Thursday, March 29, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

it's bad enough food as calories.

why do drinks have to have calories too?

it's just liquid!

because really right now i'm craving starbucks. and not the good kind for you starbucks. like a venti white chocolate mocha with raspberry. and i'm pretty sure i'm craving it because i can't have it. well i can, but it's 13 points. my daily point value is 29. so not worth it. i guess that's the point.

oh, and those 13 points, doesn't even include the whipped cream. but that's ok, i always get my drinks with no whip anyways.

but wow that drink looks good.


i got these new Crunchy Oat Granola cookies and

they are super messy.

crumbs everywhere.







i very rarely lose my chapstick. and when i do, i have a good idea of where to find it.

but right now it's lost,

like seriously lost.

i have no idea where it is.

and i super

need some.


Chris and I went out last night

with some friends.

There is something so


about going out on a week night!


i'm pretty sure i'm gonna win the


but don't quote me on that.


chris really wants to go see

"the 3 stooges".

i'm pretty sure i can go without that.


i'm a 68

on the iphone app:

ugly meter.


we officially have

bridesmaids dresses!


i really wish that when you did a Google search and click on the link, a new webpage would open. Because more times than not you have to go back to that main Google page with your search results.



Princess Dieter said...

Right click on the link "open in new tab" and you keep your results page open. :) Problem solved. :D

Emily Foley said...

I don't drink coffee but if I did, I would drink THAT. With whipped cream.

I don't know what the ugly meter is.

You're not sharing your dress, are you sharing the bridesmaid dresses?

If you click the link with the middle wheel instead of the left mouse button, it opens the link in a new tab for you.

sarahlove said...

Sometimes the whip cream at SB leaves a film of oil on the roof of my mouth. EWE.

Yum. Granola.

Pearl has allergies too.

Always have an backup.

Going out on weeknights makes me confused about what day it is the next day.

You can't have the winning ticket if I do. ;) HA! A girl can dream!

Uninstall and NEVER download again. It's obviously broken.

Dresses for anything are so fun but for your wedding- EVEN BETTER!

EXACTLY what PD said about Google.

Anonymous said...

NO, NO the MOTB has the winning ticket . . . and lucky for all of you. I'll share some :)

Can hardly wait to see the dress. Ugly Meter sounds negative don't you mean The Beauty Meter :) :) :)

So glad I'm not into Starbucks. Or Google that much either so I don't get frustrated like you and if I can't get what I need I just go to the BBTB!!!

Love and to all have a nice day and a great weekend,

Nikki said...

Can't wait to see those bridesmaids dresses! I am a big fan of mocha at starbucks, but I can't handle fully caffeinated starbucks, and I tend to get the skinny no whip. So, I always order the decaf, no whip, skinny mocha. So, in conclusion, I am no fun! It really doesn't taste as good as the real deal. And to boot, last time I ordered on they forgot the espresso! It was really gross.