Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review: The Hunger Games

warning *** Spoilers Ahead
Last night I saw The Hunger Games movie, and I have so much I want to write about. But I know I've already forgotten most of it. I was trying to make mental notes while I was watching it and I hope to get all of thoughts out because I can't stop thinking about all of it! So if this post is a little bit scattered and all over the place, it's just because I want to try and get it all out.
Chris and I went a group of my gym friends last night, all of us ladies have read the book and were excited for the movie.
First off, the books. The books are freakin' fantastic! Go read them if you haven't. So creative, adventurous, and face-paced. With that said, I started reading the trilogy about a month ago, and I'm about half way through the third book "Mockingjay". In general I'm a slow reader, and I usually only read on the bus to/from work. But these books I've been rushing through just because of the excitement of it all. So unfortunately I think I've missed a lot. And I was afraid I would forget some of the details while watching the movie, but I think for the most part I remembered a lot.
Let's start with Jennifer Lawrence. She played Katniss perfectly. And my goodness she is tiny. That scene where she's walking out with her skin-tight black outfit on to go out on the chariot. Wow...super tiny. Then Peeta...I thought they did a good job of making them seem like she's smaller than he is. Because have you seen all the press these two actors have done? She's way taller than he is, but in the movie you don't notice that. Which is good.
Speaking of Peeta, let's mention Gale. And the beginning of the love triangle that is started. I wish they would have shown more of Gale and his observance of the games. Because you know he's watching. And he is such a big part of the story even though he isn't completely visible in the first book/movie. But you know that he's still there. Does that make sense?
What happened to District Thirteen? Now we all know District Thirteen is no-longer. But did they even point that out in the movie?
And did I miss the whole kiss your 3 main fingers and hold them up in the air, thing? I have a feeling I did. Because I don't remember that in the book, and I don't remember getting any sort of storyline about that in the movie. So can one of you tell me the meaning behind that?, because I'm clueless. It obviously has something to do with some sort of solidarity. But in the movie you only see it in District 12, and in District 11 after Rue dies. Is it something only having to do with the poorer districts?
I wish they told more about the characters from the Capitol. Because I'm pretty sure I just skimmed over the background while reading the book. Like Effie Trinket. First they never even really introduced her, she was just there announcing the names and taking the tributes to the Capitol.
Speaking of characters. What happened to Madge? Wasn't she the one who gave her the pin to wear? And the good-bye's. I really wish they would have show Peeta's dad saying good-bye to Katniss.
Now moving on to the arena. One thing I really liked about the movie, was how The Hunger Games were essentially shown as a reality show. I never thought of it like this while reading the book. How there were basically producers creating this "reality" for the tributes. The huge room of all the people managing the elements of the arena. Very interesting.
I wish they would have shown Katniss going deaf in one ear. I can't remember how she goes deaf but I remember it in the book. I also wish they would have shown her thirst, and her wishing Haymitch would send her some. Then her realization that water was near by. In the book you get the feeling that Katniss and Haymitch have there own language, and that was never really portrayed in the movie.
The eyes. I really wish that they would have put the dead tributes eyes in the muttations eyes at the end. I think that was a pivotal part of the book, that the movie left out, and could have easily been done.
The hovercraft. Why didn't we ever see the hovercraft come and pick up the bodies? I guess that was an easy thing to leave out, and not something I necessarily missed, but just something I noticed.
And what about the cannon going off when Rue died, and the tribute keeping guard of the all of the food, and the tribute that killed Rue? I'm almost positive that when those 3 died, no cannon went off. I also wish that they would have showed the night-time list of lost tributes more than once. ...I think they only showed the first night, then one night with no tributes lost.
The berries. In the book she actually puts the berries in her mouth, then spits them out. I definitely thing the movie should have shown that.
President Snow is the perfect villain. I think the movie portrayed him perfectly. And the fact that each time the showed him he was around roses was the perfect set up for the future movies and the symbol he becomes with his use of roses.
I loved how at the end of the book you see Katniss' realization of what life is going to be like after the games. It's crazy how this story takes you once such an emotional roller coaster that you don't think about one situation relating to the next, because you are truly just trying to stay alive. How at the beginning you just don't want your name to be drawn. Then the good-byes. They thinking that you are most likely going to die. To surviving, being crowned victor. To the aftermath of realizing that you are alive, now a victor, and going back to your district as hero, and all of the expectations now that you are back. They all go together, but in the book/movie you just cross each thing one at a time. Not really thinking about the "big picture" because you are so focused on getting out of the tunnel.
Well, I think that's all I can write. Overall the movie was good, and I can definitely understand the parts that they left out, because you can't include everything.
Even if you haven't read the books, the movie is still a good one, and I would highly suggest you go see it!


Emily Foley said...

The three fingers is a salute or a gesture of respect in the books. It's also seen as a sign of rebellion. I don't remember if they did it for Katniss in district 12 but I do know Katniss did it at Rue's death for sure.

They did not mention that distict 13 had been destroyed in the movie, but it's not important until later anyway.

Gale's physical part is very insignificant in the first book; I felt like they showed that really well. The problem is we know how significant he is because we are reading Katniss's thoughts; without a narrator they couldn't really portray that in the movie.

Suzanne Collins and the other screenwriters purposely wrote Madge out of the book. Her role is not significant and took up too much time to explain.

The storyline with Peeta's dad and Katniss's mom aren't important enough to an already long movie. Those are parts that readers of the book get to enjoy. :)

Katniss goes deaf from the explosion when she shoots the apples at the Careers camp.

I pictured it exactly as you described while reading it: a reality show. Horrible. But I also loved being able to see it with Caesar Flickerman announcing it like it was entertainment. So brutal.

I was so glad they left out the water part. I was so annoyed at that part in the book, because she's practically dying of thirst after only a few hours in the arena. I was kind of relieved they left that out. Also it was probably kind of hard to portray a secret language between them in a movie without a narrator.

I LOVED it. I thought they did an amazing job and cast it perfectly.

sarahlove said...

I probably won't see it. Just watching the trailer made me feel too anxious!

Tammy said...

I haven't read the sons are reading them and they love them..they really wanted to see the I took them. I can't honestly say that I LOVED the movie!! WOW!! The actors are the storyline! When I first saw Woody Harrelson on there..I was have got to be kidding me! But he did really well! Lenny Kravitz...what a hottie!!