Friday, November 20, 2009

double feature

so yesterday my fabulous cousin Kari came into town for a much needed girls trip. although i will say the main motivation for her visit was to come join me for a showing of "New Moon"! and that's exactly what we did. late last night we went to a 9pm showing of "Twilight" followed by a 12:01am showing of "New Moon". needless to say we didn't get to sleep until 3am this morning.

it was a really fun experience. this was the first time i went to see a movie on opening night that was a movie that i was really excited for. this was both mine and Kari's first time seeing "Twilight" on the big screen, and although our seats were in the very first row, it was great to see. the theater had a couple of groups of girls that would scream and ohh and aww for their favorite boy which was a little bit annoying but too be expected and could have been worse. we switched theaters for "New Moon" and got much better seats. even better the audience for "New Moon" was much more respectful towards the movie going experience and the $10 paid to see the movie. no big screams when you first see Jacob or Edward without their shirts or weird randomness. which i truly appreciated because i fully expected it to not be a good movie going experience, but was just wanting a fun experience. thankfully i got both!

I really liked "New Moon" **spoiler alert**. As I've stated I'm a Jacob fan, and in this movie you really get to see him grow...and by that i don't mean just physically. you get to see him really care for Bella. you can see in this movie how much he wants to take care of her. the way he touches her, rubs her back, takes her hands. he's gentle. seeing his actions in the movie compared to reading them in the book, made me fall in love with Jacob just a little bit more. i really enjoyed the detail of the dream catcher and i thought that added a really nice sentiment to the movie and what Bella experiences. i also liked how the ended incorporated a little bit of "Eclipse". I've never been a big fan of books over movies, but with this particular series, the movies are great, but the books are SO much better. however, i definitely think that the two together do compliment themselves and i am looking forward to seeing "Eclipse". I'm currently re-reading the series to prep for last nights(this mornings) premiere and i'm so glad i did. this is the first time i've ever read the same book(s) twice. i'm currently about 200 pages into Eclipse and remembering some of the details that they don't show in the movie makes the books even better.


the emily said...

sounds like a fun night!

Wonderer said...

Oh, such fun! I agree, the books are better than the movies, but I still like the movies! :-) I thought the dream catcher part was a nice touch. And another thing... these are the only books I've really re-read, too - after seeing the movie I think I might go for round #3. :-)

Nikki said...

Fun, I am glad you and Kari were able to do that!