Tuesday, January 18, 2011

no go

so i'm still sick, or maybe i'm sick again. i don't know. it's no fun, that i do know. i was feeling good last week, working out but not being crazy, and trying to build up my cardio again. i felt good at work, and felt i was on my way to feeling 100%. i finished the last of my antibiotics, and was on my way to the road of recovery. or so i thought.
on sunday i felt strong enough to do strike! i told myself that i could modify it and not be so intense as i normally would. i did a 6 pound bar rather than a 9 pound bar. but during class i found my intensity level to be what it normally would be, and having to scale back when necessary. unfortunately, i don't think i was ready for such a hard core workout.
by sunday afternoon i had a runny nose. monday morning i woke up with a sore throat and went to work feeling like crap. went back to the doctor that afternoon and was told that what i have is most likely viral since the antibiotic's didn't kick it all the way. was told to get some OTC sudafed, and pain reliever, followed by a prescription for a nose spray, and penicillin...but only take the penicillin if i get a fever.
i was also told to take some time off from the gym. give my body some good 'ol TLC, sleep, soup, relax.
that was heart breaking to hear. really. and i didn't really listen.
i worked out tonight. although i will say it was a very moderate workout. only 40 minutes on the treadmill, and i only ran once. in that 40 minutes i only did 2.5 miles. that's nothing. then i went and relaxed in the hot tub for about 15 minutes, which was super nice.
i'm hoping to kick this crap once and for all. ...after all tomorrow is a pretty big day!!!
treadmill 40min


Sarah Zook said...

OK, I'm going to be hard on you here now April....but you sound like Bobby! "Take some time off and you don't listen :)" (Love ya, Bobby)

Rest is CRUCIAL. I don't want to see you tomorrow for Strike!!!! Get better so we can shake it Friday!

sarahlove said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....happppyyyy birthday dear April.....please get over the fluuu.


Nikki said...

April, I do hope you are feeling better, but as your loving friend, you really have to rest if you are sick.

Hope your birthday was a beautiful one!