Sunday, January 2, 2011

253 vs. 235

what a year 2010 has been! i've never had a year so full of change, and with so much anticipation with the new year. i beat last years goal by 18! not bad, if i do say so myself. i'm going into this year with a huge weight (literally) lifted off of my shoulders. for the first time that i can remember i'm NOT starting out the new year thinking "i have more than 100 pounds to lose." rather i'm starting off the new year thinking i have 20 - 30 pounds to lose. SUCH a difference a year makes!!! starting each year with the mentality of needing to lose more than 100 pounds is scary. because in reality (well my case of reality anyways) i was setting myself up for failure. losing 100+ pounds in a single year is impossible, and for me i have proved that. i take a lot of pride in the fact that my journey has been so slow. i've learned a lot, and i wouldn't have had it any other way. that is what makes it mine. the main difference between the start of this year and all years in the now i know that i can do it. no questions asked. failure is no longer an option. i will succeed. again, another weight lifted. this year i know that as a fact my weight loss journey will indeed come to an end. and my version of maintenance mode will begin. the burning question is when?! answer: i don't know. the month of january is already full of outings with friends, so for this month i'm still going to be in maintenance mode. for now i have february set up as the month to start weight loss again. i'm not going to stress about it, because i know it'll happen.

i'm extremely happy with my life right now, and the blessings i have. i am in no big rush like how i was last year to "lose the weight". i suppose maybe this state of mind could change, especially as the summer months get closer, but for now i'm happy with this plan.

so lets set some goals for 2011. first things first, i'm going to continue my blog post for every workout, it just works for me, so why break it? number of workouts....this one is kinda tricky. last year my average number of workouts was just above 21. at this point in time anything less than 200 is unacceptable. i'm going to shoot for at least 240 workouts, as that is exactly 20 workouts a month, and i know i can do that. and well anything over 254 seems just about impossible, but we will see what 2011 will bring. rather than focus solely on the numbers, i want to add races to my list of goals. i plan to do at least six 5k's throughout the year, along with my first 10k. this is something i really want to focus on for this year, especially once the summer months are here.

2011 is going to be a great year for me, and i'm truly looking forward to it.

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