Thursday, April 22, 2010

all kinds of crazy

this is what a hot chocolate
looks like at snooze!


more big change is coming.


it rained like crazy last night.
and now i have dried out
dead worms all over my garage.


today was a curly hair day.


my summer trip is


the united states postal service
is not my friend.


my lottery ticket
was not a winner.


i wrote a whole big book review on
"when crickets cry" by Charles Martin
but i lost it.
so i'll just say this:
read it.


i forgot to shut my blinds
last night.
but it was ok because i now have brown curtains.

STRIKE! 60min


Nikki said...

I like this post, sorry about all the dead worms :).

That hot chocolate was awesome!

STRIKE still scares me a little.

Anonymous said...

So where are going on vacation?

Love MOM

the emily said...

What does this mean for your job, April? Will you have to find something new do you think?

I want some of that hot chocolate! Like, REALLY bad, especially on this cold rainy day.