Monday, January 3, 2011

sisters outing

a few years ago my family stopped the family tradition of drawing names. so i decided to make my own.
the annual girl cousin's dinner.
this year was number five, at none other than the melting pot...which is the place that has hosted this dinner for all years previous. the melting pot is the perfect venue. a nice long leisurely dinner, so that all of girls can chat, giggle, and tell stories, surrounded by lots of fabulous yummy food!
cheryl and kari
nikki and i
me, nikki, cheryl, and kari
the best part: dessert!
i look forward to this outing every year. this is usually the only time of year all 4 of us are in the same town, and so anytime spent together is a blessing. not only are these four beautiful women my cousins, they are my friends, which to me makes them my dear sisters. i love them all, and honestly don't know what it is that i would do without them. they are my biggest support group, and are always there for me.
50/50 60min


the emily said...

Oh my goodness, I haven't been to the Melting Pot for like two years. I'm dying to go again!

Nikki said...

How lovely! I had a blast. Can't wait 'til the next one! It was great seeing you my beautiful cousin!

sarahlove said...

Yay April! Keep the tradition going!!!