding Wednesday I’m just going to cover some random thoughts and feelings I’ve had.

My bridal shower is on Sunday, and I seriously can’t wait! I know it’s going to be emotional, as it’s kinda weird that a party is being thrown just for me! A HUGE thank you to my matron of honor Kari for throwing me this very special shindig.

I have this horrible habit of picking at my cuticles on my finger nails. It’s gross really. And for the longest time when I used to do this I would tell myself “You know one day if you ever get married you going to have to stop this because you don’t want gross looking fingers on your wedding.” In general I have pretty hands, and nice nails, and ideally I don’t want fake nails on my wedding. So now whenever I go to pick at my cuticles I have to force myself to stop. Needless to say, I’ve been taking very good care of my hands and nails as of late, just so that they can be pretty for the big day!

I’m thinking about using one of those over the counter teeth-whitening things before the wedding. Are they worth it? Any recommendations?

I’ve always envisioned my hair in a pretty romantic up-do for my wedding. For this sole purpose I never got my hair cut short. Who would have thought that the year I cut my hair is the year I meet my future husband? The good news is that my hairdresser says that the length my hair is now is just about perfect for any up-do.

Parts of me are over the planning already. Here are things I really need to get done that I keep putting off:
Call the church and find out when our payment to them is due.
Reserve two more hotel’s with room blocks for out of town guests.
Email the sign language interpreter, find out how much she is and get her booked.
Contact the Chateaux and find out if I can use the fancy new chairs they just got with our package.
Start shopping places for the rehearsal dinner.

One of the most annoying things about this whole wedding process is the amount of advertisements and solicitations. They are all so overwhelming. Especially the phone calls. I got two phone calls last night (after 8:30pm) letting me know Chris and I won something. Shame on me I suppose, because I don’t take these calls seriously, because I think there has to be some sort of “catch”.

I want to do something fun and different for our table numbers. I’m thinking of getting a single helium balloon for each table with the table number written on it. What do you think?

I feel as though we (I) jumped the gun on our wedding invitations. There was a decent sale going on, so I ordered them, and we got them back in March. I really wish I would have waited because they aren’t really what I wanted.

Monday, April 9, 2012

our easter weekend

Chris and I had a fun Easter weekend. Saturday morning I got up and went to the gym. Followed by some grocery shopping. Then Chris and I had a fun date night that I planned. We went to dinner at Simms Steakhouse. Dinner wasn't that great, but the view was nice, and my meal was yummy. Following dinner we went to the last Avalanche game of the season. Unfortunately we lost 6 to 1, but Chris had never been to a NHL game, so it was a fun experience. Overall it was a great night and a new memory for Chris and I to share.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. The message was a powerful one. Celebrating Easter and a new start. It was joyful and blessed. Afterwards we went home and cooked a nice big breakfast. Scrambled eggs with canadian bacon, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cheese. With fruit, potatoes, and banana nut bread on the side!
For the rest of the day Chris cleaned out the garage. I have to say that it's a joy to see Chris come into the role of home-owner. He's never been a home-owner before, so it's great to see him take on the challenge. Last weekend we were about to leave the house, when I noticed water slowly coming out from under the freezer portion of the fridge. He was quick to become Mr. Fix-It, get the leaking stopped, and find the problem.
He's completely cleaned up the backyard, and has even started a garden! I sure am lucky to be marrying this man!
After his rearrangement of the garage we then made a super delicious dinner. He grilled some chicken while I made some mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.
We just have so much fun together.
Our first Easter together was fun and memorable. I'm looking forward to many many more.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

a day to me

Easter 2012 ~ all the kiddos ready for the hunt
so the transition from Qwest to CenturyLink is complete as of 4/1. with this change a few things have effected me. the big bummer was a pay decrease. although not too significant, still sucky to be told your salary is decreasing, especially when everything else around me is increasing(so it seems, anyways). my vacation time when from 25 days to 22 days, and i had to change insurance providers (from kaiser to united). their are some positives. the first one is i get $25 compensated to me for my gym membership (this helps make up for my salary change) and we get an additional paid holiday! that holiday you ask is Good Friday.
so i had yesterday off. it was so nice to have a full day off to myself. it was definitely something to look forward to. i had a morning cardio workout. followed by breakfast at Village Inn. i have to say this was a completely different experience from what it used to be. and a good reminder of where i came from. i used to go out to eat by myself just to pretend i had a life. just to get myself out of the house. to have some social interaction even if just with a waiter. it was sad, and you can read about this depressed part of my life if you go back in my blog to 2008 and part of 2009. but this time going out to eat by my self, i did it because i could. i was able to truly enjoy it, and my time alone. back when i was depressed out eating by myself i used to think about what it would be like to one day go out to eat by myself and not be lonely or depressed. and take comfort and appreciation with everything. i accomplished that feeling yesterday. to experience a feeling that you've wanted to have but never thought you would have it, it's surreal. to actually feel confident and ok with eating by yourself was a sigh of relief for me. to enjoy it and appreciate it, and know that my everyday life isn't eating by myself brought me comfort. but a happiness feeling of knowing that i still enjoy it, every once in awhile.
after my leisurely breakfast, i then headed to Body and Sole Spa for an extra special treat. a facial! i'm not a big spa person, but my spa treatments of choice are a facial and pedicure. i haven't had a facial since October 2010. and i've been wanting to get one for a really long time. i love going to this spa. i go see Erin who i've been going to since 2005. the spa is super close to my old apartment and i would go see her for my eye-brows, then i experienced her facials. and she's just fabulous all the way around! it was great to see her and catch up. i unfortunately don't go see her as often as i used to because of the location, which is why this was such a treat. it was great to see her and come out with a fresh face! ~thanks Erin!
later that day Chris and i went over to April's house for the 2nd annual night time Easter egg hunt. it was a great time to see everyone and all of the kiddos.
it was just a great day all around. time to me, time with chris, time with my friends. a pretty good mixture!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

have you ever had these cuties oranges?

just like the commercial.

super easy to peel. and so so good.

quick and easy snack?!

yes, please!


i have to share pat of an email my mom sent me this week:

"And yes I am a drama Queen but I am your MOTB drama Queen and I won't let anyone take that from me. Period."

Isn't she the cutest ever?!


I'm thinking something along


lines for the flower girl dress.

in coral.


I really think i

want to go see

Titanic in 3D.


i really want someone to sign our guest book

on our wedding website.

**hint hint**


I'm on the hunt for another good book.

Any recommendations?


Six months until i say

I DO!!!


Did you watch Betty Whites

Off Your Rockers

last night? holy hilarious it was funny.


I want to do something special on Easter.

but have no idea what to do.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Right On Time

I was really frustrated on Saturday. I had a horribly negative post composing in my head. About how difficult it is to lose weight. And how frustrating it is to work all week long to see no result on the scale. It wasn’t pretty. Then yesterday I went to church. And things changed.
I realize I seldom speak of church and religion on my blog. And honestly, that’s because I haven’t really had much to say. It’s interesting going to church, because a lot of times my church speaks of hard times. Finding God and your spiritual journey during difficult times, when you may not be believing, or find it hard to in the very least. And well, right now I’m my life I can’t really relate to that. Do you have things I’m dealing with?, absolutely. But for the most part my life is good. I’m in love, engaged, planning a wedding. I have a job that pays me every other week, gives me paid time off, decent benefits. I have friends and family that I cherish. All in all, life is good. No major complaints.
Well during yesterday’s message the pastor was talking about timing. Which got me thinking. How it seems we ask for God when we need him most, and how He truly shows up Right on Time. Of course there are times we want Him there. But I think for the most part we want Him there on our timeline. God doesn’t work on our timeline, He works on HIS timeline. He knows when we need something. We don’t. We might think that we do. For the most part timing isn’t perfect. There are definitely some things I wish I had in order before meeting Chris. Can I change that? Or would I want to change that? No! I truly believe that we were meant to meet when we did. The pieces fall into place how they should, under the control of my own Higher Power.
For the most part things don’t happen when we want them. When they do, we feel really really lucky! I could wish and wish that I would have met Chris sooner. Gotten married earlier. But that didn’t happen. As much as I like to think I’m working on my time, I’m not.
I hate how consuming it can be. We’re not even married, and lately all it seems like I can think about are kids. Chris wants kids sooner rather than later. I, want to be married. Enjoy our time as a couple. I like to think I’ve come up with a happy medium as to when we’ll actually start trying. I’m already having conversations in my head of “well if we get pregnant this month, we’ll have the baby this month.” I literally have to remind myself to breath. I have to remind myself it isn’t up to me. Ok, so yes, some of it is up to Chris and I. But, in regards to the actual “when” it’ll happen, not necessarily up to us.
Who knows what my point is to this post is. All of a sudden I have no idea what it is that I’m writing about. I suppose my point is that, it isn’t up to us. I can try all week to watch what I eat and hope to see a smaller number on the scale. But that didn’t happen. Does that mean I give up? No. That means I keep on pushing, and hope to see the change happen when it’s meant to, because I know that it will.