Sunday, November 22, 2009

second time around

i'll get to the details of my weekend with Kari eventually, but first lets chat more about Twilight.

Last night Kari and I watched "Twilight" then this afternoon we went to go see "New Moon" again. I have to say it was better the second time around. I'm pretty sure this was the first time I've gone to see the same movie twice in one weekend. "New Moon" definitely has so much more emotion than "Twilight" and I truly appreciate the fact it followed the book much more accurately.

What I really want to talk about are manners. Specifically movie going manners. Kari and I went to a 1pm showing. We got to the movie theater at around 12:30pm. The theater was already packed and found seats in the 3rd row. A woman in front of us kept texting so I finally leaned down to let her know "that's really annoying". Two girls next to me kept talking so I finally said to them "girls please stop talking". Needless to say the midnight showing we saw Thursday night people were much more behaved. It just frustrates me because I paid $8 for this movie, and I want to be able to enjoy the movie and not be distracted by cell phone lights and whispering. During the scene with the Volturi and Aro speaks in a different language (Italian?) the girls next to me guessed that he was speaking Spanish. Really?! ...yes, I didn't get the guts to tell the girls to be quiet until the end. And for the people texting. If you think you can open your phone and text to your side and try and cover it and think that nobody can see your cell phone light, you are sadly mistaken. That is why at the beginning of the movie an advertisement comes on and says "no texting" and for the chatting girls "don't ruin the movie by adding your own soundtrack".


the emily said...

Did you hear? It broke all the records for one day sales--over $70 million in ONE DAY. The Dark Knight had the previous record. Crazy.

People are so rude! One thing I love about Utah theaters is they're doing assigned seating now. When you buy your ticket, you also choose your seat. So purchasing tickets online is AWESOME because you don't have to show up early. Just show up right before it starts and you're guaranteed a good seat. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that it is a good idea to see "New Moon" twice.
And hope your next theatre experience is more pleasant.
Glad you were able to make time to post.

The author of this book was on one of 'those' talk shows: I didn't realize that this series started because of dream she had!!!

Love mom see ya soon