Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the news of change

last thursday qwest announced it is merging with a company called centruylink out of monroe, LA. to be honest when you work for such a big company in such an economic time like today rumors are constantly being whispered about big change. question is: big change good, or big change bad? plus all the changes qwest has made in the last 12 months. looking back at it all, this all is starting to make a little bit of sense. which is good. we have been trying to become "attractive" to a potential buyer for quite sometime. even way back in december 2005 when we sold the downtown qwest building i was working in and our whole center was moved to work in a qwest building in littleton. and then a few months ago they announced that we are moving buildings because the building we are currently in is being leased and "they" want us to use the space we already have in buildings we already own. ...makes sense to use something that we are buying, rather than a space we are renting.
onto the more important stuff. where does this leave me? well it's strange because now that the announcement has been made and a few days have passed, everything has gone back to pretty much normal. nothing truly official with the merger will happen until early next year, and they say it won't be finalized until June 2011. until then they say to act as if each company is independent of itself, and well that's because technically as of right now today we still are two separate companies.
everyone in my work group seems to be optimistic and looking at this change as a good thing. the organization that i work for within qwest is called the Business Markets Group (BMG), and part of that channel is the Qwest Business Partner Program (QBPP) which is the group i specifically work for. word is that CenturyLink (used to be CenturyTel) has a very small Business Group and that our big BMG group really attracted them to us. not to brag, but BMG is the only group within Qwest that has brought actually earnings for the past 4 quarters! meaning, we bring in the money. not only that, but the money that we bring is a profit. the VP of BMG has already been named president of what will be the BMG group of the new company, or something like that. he has stated numerous times that the headquarters of our group will remain in denver and that he is NOT moving to monroe. all of which seems promising. all of this definitely makes the change of last august seem clear. it is scary, because i have lots of questions and it will probably be a year before i get my answers and all i can do is look at this change as a positive thing because that is what everyone around me is viewing it as.
my boss stated it very well by saying that where we (qwest) is weak, centurylink is strong, and where centurylink is weak we are strong. with the combination of two it will be very flattering. i hope and pray that i will be part of it! so as of right now no news on my job. seeing as the new company doesn't have a big business group and a very small partner program i like to think that i am safe. for right now all i can do is continue what it is that i do, which is my job, and continue to do a good job.
as for that big blue qwest sign that's a big part of the denver sky line? ...i'm pretty sure that'll be going away, which is kinda sad. hopefully bigger, better, brighter things will follow.
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Nikki said...

wow, well, it does sound like you are in the clear. When's the big move?

Anonymous said...

I am sure that this change will bring you new promises and good bright things for your future.

Here's to you kid . . . who always does a great job!

Love ya, MOM

See ya soon.

sarahlove said...

Change is good!! :o)