Thursday, April 5, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

have you ever had these cuties oranges?

just like the commercial.

super easy to peel. and so so good.

quick and easy snack?!

yes, please!


i have to share pat of an email my mom sent me this week:

"And yes I am a drama Queen but I am your MOTB drama Queen and I won't let anyone take that from me. Period."

Isn't she the cutest ever?!


I'm thinking something along


lines for the flower girl dress.

in coral.


I really think i

want to go see

Titanic in 3D.


i really want someone to sign our guest book

on our wedding website.

**hint hint**


I'm on the hunt for another good book.

Any recommendations?


Six months until i say

I DO!!!


Did you watch Betty Whites

Off Your Rockers

last night? holy hilarious it was funny.


I want to do something special on Easter.

but have no idea what to do.


Dawn said...

Love Cuties!

And the link to your wedding page doesn't work.

Emily Foley said...

The link to your page has a blogspot url at the beginning--if people click on it they can just erase the blogspot at the beginning, but it might be easier for you to just fix it. I signed! Your page is fun, I loved reading about your bridesmaids. I hope I'm invited because even if I'm not, I'm coming.

I love cuties but my kids don't, so I never buy them because I can't eat a whole bag by myself.

If you like non fiction, I like Malcolm Gladwell a lot. Super interesting stuff.

Nikki said...

Agreed about Malcolm Gladwell. I've read Blink, Tipping Point and Outliers. My dad LOVED Blink, and so did I. A story he told in the book changed how I interact with people in a powerful way.

I love the flower girl dress. Super cute!

Nikki said...

Oh and I also read What the dog saw. I still recommend Blink the most.