Wednesday, November 4, 2009

time to grow up

When I moved into my house almost 4 years ago, I did my bedroom colorful, and different, knowing full well that in a few years I would be sick of it and would want to redo it. I figured I should do what I wanted while I could. In my head the time line was 3 years. I would keep it like how it is for 3 years, then change it. Well, like I've stated it has been almost 4 years.'ll be 4 years in April. So it's time for a change. Right now I don't really have the money to go out and do what it is that I want to do. But I do need some tips on how to make my room more "adult". In 2 and 1/2 months I'll be 30. I think it is time to get rid of Cinderella. Next weekend my cousin Kari will be here to visit, and shopping is on the agenda. And I want to do some simple inexpensive things to get rid of the "kid" things in my bedroom. Any tips and ideas are truly appreciated!
What do you have on your dresser in your bedroom? Me? I have a Cinderella bank, a Cinderella dance doll, and a Genie mug.
On my other dresser, BooBoo, my favorite stuffed animal from my childhood. He's a super cute panda bear, and he has been there for me through many tearful nights.

This is my current bedspread(modeled by Otis and Denali). I love it. I love the paisley prints, and it is the whole inspiration behind the colors on my walls(I have a total of 3 different wall colors).
Below is the bedspread I really want. Once I have the money, this is what I would love to change my bedroom to. My favorite color is blue, and the tan will help it be more "grown up". I could easily do my bedroom with this as the inspiration and be happy with it for a very very long time. The biggest problem I have? Well, do you see the similarity in what I currently have? The prints are exactly the same. Is that lame? To completely redo my bedroom, but in the exact same patterned bedspread?

Here are my some honorable mentions. I like these one's as well. Sometimes I'll randomly look at duvet covers to see if there is something out there that I love just as much as the one I have, and the one that I want (but in the blue paisley print). These two stood out to me. I like the one above because it has a little bit more tan in it, which is nice since I have cat hair. Plus I could easily accent the blue, by painting my walls blue.
I like this one, again because of the colors. I could easily accent and bring out what I like by doing other things in my room.

What I'm really looking for is: What do you have on your bedroom dressers as decoration, and is it lame/weird to get a duvet color exactly the same as the one you have now, but in different colors? Thanks!


the emily said...

Hey! I gave you that genie mug for your birthday in middle school! Can't believe you still have it. I bet your god-children (is that what they're called?) would love those things. really. you could keep the panda for sure, but the figurines would be just fine in a kid's house, if you're willing to part with them. if not, just box them up and save them for the babies in your future. :)

I love that first paisley print. LOVE. Go with that. All you REALLY need is the duvet cover, because you can always match throw pillows and solid-color sheets at JCPenney (the Chris Madden collection has AHHHMAZING sheets).

April said...

Really Emily?! I don't remember that!, but that is really cool! I love the Genie!!!

The duvet would be the only thing I would get. ...but still that's like $120 - my down comforter is a king size. plus once i get a new duvet, i'll need to paint my walls.

Anonymous said...

You're so funny. Most stores have their white
sales in January.

So I suggest to wait til then and take your time to
look and think about it!! Don't, I repeat don't get
to anxious.

Spring would be better to paint so that you could open your windows.

Beyond that you know that I'm not the design person but am happy to try and help with the $$
but not til after the first of the year.


Wonderer said...

I like the paisley duvet. not lame to get one so similar! get what you love.

my dresser just has our tv and dvd player on it. oh, and dust. I've got some 'pretties' scattered about, but since i have an aversion to dusting, I don't have too much. only my absolute favorites, and they are in either the kitchen windowsill or the bathroom windowsill. :-) I like Emily's idea of gifting them to others, if you are ready to move on.