Thursday, March 8, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

felicity hoffman is so pretty.

willam h macy is





i'm super proud of myself for


buying girl scout cookies this year.

that's the last thing i need.

but i have had

6 thin mints.

work people had 'em

and forced them down my mouth.

ok, so not really.

but 6...c'mon that's not too bad.


when i wash my hands,

the soap always

has to go in the right hand.



in 220 days

i'll be in


on my


with my husband





i've had a highly emotional week.

tears yesterday

and i'm predicting

tears later today.


are you ready to

spring forward

saturday night?!

i most definitely AM!


cake tasting this weekend.

wedding cake has no calories,



if i knew how to get rid

of the double spacing i would.


Nikki said...

You are so clever in these types of posts. I remember you had me help you with one, and I couldn't come up with anything cute or clever. I think these are adorable! Love you!

Emily Foley said...

I thought the double spacing was on purpose. Made me laugh out loud to read that it wasn't.

I've always wanted to do a cake tasting!

Good emotions? I hope so.

Aren't you left-handed? Weird about the soap.

I haven't had any girl scout cookies, it's killin' me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, love your random things
and truly hope you :) :) :)
all weekend long.

I have girl scout cookies in
the freezer. Doing much bettter
this year.

All my love, prayer, lots of hugs

sarahlove said...

I have no idea who felicity hoffman is but I love her name!

Girl scout cookies are made more cheaply than I recall. Seems like they used to taste better and cost less too.

Soap thing. Me too. I have other OCD issues but I am getting better! Try it in the left hand. I dare you. ;)

Jamaica probably has the best plantain dishes!!! 220 days will be here before you know it!

Emotional. Ditto.

Spring forward has never come at a better time. I swear the air smells different.

Only when it's for your own wedding. ;)

What if you typed with everything flush to the left instead of the right hand side? Double dare!