Monday, April 2, 2012

Right On Time

I was really frustrated on Saturday. I had a horribly negative post composing in my head. About how difficult it is to lose weight. And how frustrating it is to work all week long to see no result on the scale. It wasn’t pretty. Then yesterday I went to church. And things changed.
I realize I seldom speak of church and religion on my blog. And honestly, that’s because I haven’t really had much to say. It’s interesting going to church, because a lot of times my church speaks of hard times. Finding God and your spiritual journey during difficult times, when you may not be believing, or find it hard to in the very least. And well, right now I’m my life I can’t really relate to that. Do you have things I’m dealing with?, absolutely. But for the most part my life is good. I’m in love, engaged, planning a wedding. I have a job that pays me every other week, gives me paid time off, decent benefits. I have friends and family that I cherish. All in all, life is good. No major complaints.
Well during yesterday’s message the pastor was talking about timing. Which got me thinking. How it seems we ask for God when we need him most, and how He truly shows up Right on Time. Of course there are times we want Him there. But I think for the most part we want Him there on our timeline. God doesn’t work on our timeline, He works on HIS timeline. He knows when we need something. We don’t. We might think that we do. For the most part timing isn’t perfect. There are definitely some things I wish I had in order before meeting Chris. Can I change that? Or would I want to change that? No! I truly believe that we were meant to meet when we did. The pieces fall into place how they should, under the control of my own Higher Power.
For the most part things don’t happen when we want them. When they do, we feel really really lucky! I could wish and wish that I would have met Chris sooner. Gotten married earlier. But that didn’t happen. As much as I like to think I’m working on my time, I’m not.
I hate how consuming it can be. We’re not even married, and lately all it seems like I can think about are kids. Chris wants kids sooner rather than later. I, want to be married. Enjoy our time as a couple. I like to think I’ve come up with a happy medium as to when we’ll actually start trying. I’m already having conversations in my head of “well if we get pregnant this month, we’ll have the baby this month.” I literally have to remind myself to breath. I have to remind myself it isn’t up to me. Ok, so yes, some of it is up to Chris and I. But, in regards to the actual “when” it’ll happen, not necessarily up to us.
Who knows what my point is to this post is. All of a sudden I have no idea what it is that I’m writing about. I suppose my point is that, it isn’t up to us. I can try all week to watch what I eat and hope to see a smaller number on the scale. But that didn’t happen. Does that mean I give up? No. That means I keep on pushing, and hope to see the change happen when it’s meant to, because I know that it will.


Emily Foley said...

One of the hardest lessons I've had to learn is to submit my will to God's will and let my life work on His timetable, and not mine. Though I want things right now and other things later, I get what He wants when He wants it...and when I embrace that, my life is so much better. I hope you feel some of that in the coming days and weeks--the peace of letting it happen in His time.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you Peace and Blessings in abundance and Yes, God know what He is Doing!!! :)

Breathe. Amen.

Have an awesome week.

Love ya bunches til it helps,

Prayers, Hugs and Kisses, MOTB
(we all have our moments like this, more than we want)