Thursday, March 22, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

we have cake!

Chris and I

decided on our

cake person.

this is our vision.





sarah i accept




jimmy, yes

those are UNM cups.

i much prefer drinking

water out of plastic cups

compared to glass.


but on the rare occasion

when i drink tea, i like tea

in a glass cup.


i want a





so excited

to see

The Hunger Games

saturday night!


oh and Sarah,

domino's has


to do

with math.

try it.

i dare you! :)


spring is now officially here.

and now i can't wait



laying out in the sun.

getting some heat....


i love etsy.

i'm looking on there for a lot of my wedding things.


flower girl dress

jewelry (for me and my bridesmaids)

cuff links for my dad

pillow for ring bearer

candles for unity candle


lots of things going on the sports world as of late.

i feel i should mention.

go KU!

and yeah! we got peyton manning.

although i'm really gonna miss tim tebow's cute face.



Jimmy said...

Yup--Go Lobos. And I hope Tebow does well wherever he ends up. I mean all he did was unexpectedly win a few games for Denver in the playoffs. Don't know why folks don't like him.

Emily Foley said...

It's so pretty, I love wedding cake!

I wish the 49ers had snatched Manning, but at least we'll get to see most of his games because of where we live.

Nikki said...

Glad you weren't turned off to Etsy! Can't wait to see all the splendor!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! Love, love, love your cake :)


Summer said...

I had such a hard time deciding on a cake! So excited you found someone good. What kind of cake will it be?

sarahlove said...

I don't like cake. I love pretty cakes but I don't like eating it. I'd rather eat a cupcake top. It tastes so different! I'm weird. Your cake is so classy!

Your left hand should thank me. ;)

Why plastic?

What's a glass cup? Is it a shorter version of a tall glass?

What's a facial? HA! (Hinting that I have never had one!)

Stressful movie. No, thanks.

If I can find pink ones, I accept!

Please wear sunscreen. PROMISE?!

I love Etsy too because I have a secret! Soon to be not a secret.

David is like sports central so anytime sports are mentioned, I zone out. HA! Kidding. Maybe. ;)