Thursday, April 15, 2010

bedroom redo: part one

i've officially graduated. the time for change has come. i closed on my house april 20, 2006 almost 4 years. while nikki was here i put her to work! we spent sunday painting my bedroom! i wanted something darker, as my window faces east so the sun wakes me up in the morning. i knew i wanted to do blue and brown, and that the brown would be on my "accent" wall, which is the wall with my window. i decided to go with the same duvet cover but in the blue/brown colors. i got some new window curtains and paint. this project isn't yet done, as i still need to do a lot of the decorating. my walls are still pretty bare as i try to decide what to put up. the room is a little bit too dark so i'm hoping to find a way to brighten it up a little. i do want it darker, i just think it is going to take sometime to get used to, as it was so bright before.

prepping for a fun filled afternoon of painting!

i've never had so much fun painting in my life. there were multiple times that nikki and i would crack up in silent giggles while we were laughing so hard we made no sound at all. i had stomach aches and had to use the restroom since i almost peed my paints i was laughing so hard. the room took us 5 hours to paint, and during the whole time our conversation was pretty much the same. of "oops" "paint doesn't go there" "hand me the rag" "are you having fun yet?" it truly was so much fun. this memory with nikki will truly stay near and dear to my heart!
thank you SO much nikki for all your help and fabulous company!
after - 2 blue walls DONE!

more after pictures - the room is officially done with paint except for some touch ups.

the room with the new duvet. it helps to bring it all together.
i really like it.
the naked walls i don't like.
any suggestions?

elliptical 45min


Nikki said...

ha, ya that was a really good time. We laughed so much. I am glad to help. I love the way that it turned out. It's very sophisticated, just like you.

I don't know about suggestions, I am not so good at that sort of thing. I liked your idea of black and white photos. I love Ansel Adams' photography, maybe you could find some of his posters and frame them.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess we will be shopping next month!!!!

We can just look til something jumps out and crabs you!!!

Love MOM

Look forward to out time together.

Sarah said...

I really like the colors! Can't wait to help you get ideas. Here is a link to a blog I check out every once in awhile that might give you some inspiration (there blue is a bit more turquoise, but you get the idea).

the emily said...

I love those colors! Nicely done.