Sunday, January 16, 2011

Black Swan

I have to talk about this movie. Their has been a lot of praise of this movie. My mom and I went to go see this movie when I was home for Christmas. She recommended it, and I agree since I like all things dance.

First things first. This movie is weird and dark. I did like the acting, and the dancing. The ballet was beautiful. But honestly, that's about it. The actual story is about a girl with 2 personalities, dealing with demons...with that, the story is very dark. Which does make it interesting, but the characters never really deal with what is going on, so the movie ends without a point or with any questions answered.

Natalie Portman was amazing, and beautiful, and all of the actors did really well, but the fact that their wasn't much of an actually story to this movie just made it feel like such a waste of two hours.

Not too sure what all the hype is with this movie. Good acting yes, but no story. Just my two cents.
strike! 60min

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sarahlove said...

Natalie Portman is amazing! I might have to see it just to see her perform! Thanks for the review.