Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The new: New Plan

Today was the day. I finally put my plan into action. FINALLY! I kindasortaalreadyknew what I was gonna do back in January. But then more recently found that I wanted to explore my options and find out the cost with going back to Slimgenics. It was my friend Michelle that truly turned me onto this plan. The fact that I can still pretty much eat what I want was a huge factor. After all, I have Chris in my life, and well no need to go on a super strict eating plan to torture him or me. Either by me making him eat what I eat, or by letting him eat all the good stuff.
Today I joined Weight Watchers. I know that in order to lose weight I need a guide. I need something to follow. And this gives me exactly that. Plus it is 500 times cheaper than Slimgenics...specifically since I'm just doing the online program. And hello: Jennifer Hudson she's wicked gorgeous! So this is my plan. I feel good.
Of course starting off my plan with having 2 slices of leftover pizza for lunch. Not to smart. But I have tracked it, and have snacked on fruit this afternoon, will workout later today, and am planning a healthy dinner of Taco Soup!

Now in regards to the comments I've gotten about what I said about being a beautiful bride. I more so meant that as a healthy bride...a wife that is going to be around for a long long time. But like all the comments I receive I love these just the same! I just wanted to clarify. Thank you. :)

So the new plan is to follow Weight Watchers and re-create my gym routine. Right now my goal is to hit the gym 3 times a week. I feel like this is a good starter to build myself back up and a good way to balance my new life. Then try and slowly get back up to my ideal of working out 5 times a week. As of right now I've worked out yesterday and today. And plan for my 3rd workout on Saturday.


Emily Foley said...

I like your plan!! My in-laws lost a TON of weight on weight watchers, I know it works. You'll do awesome. Way to go!

sarahlove said...

It's a new day! Just the motto of WW is a great feeling!

Yes, healthy bride is exactly my point and I held back because I wanted you to say it instead of me telling you. I knew you knew all along. Hugs!

At least you can see that all of your hard work did pay off. Muscles have a memory and you will be back in no time- it's a new day!

Jimmy said...

Weight Watchers is a good plan!

Nikki said...

I am excited to see you on this journey! Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

I love that "muscles have memory" and its true.
Darling just ease in don't get so enthused that you injure yourself!!!

I've always been and have used WW enthusiast. Like Jennifer Hudson its worth singing about!!! Love her too!

We are all here for you!!!