Monday, February 28, 2011

be a catch

last night while watching the oscar's i decided that i'm no good alone. that i want to be in a relationship. a good side of me comes out when i'm in a relationship a side that i like, a side that hasn't been seen in the past 5 years. too bad that in the category of love what you want isn't always what you get. good thing, that even though i don't want to be alone, that when i am alone, hanging out with just myself isn't really all that bad, because i happen to think that my company is pretty amazing! :)
with that said i'm getting rid of the fillers. both M and R seem to have disappeared. not too sure why i have this pattern with dating. the guy seems totally interested the first few weeks. all is going great. then before i know it more and more time passes between dates, before all contact comes to an end. and right now i'm ok that this has happened. dating and trying to lose weight doesn't really work for me. i need to be selfish and focus 100% on myself.
i read this article when i canceled my account on a dating website back on my birthday. i've kept it for the purpose to share with you. it has some good words of advice for us single folks. i will continue to have hope.
elliptical 30min
treadmill 30min

How To Show Him You’re A Great Catch

By Rori Raye
Author of best-selling eBook Have The Relationship You Want.

So you’ve finally met a man you really like and can see yourself having a relationship with him. You should make an effort to show him you’re a real find, right?

Actually, no. The fantastic thing about being a woman is that getting a man to see how wonderful you are doesn’t involve any effort at all. In fact, it’s all about simply being, not doing.


When we meet a great guy, we women often try to do, do, do whatever we can to make him see what a great catch we are. We’ll go out of our way to do things for a man, plan outings together, and sometimes even say yes to things he wants that go against what we want.

You can’t convince a man to fall in love. But you can lead him there by connecting to his heart. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to let yourself be guided by your feminine energy rather than your masculine. Feminine energy is about being instead of doing. When you focus on simply being in the moment and enjoying a man’s company and attention, you automatically shift your vibe so that he can step into the masculine, doer role.

To do that, you must first be open to receive.


Inspiring a man to see you as the one woman he wants to be with forever is all about you being able to receive love.

Men fall in love when they give to you, not because of how much you give them or do for them. When you shower him with affection, attention, dinners, gifts, and always go out of your way to drive to his place, it makes him think of you as a mother or a friend instead of inspiring his emotional desire for you.

When you are open to receiving from a man, you are sending a message that you value yourself – you believe you are worthy of his time, attention, gestures, and ultimately his love. So resist the temptation to prove your worth by giving and instead create the space for him to give to you.


Men are competitive creatures who value what they have to work hard to get. If he gets a sense that you’re completely devoted to him with very little investment on his part, he’ll question your value.

This means you do not give away exclusivity to a man until you have the commitment you want from him. Instead, you keep dating and meeting lots of different men so that you give yourself a chance to find out what you really want and need from a relationship. At the same time, you aren’t prematurely cutting yourself off from your Mr. Right in case you haven’t met him yet!

When you keep the focus on yourself and keep yourself open to other men, you send the message loud and clear that you’re a woman who puts herself first and that you are a prize. This elevates your “degree of difficulty” so he has to step up his game to get you all to himself...or risk another guy beating him to it.


The most important thing to remember when you are dating a man and want him to realize how wonderful you are is to put your happiness first.

If you love taking a dance class every Thursday night, don’t give it up just because he’s in the picture and you don’t want him to think you’re not interested. Letting him know you have a life before him actually makes him more attracted to you – not just because you’re not about to drop everything for him, but because people who are passionate about their interests are interesting people!

So, tell him, “It would feel so great to see Thursday, but I have my dance class that night, and I love it. I’m free Tuesday or Friday.” Then ask him what he thinks. It might feel a little scary to do this with a guy you really like, but the right guy will gladly re-arrange his plans to see you. Why? Because you’ve just proven you’re a great catch he has to woo and win.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Places I've Been: RI

No big story here, as I write about my trips to Rhode Island every summer I take them.

One of the coolest things about Rhode Island, is the fact that it is indeed the smallest state. Because of that everything is so close! Connecticut is only a 30 minute drive, and Boston is only an hour away. You can literally walk to the next town. In general I think that is one thing I like about Rhode Island, and the New England states in general. Example if you think of the drive from Denver to Albuquerque 450 miles, and 2 states. If you were to drive out of RI for 450 miles and go south you would end up in Virginia and cross 7 states.

I have very vague memories of my early trips to RI. …well technically my first trip was when my mom was pregnant with me. But I don’t remember that. I was 5 or 6, and it was the summer time. I remember a trip to the beach, and jumping the waves in the ocean. So much fun! I remember this memory mainly because we (my parents) have pictures of said trip.

Another fond memory I have when I think of my summer trips to RI, is traveling by myself for the first time without adult supervision. Who knows how old we were, but for a few summers my cousins and I would fly to RI all by ourselves. Greg, Nikki, and I would fly to RI, and the first night was always the night to go get ice cream! I remember on one of the first nights we went to get ice cream, and I got my first ever banana split.

My memories of RI are endless, and I look forward to creating more memories with my family members that live there.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

less talk, more action

i'm know that i've been sounding like a broken record, oh since about what, october?! it's gotten a bit ridiculous if you ask me. even i'm sick of talking about it. i survived the holidays, being sick, my birthday, and the month of february just as an extra cushion, i guess?! who knows why i let february down the drain, but oh well, it is gone. nothing i can do about it now.
i have at least 20 more pounds to lose. i am officially making monday the day. nothing ordinary about that, i know. but this time i have a plan, and not only am i putting my plan out there for all the world to see, if i fail, that will be known as well.
and that is what i'm scared of. failing.
everyone says it's the last of the weight that is always the hardest to lose. being so close to goal, but not quiet there.
knowing that it is going to be even more than a struggle ...than what? ...than losing the previous 90?! so i guess that is what i need to remind myself of. that if i can lose 90, surely i can lose another 20. so what if it takes me a little bit longer? does that really even matter? how long it takes me?! i know it'll be a struggle. i also know that i can do it.
just do it.
i also fear that i won't be able to do it without the help of slimgenics. but i do have a plan of attack. plan my meals. write down everything that i eat. watch my portions. snack on veggies. allow myself a "cheat" every now and then. be present, be real. my life, my journey. i can do this on my own, and i will.
lastly, set goals. with such a small number to lose, i need to keep myself motivated. give myself things that i love to keep me going.
the first milestone will be at 10 pounds...which in all honesty is not just 10 pounds, it is actually 100 pounds. one hundred pounds. 265 to 165. when i lose 10 more pounds i'm going to go get myself a facial! i can't wait for that!
next milestone will be 15 pounds (total lost 105). i think that'll be a new pair of shoes, non-workout shoes.
lastly, goal weight of 155. some shopping!!!
like everything in life, i know that i'll have some setbacks, but i also know that i'll have some victories. most importantly i know that the end result will get me right where i want to be.
strictly strength 60min

Friday, February 25, 2011

another layer

this whole process is about shedding some skin...literally. losing part of you. getting rid of the waste. searching for what could be underneath. looking for and finding the healthier, fitter you, that you always thought was there. becoming someone in reality that you've only ever thought of in a dream. slowly my dream is coming true...

all of us have that physical thing that we like about ourselves. something that we can say we like. for me that thing has always been my hair. my hair has always been the thing that i like. the thing i was comfortable getting complimented on, that i knew was pretty. i feel like i've been growing my hair out since my mom went to get my hair cut in the 5th grade, and i got a horrible, short, feathered cut. i hated it. i've dreaded any big change to my hair since then. once i learned to actually style my hair, and could be versatile with it by going straight or curly i grew to really love my hair. my hair became my comfort, what i could hide behind as my face got fatter and fatter.
i always thought about doing a change. something drastic, just because. i thought about doing it on my last milestone birthday of turning 30, but decided against it. i've kept the thought in the back of my head as i've been on my weight loss journey. cutting my hair off once i reached my goal.
i'm not yet at my goal, but opportunity knocks, you gotta take it....

i did it!
chopped off my hair and got bangs!

i started going to mark pardo's salon in albuquerque when i was in high school. and started going to meredith when i was 17 or 18. i instantly loved her. the way she does a cut and color is absolutely amazing. then at 22 i moved to denver. the first couple of years i lived here, i went home often. for the most part i was able to keep meredith as my "main" hair stylist. then her and her hubby moved to arizona. needless to say, i have yet to find someone here in denver that i love and would trust to do a big drastic change to my hair. then a few years ago meredith moved back to NM. i'm pretty sure that the last time she did my hair it was either christmas of '08 or christmas '09. the cut and color was $200+...i was saddened that as much as i love her talent i could no longer afford her.
then as i'm walking out of the terminal at the albuquerque airport this past christmas i see meredith.
me: "meredith?" she looks at me....last she saw me i was 90 pounds heavier. "april madrid. you used to do my hair. how are you?"
meredith: "good. you look great."
me: "thanks. where did you fly in from?"
meredith: "denver. i moved there in june."
as you can imagine the rest is history. she told me which salon she now works at, which happens to be right across the street from where i catch the bus to go home from work, and because she is new and growing a client base her haircuts are only $35! plus, just to add to the story, her husband works for qwest, and we work in the same building!
not too sure how much i cut off, but it was a lot.
jill & i out to dinner
the last haircut i got was back in the middle of november. so when i ran into meredith around the holidays i knew it wouldn't be until february or march until i would go see her, and had been thinking about it since our chance encounter at the albuquerque airport.
i knew this was my chance for a change. why not do another change with everything else going on around me changing?! my confidence is slowly growing, and i no longer feel the need to have to hide behind my hair.
last time i had bangs i was 17, and my face was a lot more rounder than what it is now. last time i had short hair like this...who knows?! i realize to most, that my hair wouldn't be described as "short" but rather "shoulder-length" but to me it is short, so i'm callin' short! i'm still getting used to it, and i'm looking forward to playing with it this weekend.
although it may defeat the purpose, but i can tell you right now that i'm already in the state-of-mind that i'm growing it back out long. because really isn't that why we cut in the first place?, just to grow it back? i don't know about you, but that is why i cut it!
i've had good friends who i believe would be truthful with me if it did look bad, tell me that it looks good, and that of course does make me happy. they (as am i) are just looking at another layer peeled back from me as i (and they) continue to get to know who is the new, true me.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

tonight i got to
brand new
like 2 hours


on tuesday
i saw a guy on the bus
with a pink bow-tie!


i really
need to get
my car


i love me
pine nuts.


my goal
for the next few weeks
is to
consume any
girl scout cookies.


i'm not diggin'
the new


my blog
was featured
that's pretty
if you ask me.


i need to remove
my nail polish.


i finally remembered
to wear my
for today's workout.


STRIKE! 60min

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

updated resolution 2011

I’ve been focused on my numbers for so long. I think that is because I knew I would need to establish a high number in order for it to be considered a habit. “It” of course being working out. I always knew that there would be a year where the number compared to the previous year would be smaller. And like so many things on this journey, I told myself I would deal with that when I got there. I am currently at that bridge, deciding what to do. January wasn’t a good month, and February doesn’t seem to be too hot either. I think because mentally my head is someplace else. I knew that in order for weight loss to be a success I would have to create a solid workout routine. Manage my workouts, and make sure that I was working out 5 days a week consistently. I have, in my opinion established that routine. My workout routine is something I'm very comfortable with. I now know it isn’t something I need to focus on. The habit is there, and I know it isn’t going anywhere. I no longer have a need to obsess about my numbers, but rather a want. I don’t want to stop working out, and I know that I won’t.

That leaves me with the reality that I probably won’t work out more than what I did last year, which was 254 times. And even though I didn’t set a specific number goal for 2011,I feel the need to update my goals for this year. Although after reading my resolution post for this year that I wrote at the beginning of last month, I’m not really changing anything. I still plan on working out between 200 – 240 this year, and I still plan on doing at least six 5k’s.

I suppose my main point is that for me my energy has shifted. Which is why I feel the need to update. The question I ask myself is no longer “How many times will I work out this year?” I don’t even think I have a question for myself for this year. Mainly, I think it is important to just go with the flow. This journey is all about change, and it is too hard to predict what could happen amongst all the change that’s already going on around me. At times it seems too much to keep up with.

Right now I think I need to focus on getting to that uncomfortable spot. Where I know the change will truly start to happen again. Big things are coming for me this year, but it is up to me to find these things. And the only way that'll happen is if I continue to push myself and be uncomfortable.

barbell strength 60min

Sunday, February 20, 2011

courtesy of my mom


What color are your socks right now?

red/pink plaid


What are you listening to right now?

the movie "The Monster-in-Law"


What was the last thing you ate?

part of a sugar cookie


Can you drive a stick shift?

negative, lame I know.


Last person you spoke to on the phone.



Do you like the person who sent this to you?

she's pretty awesome. she's my mom.


How old are you today?



What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?



What is your favorite drink?



Have you ever dyed your hair?



Favorite food.

seafood pasta


What is the last movie you watched?



Favorite day of the year?

my birthday


How do you vent?

talking to a friend, writing.


What was your favorite toy as a child?

building blocks.


What is your favorite season?



Cherries or blueberries?



Do you want your friends to e-mail you back?



Who is the most likely to respond?



Who is least likely to respond?



Living situation?

me, myself, and i...along with Otis and Denali.


When was the last time you cried?

i believe it was my birthday 1/19


What is on the floor of your closet right now?

my hamper, and gym bag.


Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending to?



What did you do last night?

talked with Michelle, watching TV, flirted with M via text.


What are you most afraid of?

not finding love.


Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?

cheese please.


Favorite dog breed?

Cocker Spaniel


Favorite day of the week



How many states have you lived in?



Diamonds or pearls?



What is your favorite flower?

bird of paradise

just a survey my mom sent me.
50/50 60min

Saturday, February 19, 2011

no regrets

i'm struggling. it isn't bad, but still a struggle is a struggle. i only worked out 4 times this week. did i have the opportunity to work out 5?, yes. do i regret this?, no. however, i will say that this morning was hard. i don't have a "set" workout on saturday mornings. the class that i sometimes do, isn't a favorite, the instructor is just ok, so when i do skip this workout it's no big deal. plus saturday is the only morning i can truly sleep in. so this morning that is what i did. after sleeping in, i thought about putting off going to the gym altogether. i tried (although not hard) to find plans to give me the "excuse" to get up and get ready, rather than get up and go workout. while lying in bed trying to decide what to do, i had the conversation with myself of: "if you don't workout today, that means you only worked out 3 times this week." and "if you don't workout today, will you regret it?" when i answered yes to that question i knew i had to go. so i went. this journey is a hard one to have regrets in. because it is your journey. you either do it, or you don't.
so that was my motivation today. not wanting to regret not doing it. you gotta do what works in that moment. that's the only way to survive. to keep going. doing what works for you at that time.
am i happy i went? of course. i'm never not happy when i leave the gym. i guess that's sorta the point.
although lately i will say trying to find the motivation to get to the gym is getting harder and harder. why is this? i have no idea. i think some of it has to be with being comfortable. too comfortable. i have a comfort level with the gym, and a habit with my workout schedule. so maybe i just don't think about it, and then when it comes to actually going...i find myself having to literally kick myself out the door.
i also think it is a mental block. the block of what i need to do. the end of this journey. losing the last of these 20+ pounds. i have a part of me that is so curious to see what it is that i'll look like with 20 pounds less on me. then i have another part of me that is scared to see what it is that i'll look like. ...part of that person is scared, because i'm afraid to fail. part of me knows that this will always be a struggle. i've been my current size for almost 5 months now...and when i see myself, i still see someone at 265 pounds. will i ever not see that person?! time will tell. until then i will keep working on finding what works.
elliptical 30min
treadmill 30min

Thursday, February 17, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

this plate has a
copyright on it of
i grew up with it.
it got a crack in it this week.
sad day.


i got a box of
godiva chocolates
with my victoria's secret
i've eaten all of them,
except one.


i have a huge
of falling
down my


the 122x bus
is always more packed
than the
120x bus.


my parents celebrated
their 36th Wedding Anniversary
on tuesday.
they got a huge
from here!


i really need
to do
some major


i love the new
britney spears


so what is the difference between:
record of the year?
album of the year?


i've been at 1801
all week, covering
two VP's.
it's been a bit


a big change
is happening

strike! 60min

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a perfect combination

Valentine’s Day/Weekend 2011 has officially come and gone, and I have to say that for me the day and the weekend was pretty much perfect. I had a little bit of everything. I had some me/alone time, some crazy/busy time, some single going out time, ending with an actual date as a “Valentine”.

It started on Friday night. I did my normal Saturday chores on Friday night as I knew I would have no time to do them on Saturday. Plus I had to get my house clean and ready for a house guest Saturday night. So I did some laundry and grocery shopping, followed by an errand to the post office, then some alone time at dinner. It’s been a super long time since I’ve gone out to dinner by myself, but I figured while I was out I might as well. So I went to Rumbi and brought my book to read, and was set for some me time. I was pleasantly interrupted by a phone call from my friend Sarah, so I didn’t get much reading done, but it felt good to be out by myself, and then reminded that I have friends that call me!

Saturday was back to back madness. But fun, oh so much fun! Got in a quick workout. Got to see my friend Sarah that I hadn’t seen since October (seriously where does that time go?!), followed by some sexy shopping with April at Victoria’s Secret. The shopping trip was a success, just in time for me to make it to my spa appointment for an eye-brow wax, and pedicure. During the eye-brow was I was bluntly told by the esthetician that I had a mustache and that it just had to go. So for the first time ever I got my upper lip waxed. OUCH! But I do have to say it looks so much better. After the spa I went home to get ready for the Bitter Ball. I only had about 30 minutes to get ready. do makeup, freshen up hair, get dressed, and do some last minute cleaning. It was a little bit crazy there at the end. But just in time to go have a relaxing dinner. The rest of the details of Saturday night can be read here.

Sunday was a “normal” day I guess I would say. Julie and I dragged ourselves out of bed to make it to STRIKE! At 9:15am. I don’t know if it was because I was half asleep during the first part of class, but class for me flew by! Those 60minutes went by wicked fast. After class Julie and I drove downtown for some breakfast, and for me to drop her off at her car. …special you ROCK shout out to April for driving all the way downtown to pick up our drunk selves up Saturday night(early Sunday morning)! Once home I got caught up on some "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Private Practice". Then I tried to take a nap, which I was unsuccessful at doing. So at around 3pm I decided to get ready and take a shower.

This is where it gets interesting, and since this is just a rundown of my weekend I won’t get into too many specifics, except to say that M is back in the picture. Yes, this is the same M from early last year, and yes, the last time we saw one another was back in April. But we’ve actually now seen one another three times over the past 2 weeks. If there is more to say at a later day, I will of course share it. Anyways, so Sunday evening M and I went to dinner and hung out.

And now yesterday. M was my Valentine. I didn’t want to make it a “valentine” thing…in fact it was M’s idea, not mine. M loves hockey, and I just happened to get some tickets to the Avalanche game that was last night. We were talking last Thursday and I asked him if he would like to go. He of course said yes, and that was that. I didn’t mention the fact that it was Valentine’s day, nothing. Then once we are off the phone he sends me a text that says “so I guess that means you are my Valentine?” So there you have it. He then proceeded to ask me what I wanted for Valentine’s day. And I was left sorta dumbfounded because it has been so many years since I’ve actually had a true valentine. He ended up getting me a candle and a card, and he got a card. We went to dinner prior to the game, then had fun watching the Avalanche lose horribly to the Calgary Flames. Last night was by far our best date to date. Once we got to the Pepsi Center he gave me a kiss and told me “Happy Valentine’s Day.” He did that a few times after the game as well. Definite sweetness points for that.

Overall the weekend and the actual Valentine’s Day, day were perfect. I have to be honest and say that it was actually really nice to have someone to spend Valentine’s day with. Granted as of right now M is just a guy I’m dating, and I would ideally like to spend the day with someone that I know I have a future with. But for me it is a definite step up, considering I’ve spent the holiday alone for the past 5 years. And last night was truly a lot of fun.

barbell strength 60min

Sunday, February 13, 2011

bitter ball

last night i dragged my single, co-worker friend julie to Slacker and Steve's Bitter Ball. slacker and steve are the afternoon personalities on alice 105.9. this "ball" is advertised as a singles event, with half male and half female in attendance. with activities such as spin-the-bottle to help get acquainted with one another.
we dressed up all fancy, went out and had a fancy dinner prior at TAG restaurant downtown, where we got some liquid courage for the night ahead of us!
i'm so happy that i have julie to take with me for all of these crazy events!
julie and i at the bitter ball
we even had super fancy shoes!
red and gold ~ oh la la....
julie and i at dinner
i got this cute little black dress while i was home during the holidays at francesca's. SO cute! and i love that i can now shop and buy clothes at cute little boutique's like this one.

i would definitely call the evening a success. i was bragging all week long about how i was so excited to play spin-the-bottle. but when it came down to it, i just couldn't do it...maybe i didn't have enough to drink?! thankfully julie attracts lots of guys, so the guys' friends' would end up chatting with me. i did meet one guy, and we had fun. but that's it. we danced and flirted. overall a fun and very interesting night.
strike! 60min

in preperation...

nails - check

workout - check

lunch with a friend - check

shopping with another friend - check and check

eyebrows - check

lip - check

pedicure - check

makeup - check

dress - check

shoes - check

all for some bitterness...
sat. 2/12/11
elliptical 30min
treadmill 30min

Thursday, February 10, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

i'll be wearing
saturday night!


i love the smell
of a pipe.


oh yes
i will be
working out
5 times
this week!


i need some
girl scout


i've been
all week


i'm so not a fan
ez vendor.


this week started in
the below zero
but by sunday
we'll be in the 60's!




could get you


i got a
on my pointer finger
right where the
knuckle is.


i wish i
were going
dublin next week.


in the 505?
buy sweets
for your
on monday

strike! 60min

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my first superbowl party!

i've always enjoyed the superbowl. most of the time the game is pretty entertaining, and the commercials are actually worth watching and funny. because of my new group of friends, this year i had a superbowl party to go to!
justine and charlie hosted as they have such a spacious house, and their own home theater to watch the game!
thank you justine and charlie for hosting yet another fun filled event!
steven, charlie, olivia, jerry, and bobby
for majority of the game the ladies stayed upstairs and chatted.
becca, christina, justine, april, diane, annabelle, and kortny
jerry and bobby
bobby and i
my HS friend Jill came along with me to the party, and she fit right into the group! she's a big football fan and her team is green bay so we hung out with the guys in the theater room watching the game. i myself was rooting for green bay since they were the underdogs going into the game! so having them win was just a perfect cherry topping to the evening.

i love hanging out with this group! last weekend while we were all in breckenridge, i was having a conversation with myself in my head about how we had nothing planned for the following weekend. and i found myself wondering when we were all going to hangout again. thinking about not knowing when that would happen made me a little bit sad. but then this little superbowl shindig came about and we were all hanging out again for the third weekend in a row! i'm not too sure when the next gathering will be, but i do hope it is soon!
cardio kickboxing 60min

Monday, February 7, 2011

a helping heart ~ a raffle

i wish that i could do this story justice, but i can't, so i'm not even going to try.
what i can do is tell you to read this, this, and this.
i put those links mainly because this isn't my story to tell, but i still want to help out. and this is my way of helping.
you could win this!

i went to high school with cecilia, although didn't really know her. i recently reconnected with her through our mutual friend sarah. i met her at sarah's holiday pink party.
as you've read, it's amazing how life can change in the 48 hours after we were hanging out drinking wine and eating desserts, laughing and telling stories.
in all honesty i'm trying to put words to what it is that i'm thinking about what this family is going through, and i can't think of a thing.
my point is this, sarah is having a raffle for the above necklace to help raise money for this family as they enjoy life.
please check out the details here, and if you can help out i would greatly appreciate! sarah is staying in contact with the Moore family, and i know that she would also feel grateful for any prayers and/or happy thoughts said on behalf of this family and her dear friend.
sarah, emily, sara, erlinda, cecilia, sara, yadeeh, and i
time is limited as tickets are only available through sunday february 13th, so please act super duper fast! many hearts, prayers, and blessings to you Cece, Waylon, Jacob, and Emily!
treadmill 60min

Sunday, February 6, 2011

warm weather shopping

i'm done with the cold. i'm so ready for some warm weather, and some super cute warm weather shopping! i've never purchased anything from downeast...that might just have to change after seeing some of these beauties.
can you tell that i like the color purple? so ready to wear all of these!
strike! 60min

Saturday, February 5, 2011

my journey

i had dinner with my dear friend Sarah last night. she asked me, "so where is April in her 'April Journey?'" good question Sarah! lately i've really struggled with this question and answer. i think about it often. i do feel mentally prepared to lose weight again, unfortunately i'm just not doing anything about it. mainly because i'm happy. i love my life right now. i've thought about started strictly on slimgenics again, and my life when i started that program last March. if you compare my life to last March to what it is now...there are some major differences. my point is this, i don't see myself doing slimgenics in this new life. but i think that i will try it, because i know it works. i'm ready. i need to GO.
over the holidays i felt as though i was gaining weight. then i got sick. when i went to the doctor for the first time i was 100% expecting the scale to be in the 180's, and me to feel just horrible about gaining so much weight. i'm not too sure why it is that i felt this way probably because i figure the scale goes up more than it seems to go down, but all of my clothes still fit. i suppose we just set ourselves up for failure. well i was pleasantly surprised when the scale read 179...a 4 pound gain from my lowest weight, in October of 175. "not bad" i said to myself. then a week and a half later i went to the doctor again. this time i thought for sure i would be in the 180's. the scale read 176...i was SO happy about that. to see the scale go felt good. good like "i want to keep going good..." i want to continue to see the scale go down. get below 175...go back into uncharted territory. i have no idea what i am right now. that visit to the doctor was almost 3 weeks ago...and realizing that i wish i was watching my diet because i could easily be 6 pounds down...i could be 170.
lets get back to basics. where is April in her journey? the simply answer is: I'm still in it. I haven't given up. lately i've had a few realizations and updates that i need to share, because this is my journey. because the answer isn't as simple as that. and soon i'll share the more complicated answer.
strictly strength 60min

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

it's cold

denver tonight

have you heard about the cold wave that is going on in 30 states right now? if not, let me clue you in. it is in fact pretty simple to explain. it's cold outside. like bitterly cold. stay inside cold. 48 hours of subzero temperatures cold. now imagine this. on friday i left work to get a salad for lunch and people were eating outside because it was in the high 60's. the weekend was beautiful in town and in the high country, then on monday things turned bitterly cold. combine the cold with snow and i was not a happy camper.
tuesday was the worse of it. our high on tuesday was -1*. with the windchill majority of the day yesterday denver felt like -30*. the overnight low not even taking in consideration the windchill was -20*. today i think out high was 8*. i actually left the house today to go to the gym and thankfully the roads are all cleared, but it is still so cold.
tomorrow and friday we are suppose to heat up into the 30's then the 40's. i'm looking forward to that. i can't even check my mail because it's frozen shut.
i'm super lucky because i've been able to work from home. with my commute of taking the bus and walking to work, i just didn't want to be outside. my boss was ok with me working from home so i stayed home.
i'll be happy when the temperature gets above freezing!
elliptical 30min
treadmill 30min