Wednesday, November 25, 2009

denver rescue mission

a couple of weeks ago my boss had a 2 day team meeting, including a visit to the Denver Rescue Mission. the Denver Rescue Mission is a large homeless shelter in downtown Denver. i unfortunately couldn't go for this visit because i had to make sure the normal weekly calls were held, so i stayed behind. the following week i was invited to go with some of my peers.
i could say so much about this experience. in one word it was amazing. in this time of thanks i know i have so much to be thankful for.
as i served the men and women coming in to get food from the streets i was humbled. i wanted to sit and talk with them and hear their stories. i know that what has been "hard" in my life, is nothing compared to what these individuals have incurred.
if you have the time to volunteer at a homeless shelter i would highly advise it. what i got from this experience has made me so much richer and appreciative for the things that i do have.
Jim, Amanda, Mindy, Terry, Jamie, me, Wayne, and Gary
Wayne, me, and Mindy
we served a total of 134 meals, in 2 waves. prior to the first wave we helped prep the food. i cut up green onion, fresh pineapple, and tossed the salad ....literally. in the pic above Mindy is pouring ranch dressing into the salad we made and i was making sure the dressing was distributed throughout the greens. i have to say it was a lot of fun.
about 80% of there food is donated from local grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants. that morning King Sooper's dropped off 2 crates full of fresh pineapple! the lunch we served was chicken and shrimp gumbo. my job was to put a piece of cornbread on the serving tray with the gumbo then put the tray up on the counter to be handed out.


the emily said...

that's a very cool experience! thanks for sharing.

fotobug said...

April, you are so inspiring!

Thank you!