Friday, January 14, 2011

another QMP

Thursday at work was our annual event Q. Marketplace. Another stressful successful year. The vibe this year was definitely different with the pending merger, and the changes that are coming. But I enjoyed seeing all of the Channel Sales Managers, and all of the Partner's that I'm still trying to learn and remember.

A couple of weeks before the Christmas break the VP our organization announced that my boss will not be in her position post merger. This was a huge shock to all of us. And similar thoughts of what happened back in August 2009. Life just isn't fair. Jerri is an amazing woman to work for, and has been doing two director level jobs wonderfully for the past year and half. The most amazing part is that she's still doing both jobs up until she asked to no longer do so. Her head held high, and working harder than ever.

She attended this event, talked to the partner's and received lots of hugs.

I am yet again, asking myself where this will lead me. For now, I don't know. I've had Jerri and one of her co-workers that I also support tell me I will have a job. I truly hope so. But again, so much unknowns out there in the world.

I've always thought that if I were to get laid off I would move to FL. But lately I've been reconsidering that. Because I have friends here now. I have a reason to stay. If I were to go, I would miss my friends, and my gym so much. So much, that I think I would stay. It has taken me a long time to build that foundation for myself here, and it feels good that I finally have that quality of life here, and with the people around me.
50/50 60min

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sarahlove said...

Even though it has taken you a long time to build your friendships at the gym, I think if you still want to go to Florida then you should look into it. It would be easy for you to make new friends and to keep the ones you have now. Time will tell where you should be.

PS Feel better!!